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I've been working on perfecting my doll design for about a year. Now that I'm satisfied with the body shape, it's time to start designing a wardrobe! What kind of outfits would you like to see?
Someone needs a hair trim ^_^ Doll in progress
Happy Easter from Koneko Kawaii ♡
It takes time to get my crojo back after creating a tiny human. I've managed to make a cute thing. My first creation this year. Oh, and there's a pattern for it on my blog. Kawaii Friend Padme Panda
Sketching out a design for Lunar New Year.  #yearofthepanda
Probably my only #Inktober . At this rate of 1 ink drawing a year I'll have enough for the whole month of October in another 28 years lol. Just don't draw much anymore, which is fine. I'd rather be crocheting. My son turns 1 in 12 days. Just need to add water color.
My last #selfie of 33. Had to make it a magical one.
Sharing hair secrets.
The Friendly Princess brings her best friend Sleepy Dragon his favorite cup of coffee.
New doll. I am working on a pattern write up to publish eventually. I'd like to create several removable outfits to go with her. Here I came up with some cute shoes. Until I figure out other clothing items, I'm having fun altering baby onesies and other fun fabric. I've got tons of halloween fabric I can't wait to use on future dolls.
True to fashion of most artists I know, I'm working on many projects at once some of which are for others. I've been feeling under the weather for the past week or so. Today I felt like working on a little doll to cheer me up. What do you think of her so far?
Hair has been one hurdle for me when it comes to making dolls. Something clicked with this one. Think I got it 😊 I deem this finished.