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creator of waves, forms, and light.


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Still keeping it real.  Pushing out the energy and beauty!
Alien Visitors.  Cleared for Landing.  Blast off to Cosmos.
Moved on.  Moved on up.  Deluxe apartment.  In the Sky.  The flower is of the sun.  I found my own light.  Find yours.  Find your kinderhood.
You gotta go deep, deep up inside that flower to get the pollen.  Remember this when u enjoy the sweet honey.  What u going in deep for this lifetime?
That cock...wow.
It is a hard landing, but that earthsuit can still get it in there....
Jamaican Kitchen behind my spot.  Jah got it all figured out.  Always cleared for landing.
Keep workin' it, ya'll..
N.H.? Where u going today?
No eclipse. No clouds.
Being loud at the park.  No ef'en way!
None of this is real.  Save yourself.  I love u all!