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I’m a blogger who doesn’t really blog much and takes mediocre iPhone snaps 🌙 goals: to influence you lol 🌙 contact:

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I had some tulips for a week and they wilted quite quickly right before we had an open inspection (way to present yourself nice eh) and out of embarrassment ran to the local grocer down the street to replace them... while the inspection was happening tho so it was more to make myself feel better than anything. They might not have the snazziest fresh flowers there but they’re nice enough in a pinch.
#manimonday trying out these miracle gel polishes for a longer lasting mani bc I’m taking a break from the salon visits due to my nails being so frail they’re snapping off. I can’t tell if they were always like that tho? Anyway, I like em and once my new blog goes up I’m totes gonna write about it. Well maybe.
Market doughnuts are fancy AF and also mega yummy. I put this on my story on Sunday *hence the low snapchat quality* but I loved them so much I couldn’t help myself they had to be displayed on my feed. Loved them as in I totes bought the rhubarb one and it was NICE 🍩
Everytime my current scent runs down I’m out looking for a new one bc I’m picky and always wanna smell different. Anyway, new signature scent! I tested this beauty by Jimmy Choo a few years ago and loved it but Burberry took priority, so I grabbed it this time and remembered why I liked it the first time. It’s so sexy and femme and I love it... till next time
This dress gives me Holly Golightly vibes everytime I put it on. Even though it’s not all black I think the silhouette of it has “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” written all over it.
When hydrangeas are fresh and pretty, they’re so nice but when they’re dead they just kinda sit there all dried up and you’re not sure if you should throw them away bc they’re kinda fine just dried up and they’re not cheap so do we really wanna throw them away?!?
My hair will never look the same in each photo I take. Looking for someone to take photos of me for Instagram so I can be more ~fashion blogger~ and less “flatlays bc they’re easier okay?” I love simple little dresses that are super cute and wearable with a little edge for my inner emo kid.(ie; the plaid) 👗 #ootd
Making my way through the pink sparkles one shade at a time. It’s sad bc I’ve since had to cut my nails bc they were just way too weak and I’m already missing my long nails 💅🏻
Sheree goes ginger: a journey. To preserve my hair and not have it all fall out, for now there’s still a bit of red in it that shows more predominantly depending on the lighting sitch. Look out for fully ginger Sheree in the near future. Maybe I mean the red fades naturally and gives it an orange tone so maybe I’ll leave it. **************
Also if you notice my phone is always in these kinda of pics lately bc my new camera connects to my phone so I can snap and see through the phone and it’s just easier like this.
After all the hydrangea shots I’ve snapped from florists and gardens, I have finally managed to get my hands on very reasonably priced hydrangeas (two bunches!!) for myself for my home. Closing farmers market prices, two or one omg so happy. It’s the little things....
Trying to get Batiste to sponsor me bc I’m such a fan of all they do like I though their dry shampoo was great, NAA the texturising spray is my holy grail now too. Yess.
When you need more eyeliner but you’re bored of the usual stuff so you get a little bougie and buy a kajal stick that looks mega fancy and cost more than you should be spending on a something you use to outline your damn eyes with.