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I love that they used this one
Met some legends on the street today -helped me with which train to take to get home
Just watched a show that literally changed my life. @bandstandbway All of you guys were great. I had the shivers the whole time I didn't want it to end (it's rare for me to feel this way) @naponacott & @lauraosnes are legends. If you're in NYC you need to go and see this show. #bandstand
No caption needed I recon!! Love u Guys
Dream team
You're in complete darkness again.. lying in your warm tent with earphones on listening to Pearl Jam. You hear the faint sound of what seems to be your tent zip opening .. or closing... it's hard to tell. So, like before, the only thing you have on you is your disposable camera... the flash is on and you take the shot. Incredibly, the small boy has made his way inside your tent. This is your shot
Imagine you're outside in complete darkness. All you have is a disposable camera. You can't see anything... but you can hear squeaking? You chuck the flash on on your camera and take a shot directly in front of you, only to be surprised by a small boy, staring straight at you, flossing his teeth. This was your shot
This guy has me in unstoppable explosions of laughter 99% of the time, I start sweating sometimes even 😹. Especially in that movie white chicks...... hahaha. This is for da boys back home who love that movie lmaooo. Have to Apa-Cut myself every now and then working with such legends, God is good!!
A shot from the pilot by our director @ltkrieger . I can't believe we have come to the end of season 1. Tune in tonight for an epic episode of #riverdale
Can't believe it. Season 1 of #riverdale ends tomorrow. This is my favorite ep and I think our best work thus far. Thanks @ltkrieger for being an absolute beast of a director
A true inspiration, and my ultimate role model. A warrior. A man who lives for God and loves God.  A man who finds true peace & happiness with his wife and kids. The hardest working person that I know. If something needs to be done you just do it, never any complaining or excuses. I am pretty much in awe of you everyday. The thought "what would dad do?" always crosses my mind when I have to make tough decisions. Your work ethic and your character motivates me when things get stressful on set and the hours are long. Malo Tupa'i !! Love you heaps dad! #goals
Working on more back today, this time in the mid section. Working on these exercises helped me realize an imbalance in my body. The imbalance being an overdeveloped chest relative to the muscles in my back which pulls me forward, effecting my breathing, digestion and pretty much everything I do without me even knowing it. My form is pretty kooky in this vid haha real shaky. I hate working on weaknesses but you just gotta get it done!!! Try this exercise @homeholisticla