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Kompanero is a range of leather bags with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and a contemporary design.


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Cascaded through the barren lands of joy while planting flowers in every corner-  travelling solo with #Kompanero.
I am taking the adventures of the Seaworld, that ‘Finding Nemo’ had shown only in parts.

Kompanero- A backpacker's paradise that stores all those moments you’re too fond of, and scared to miss out on.

Kompanero redefines Calcutta - It's a beautiful chaos of nostalgia, blurry lights and antiquity.

Retrowave ~ our latest film on how the soul of Kompanero and the city  tango on an inter-dimensional time axis. It’s about the city and it’s accessorized people, and how we’re riding this new wave of culture.
Wandering around the miscellany of the lanes with 
Kompanero- your everyday guide around the city.

Messenger bags are true to their name, they help convey messages even without you trying to. 
I had sand in my hair, the sarong wrapped around, the Athenian Sling, what else was I looking for? The Pina Colada. 
Beachwear, to the party or the early morning meeting. The Athenian Sling always does wonders.

Dates are never solo, but are always special with Charlock- the sling.

Charlie is always on the go, he is quirky, and he appreciates your sense of style. 
To get to know him better, head to our website- link on bio!

Charlie and I? We’re just friends. And we held the door to the North of The Wall.