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creator of waves, forms, and light.


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Fly away.
This one is awesome up close.  Wow. Dad would be proud..
Beautiful.  Yet just work for others out there.  Keep flyin.
Fuck.these mofo's with a broke speaker out back.  I can invite tye planet in the east and my magic kinderhood will blow out all your fucking speakers.  And a side of chicken with my order plz.
Dreamy.  Really dreamy.  Wanna teach. Wanna teach with these other trolls and teachers... Around me.. Before me.  Life is fucking scary. I give a fuck, about u, me and them.  Love.
Yes.  The people who get this honey from all around the world... Love them. This magical bee goodness is from the Canary Islands.  The characters are "Honey" in Chinese....such a great place to get your Worker Bee Love'.
Façade.  It used to be the dream. Dream on, and live it.
Can I get an 'Amen' for all this construction and traffic giving us all the daily beatdown?
I asked him if he can get me a honey refill.  He laughed and said what flower is the sweetest?  Only the bees kno! So many flavors!
High flyin.. TaiChi.
Mmmm... Caraway Beer Mustard.  Walking Dead behind me....
Venus over la Luna.  Taurus in Uranus.