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Professional chameleon. Laughter enthusiast. Thespian.Baker.Pun junkie.Mean right cross.Total nerd. #ScorchTrials #Shadowhunters


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Dog & Kat... #canonae1 #35mm 📷: my lovely momma who doesn’t have Instagram ☺️
☀︎ daylight & daisies ❁ @realisationpar
Double trouble #tbt... some things never change... ⚾️🤣
Angels, voting ends TOMORROW at 9 am PST for @TeenChoiceFOX award noms. Visit teenchoice.votenow.tv  or use Twitter to vote for your favs. Tweet #ChoiceSciFiTVActress @Kat_McNamara to vote  1 RT = 1 VOTE
This is how my heart felt all weekend! Thank you to everyone who made #THOS2 so utterly fan-tastic (yes, pun intended)! All my love and gratitude to every single one of you angels! We are so lucky to have such a passionate fandom! Je t'adore les anges! 🖤📷: @mattnalton
A father figure can be defined in many ways, one of those is not blinking an eye when your granddaughter asks you to teach her how to set up a race track for her toy race cars (this became the first of many physics lessons) while her curlers set - that’s fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day to my grandfather- a true renaissance man. Thank you for being there for me and going with the flow - even in moments like this. All my love 🖤 #Fathersday
I’m not beating around the bush - just gonna go out on a limb here and say we look a little stumped... maybe we’re even barking up the wrong tree... but if we stick together we’ll get to the root of it all and see the forest for the trees. #takeitorleafit #imasapfortreepuns 
@willtudor1 @mattnalton 🌿🍃🌱
So thrilled to see all of the @TeenChoiceFox nominations for @ShadowhuntersTV! We appreciate all you do, angels! Don’t stop now - keep voting for the show, @matthewdaddario @domsherwood @emeraude and me! We are so lucky to have a badass fandom like you! Together we are unstoppable! #TeenChoice #ChoiceScifitvshow #ChoiceScifitvActor #ChoiceScifitvactress
Boss work of wearable art by @BOSS for @womeninfilmla #CrystalandLucyAwards
Lovely Angels, thanks for all your support & tweets. I've been nominated for a #TeenChoice award for #ChoiceSciFiTVActress!  Visit teenchoice.votenow.tv or on Twitter using @Kat_McNamara #ChoiceSciFiTVActress. You Angels really know how to get things done! Forever grateful🖤 RT
Some girls are made of sugar & spice. 🍭 Others are made of whiskey & ice. 🥃 #MaxMaraFOTF @maxmara @vanityfair @womeninfilmla
🎭 #MaxMaraFOTF @lukebaines @maxmara @womeninfilmla @vanityfair