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Ažurnost na nivou 👌
Zahvaljujem se @syncbih!
@nijearnej i ja prvi na balkanu zadužili Ronin S 😁🎥 #sync #ronins
You've probably wondered, is love real? Some people say “they just knew” when they met the person who would become their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Among those people are Marja and Joni, a couple I’ve meet during the past weekend, it’s not hard to see why they have chosen each other. All those necessary things you really need to succeed and to feel a little bit jealous. Their story begun one year ago in Finland, they choose Mostar to revive their moments of the past and capture 1st Wedding Anniversary. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your anniversary ❤ 
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wedding shooting next level
Jedan #tb dok sam bio
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"Jesam li ugasio peglu" #startupconference #2018 #pegla #dinojoldic
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7 day euro trip is over. 
I hope that I haven't been a too big smarač with my stories. 
Our goal was to travel through Europe without anything planned and without any reservation made before the trip. So the journey has begun and the meeting point was Amsterdam. 
The idea was to try as much different transportation systems as possible. We took airplains, buses,  flixbus, first class bullet trains, local trains, boat taxi, regular taxi, uber,  ferry, rent a car. The trip was exciting and surprising especially when you didn't plan anything and you just do stuff that's coming to your mind at that moment, like there is a cheap flight in 2 hours to Zurich from Amsterdam, and you start running to catch it. 
The only thing you really need is a crazy person who is willing to do this with you. Surely, money and time plays a role in this, but if you don't have somebody to do this then we should ask ourselves for whom we are earning it and what's the reason for.

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