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I’m the @lazybossbabe of the blog Lazy Boss Babe 💤 & I take mediocre iPhone snaps here🌙 trust me, it’s cuter over there 👉 @lazybossbabe

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The trusty party disco pants (appropriately named) and party boots (the really comfy and sturdy ones.) the feels when you actually HAVE designated party pants and shoes.
Unicorns 🦄 😍 when there isn’t a mermaid option but there’s a pretty holo unicorn option. Yes thanks
New jeans who dis 💁‍♀️
Seriously, who loves #glassons jeans as much as I do?
So like, I’d love to write something about this shot being something fashion related but truth is I just didn’t have anything to post so 🎬2 of a cute post from @lazybossbabe it is. Although I do love these fluffy flatforms, I feel like such a cool girl in them you know?
This is my influencer style post I promised following on from starting my @bondiboost hair treatment. Look how soft and flowy my hair is! It’s so mega strong and healthy now and my broken bits have gotten a little longer and stronger so they don’t stick up (too much.) ugh I just love it 😍 highly recommend.
This week I picked some natives as my blooms of choice. Because they were the cheapest option honestly. Also there weren’t any peonies or hydrangeas to choose from so
When in doubt - wear a beret. Hair not good? Beret. Cold outside? Beret. Just wanna feel cute for once? You guessed it - beret 🇫🇷 I’m sorry how is there not an emoji for berets or even the Eiffel Tower?!?
Me fixing my shellac regrowth with normal polish but still trying to make it look edgy.... and not as obvious that I have regrowth 💅🏻
Thanks to Queer Eye I learned that this tucking thing I do with all my tops is called a “French tuck”. Thanks Fab 5 😘
There are moments in my life when I just decide to fix my shit. You know? Fix your hair girl get ALL THE PRODUCTS. And fix your cellulite girl COFFEE SCRUB. Sometimes I don’t care and sometimes it’s all I think about. Right now it’s all I’m thinking about so, say hello to my newest beauty editions 👋 😍
These grandpa jeans (or pyjama-jeans as my mother calls them) are everything to me ❤️ y’all need @glassons jeans in your life just saying
Say goodbye 👋 to my dead and dry, broken hair. Hopefully. This is the last day before I started a new conditioner and hair elixir oil to help fix it. Expect an “influencer” style post once I reveal the results bc you know, I have goals.