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📱 WiFi Climate Sensor & App for Indoor Growers
🌎 Remotely Monitor Your Grow on iOS•Android
⚠️ Get Notifications When Values Change
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Integrated the endpoints for the side menu on staging. Some refactoring and we'll push this update to prod soon.

Sale is still on for the sensors. This feature will be handy when you're tracking a bunch of them!

Goto www.kokonaut.com to get them.
Our sale is still on until we sell all these units (plus the batch after this)! Get them at www.kokonaut.com for $59!
Been working on the quick view that will show you all the temp and humidity values at a glance. Should be released in the next few weeks.

This is just a mockup of the v1 quickview with the light blue theme.

The sensors are also on sale now at $59. Get some while the sale lasts!
Started mocking up a blue 'light' theme.
Received some pics from one of our customers. Their buds are flowering 😆
The Development Rig for the W1 Sensor.

The blue piece is the #ftdi #usb to #ttl connector to send data to and from the #computer and device. The red piece is the power supply (also a ftdi)

The #Schematic and #PCB layout look correct so not sure why there's an issue uploading the firmware. Next step is to use an #oscilloscope to diagnose the issue further.
Oh #Canada. Here's the Cannabis Caps/Oil Recipe:


1:1 ratio of

#hempoil 🛢️
- Decarb in oven to activate #Cannabinoids (10-20 mins ~310F or 50-60 mins ~240F)
- Combine Bud and Hemp Oil and place in oven for 60 minutes at 385F (mix every 10-20 minutes and make sure oil is at right temperature. Laser thermometer is the best tool here)
- Separate oil from the plant matter using a titrate or cheese cloth
- Place oil into Caps or directly onto tongue

Things to note.

The lower temp you Decarb the longer it takes. But you lose less terpenes.

You can also use the leftover plant matter as marinade for lunch or dinner 😋

#cannabis #terpenes #cannabisoil
Got a bunch more #sensors available
Our #Team is #Global so the atoms are not always in sync. Which means we have to come up with ways to manage it like creating a mock for the pcb to design the enclosure.

We're lucky to have technologies like 3d printing that helps us sync parts of the atoms though. After designing an enclosure, anyone can print it on their 3d printer to see how it physically looks.

It's also part of the Motto of the product too - Monitor your Garden Anywhere.
Assembled the first revision of the W1. We can now finally start working on the Hardware.
Just received the W1 PCB. Going to solder everything soon. The stencil allows for the solder paste to be applied correctly on the pads. Also going to test print the new enclosure!
#Koko the Gorilla has been an inspiration to us ♥️