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Since life is *finally* slowing down a little bit, I was able to do some fun baking outside my usual meals. Branched out and tried a new recipe: gluten free peach cobbler. So good! 🙌🏻
My newest mug from our anniversary trip ❤ we try to get a new mug from every trip we take together. This morning I was able to squeeze in some work before the kids woke up. Finding balance with working at home is sometimes hard for me because unlike working away from home, my work is with me all. the. time. Yet, I find it such a privilege in this season of life. One thing that helps me tremendously is NOT multitasking. I must create clear boundaries between work and home life. Which means no answering emails while the kids are eating lunch and no kids around when I work on projects. I have learned through trial and error that my mind can really only do one thing at a time well. Sometimes it's hard to accept, but God gives limitations for our good and over time I have come to accept that I need to carve out time outside of my normal "home time" to get stuff done. This looks like being away at a coffee shop once a week, going to a different room from the kids once a day for 30 min to check email, nap times for work only, and sometimes it looks like getting up at 5:30 🙈 That's when a good cup of coffee ⬆️ and the early summer sun makes an early morning a lot better!
10 years ago we met at camp, 6 years ago we became husband and wife ❤ Love this reminder on our walls of the vows we wrote to each other. Today I took an extra hard look at these and was reminded about the beautiful picture marriage is of Christ and his church. How blessed we are to be His bride and what a gracious and humble privilege it is to be a such a tangible picture of that in this lifetime. I pray that I never take it for granted! ❤ (Vows were done by @jacqmurdockdesigns 💕)
Morning coffee with my favorite two year old 💙 (His is mostly milk with a dab of coffee 😉)
Better together 😘
Working through a 100 days of summer project. This is one of my favorite ones yet because this is SO my daughter. I think she could eat strawberries for every meal and snack!
He's getting too big for haircuts on the sink counter 😢💙
Well here's one thing you still don't need electricity to do 🌱😉
Just booked our flight to Israel! Feeling a little more real now 😳
Lilacs 💜 summer is here! ☀️
*long post warning * Yesterday we celebrated the completion of one year in seminary! 🎉 I'm so thankful for this man and his hard work he put in this year. There were many long nights spent at his desk diligently studying and writing, yet he still found time to care for and love on us as family. This year hasn't been all roses. There's been frustrations and tears (mostly mine 😆). Times I'm sure we both felt like calling it quits, but God brought us through all of it and I think we can say that our faith has multiplied this year through seeing HIS faithfulness. I'll admit I was a little nervous making the transition to Sunrise and seminary, but it has been a joy to watch us grow stronger as a family as we stepped out of our comfort zone. We are incredibly thankful for the church family here. You all have been so welcoming and have treated us like family since the like the day we arrived. Also thankful for family and friends at a distance--your support has been invaluable. Now........please excuse us we enjoy summer break--probably the most looked forward to summer I can remember 😆☀️
This little guy is hoping spring has finally come to MN!