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📱 WiFi Climate Sensor & App for Indoor Growers
🌎 Remotely Monitor Your Greenhouse or Garden
⚠️ Receive App Alerts When Values Change
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Here's a some pics of a grow by one of our customers
Our new eco packaging. 
Smaller with a 65% reduction in packaging material.
* Turn up the volume *

A WiFi Indoor Climate Sensor & App with Alerts for Gardens and Greenhouses.

Get one today. Link in Bio.


Audio by Jordan River of @growcast
Finally finished assembling the new batch of the Kokonaut Lite Sensors

It took a day and a half and we finally shipped the back orders to our customers

The Lite is our proof of concept so it took a while to assemble. We received the components for our W1 Sensor (aka v1) and are now doing tests to see how long the AAA batteries last

The W1 Sensor streamlines a large part of the electronics assembly. Now we just need to find a simpler way to package the product, and automate the Sensor Firmware Upload & QA process

Also, the v1 App has been pushed for Android without charts. iOS is next :).
It's almost Spring! ⠀
This Season, why not add some tech to your Farm or Indoor Garden? ⠀
Our Climate Sensors help you monitor your space to help you maintain the optimal Environment so you can be sure that your plants are healthy and happy
Still waiting on the components for the v1 weather sensor.

Hopefully we can get this prototype to transmit data within the month.
Here's an initial look at the #charts component.

Air #Temperature & Root Zone Temperature will be in one Chart and #Humidity & Vapor Pressure Deficit will be in the other chart.

You will be able to view the chart in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months timelines which we'll share next.
A new batch of Kokonaut Weather Sensors will start shipping in the beginning of March. ⠀
The $10 off Promo Code EARLYADOPTER10 will only be available for a few more weeks. So order one soon at www.kokonaut.com!
Here's a beautiful grow by @rebel1012 
May your plants bring joy to all who use it :)
Hey Grow Crew, the v1 layout redesign is complete! Your #app will be updated soon :) #Charts and Sidemenu Quickview is next

Our #Pro #sensor is now in the #Prototype stage

You can still get the Lite version on our website (at www.kokonaut.com). We will be discontinuing the promo code EARLYADOPTER10 in the next few weeks after we start shipping the new units in March

Also check out #Growcast (you can listen to their podcast at www.growcastpodcast.com). They provide excellent advice on different aspects of #growing #cannabis and are a great resource for growers!
We're nearing the end of the #development stage of our #flagship #sensor, Kokonaut C1. 
Here we're investigating how to position the #electronics in the #enclosure.

Our Garden Lite Sensor available now, you can use EARLYADOPTER10 for $10 off. This offer is ending soon!
Updated the #Android #App with the new #designs. #iOS coming soon. The update will be on the #googleplay store soon. We will be adding #charts and side menu quickview next :).