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I was going to write a post on this but I'm struggling to do it and realised there's not much to say. So I'll post it here. SILICONE BLENDERS HEY? I actually love this little guy and it does work. This guy works really well with cream formulas best to blend them into the skin flawlessly. It works well with liquid stuff too but the trick is to use a tiny dot of product and add more as you need it, blending parts of your face at a time rather than trying to coat your whole face at once. It's comfortable and soft on the skin while you bounce product in and is SO easy to keep clean. And there we go. It's really worth the hype, actually this one is best, the corner is great for under the eyes. πŸ’‹
How do we like the new (but subtle) photo editing/filter. Every time I'm like "yiiis I found the perfect foundation product for white af skin" I find something else that works better. Or I realise I don't like the formulation of ex product and need something more powdery instead. Struggles of a glow-in-the-dark ghost. 
The only thing that remains the same is NYX. Different product same brand all great.
I bought some new workout gear to encourage me to start doing Pilates more often again. It worked. I've decided to start posting more outfit snaps too with a goal of getting sent cute clothing and on holidays for the content. I'm gonna be real about it. Just like these cute Inkkas that were sent to me many years ago as my first blogger mail. I still love them.
When one of your metallic polishes dries and clumps and you have to part ways but also it's the perfect opportunity to replace it with a sparkly polish instead like this fun one. It doesn't look fun but it's full of glitter so trust me it's fun.
I think these will look so cute in summer with a little dress and then these booties. Giant floppy fedora too. You know when there's a certain song that starts playing and then all of a sudden you can't do ANYTHING else because that song is on so the world kinda stops for 3 minutes. 
Oh. I got new booties to replace some older worn out booties and they rattle because they got all the zips and part of me wants to attach a chain to them πŸ‘’
The fam squad my succulent babe came from. It was so hard to pick just one how do you choose? Adopting a cat isn't even that difficult 🌡
I bought this candle from @duskaustralia and it smells like heavenly Brazilian coffee so now when I burn it in any room it instantly smells delicious and makes me want a coffee stat β˜•οΈ
Maybe a "what's in my bag" should come next? This bag spill was absolutely necessary to show off my very first Stella McCartney Falabella tote! We all know I've wanted one for years and I finally treated myself with a sale Farfetch had on. I'm in love with her 😍 The shiny nature of the metal embellishments are great at reflecting the walls, so they look golden but they're a beautiful gunmetal irl. Much better than a gold if you ask me
Link in description/bio | bedtime beauty routines are fun and necessary. They help you get your best beauty sleep while also taking care of your skin while you're asleep tucked up into your covers. But they also don't need to take 5 years to complete so how to target your routine? Well πŸ’‹
I am just as in love with these lovely @loccitane beauties from the same range as the shower cream I got from an Insta comp here. They're so soft and so luxurious they keep my frail hands softer and healthier in this damaging cold weather. I have the lotion in my bathroom to apply after washing my hands (such a good helper!) and the hand cream beside my bed. And a mini one I got a few years ago still in my handbag! I recommend πŸ’‹
You'd think I'd finish one issue before I buy the next one but nope. It's August issue time, if I haven't finished July's by then too bad. I mean, I finished it the day before but the time between this snap and the vogue issue was kinda short so I feel like I had to explain it 🍰
Link in description: a vacation spot that feels like an other-worldly paradise but is found in the tropics of QLD, Port Douglas. Want to get away to a place in the middle of the rainforest and has its own pristine beach? Look no further🌴