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Fall down seven times, get up eight...☝🏼Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship 🙌🏼

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Моя жизнь бы потеряла смысл без вас👶🏻👩🏻👶🏻❤️
З днем твого народження, Україно 🇺🇦
#tbt одного разу в збірній 🇺🇦 once in the national team 😅
Unbelievable words...🙌🏼
The best moments in my life with my family ❤️
The winners🥇🏆
Starting work with the ball ⚽️
С 5 годовщиной😉 Будьте счастливы ❤️
Great company 👌🏼😉
It was really good holidays 🌴
With Ukrainian Rooney😝😅