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➰ Placenta Encapsulation in Melbourne, Australia owned by a registered Midwife
➰ Boost your milk supply, energy levels and iron!
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I finally had the guts to try out a new cord design for a beautiful new mum today! So pleased with how it turned out. What do you think?! 💕🌈
Swipe left to see what was inside this pack that was sent off to a new mama last week! She couldn’t decide so went with half TCM and half raw capsules for all of the benefits 💁🏼💕
Had to snap this in the car on the way to @theroyalwomens today! Such a long and beautiful cord!
This little baby’s prints are being delivered to a lucky mama on Mother’s Day at @mercyhealthaus in Werribee. Which do you prefer? Natural or rainbow? 🌈🌈
I wanted to show you guys the intricacy of the vessels that keep your baby nourished and well whilst they grow inside you! I’m constantly in awe and amazed by the human body 👌🏽
Sometimes babies are so small that we have to use different jars, because their placentas are also tiny! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
People often ask how many capsules they can expect to receive, and the answer always varies! Most mothers receive between 100-200 capsules and it really depends on the size of your baby and how many weeks along you are at the time of birth.
This cord came in 2 pieces! Did my best to twist it into one; what do you think?
Interested in placenta encapsulation? We are always up for a chat with expecting Mum’s and Dad’s about all of the wonderful benefits! Contact us today 💕🍓
And she has successfully delivered the baby! One of my favourite parts of this job is speaking with excited new dads! Love! 💕
A very little cord delivered to @royal_womens in Sandringham yesterday! What do you think?
This mama couldn’t decide, so we sent 72 Simple and 97 TCM capsules to her today! Along with a cord keepsake and two prints! We hope @caityallenby that you benefit and enjoy your capsules and your new baby! 💕
These bright pink capsules are BUBBLEGUM FLAVOURED 👌🏽 Ordered for a mama who doesn’t like the taste of tablets! What do you think? Yum!