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Weekend fun: apple pie baking, cold weather biking, and trying to teach the kids how to play “go fish” ❤️
9:30pm—in bed 🙌🏻 after an evening of a little football and work, we’re finally crawling into bed. I’m working through “Church History in Plain English”. I’ve been working through it for months 😳 Mostly because church history isn’t too thrilling at 10pm 😆 Also drinking peppermint hot chocolate while listening to Steven recite Greek vocab. Trying to prepare myself for a long night as Stevie is getting in his two year old molars and it’s giving him fits with his sleep. But it could be way worse right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thankful for a full day that’s pretty typical of this season in life. Thanks for putting up with me in your feed alllll day. I promise I won’t do it again until next year 😂 #onedayhh
7:30pm—kids in bed and house is pretty much quiet. Did NOT want to workout tonight, but opted for an easier 15 min workout and my plank challenge. I’m up to planking for a minute now. Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s hard!! 😝 #onedayhh
6pm—While Steven studies, we watch Frosty the Snowman with hot chocolate and cookies for the kids. Also—larger-then-life cat on my lap 😂 Avy still tears up whenever Frosty melts and Karen cries. It’s the sweetest ❤️ #onedayhh
5:30—dinner done, kitchen cleaned, surfaces cleared. Time for some family time 😍 #onedayhh
4pm—cookies are done. Note to self: do NOT use that bad cookie pan no matter how much time you want to save 🙄😆 Oh well! At least I have more for the guests. The family can eat these 😂😂 #onedayhh
3pm—making a huge batch of monster cookies! Almost overflowed the kitchen aid 😂 #onedayhh
2pm—Still working 😊 Exciting huh?! 😆 Thursday’s are the only day I sit this long, and I’m almost done, I can hear son waking from his nap 😳 Once I shut my computer down for the afternoon I’m done for good. Making boundaries makes working at home much more pleasant 😉
12:30—Steven’s home and whipping up lunch. Picked up he kids and now time for them to have quiet time and naps.  And more work for me!
10:30am—quick break from work to start elderberry syrup. I am determined that we will NOT get the flu this year! 😝 #onedayhh
9:30am—work! Water and coffee are my work companions 😉 Gotta stay hydrated and awake 🙌🏻
8:30am—Thursday’s are for work. The kids go to a neighbors house for several hours so I can cram in some uninterrupted work time. We also had a dusting of snow last night. ❄️ I don’t mind 😍 #onedayhh