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Home of Jingle Belle, Mr. Barney Magoo and Blueberry Belle...all rescue cats. #jinglessecondchance #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #rescuecats

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Just in case anyone missed it. @kviiilynnwashere  is my fave person ever I love her !!! #hijackedpost
Two contests I submitted our Jingle in. One weekly, one a special feature in the magazine Modern Cat!
The Kingdom of Katz are getting ready for Christmas.
Starbucks asked me to celebrate who fills my heart on their red cup. Well my first thought was Jingle of course! (not that Blueberry, Magoo & Pam don't as
Black Cat Bookends
"Soft Kitty..."
Snuggling up for fall weather.
Magoo likes it when Grandpa visit! 😻
My little girl...
Magoo thinks Jingle's bed is the Tardis....bigger on the inside (my inner geek, Doctor Who reference for the day)