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The hardest, happiest, human that I know. Terry.
October 11th.
Watch closely. A perfect example of someone who clearly needs to drop the weight and focus on form. It's pretty obvious that Charles here has no idea what he's doing but that's where I come into play. Something to remember with this leg exercise is to make sure traps are nice and tight and shoulder blades are as far apart as possible. Don't be afraid to get up and close with your clients when you see them struggling. Shot @actiongaskin for the inspiration. Chur.
Spontaneous visit to @jamiekuse this avo, thanks @wdflandez for having me play on your new song brother! Looking forward to hearing. #Gospel #lucky
2 of my best mates
We'd be boys if he was a human @keo_da_haole
If I could
Fully explain
My God
To you
I wouldn't want
To believe in the 
I believe in
Hand shake so hard I ripped my undies
Happy b day u old man! Half 50!!
both those hands are his