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GAMEDAY: 7A tilt, Oak Mountain at Hewitt-Trussville.  JVB 430, VG at 6, VB at 730. 6-1 OM boys vs 2-1 huskies.  Good late November test to see where the squad is at for both teams.
When you decide to stay on the boat until you’re at the exact intersection of day and night. #lakemartin
Senator, Moderate, Hero. America lost a common sense leader today.  RIP John McCain. You did good. Reason and country before party takes the “L”
Congrats to Glenn Jacobs, aka “Kane” from the WWE, who was just elected Mayor of Knoxville.  Glenn was the best man in our wedding, a former college hoops teammate, roommate and more.  You won’t find a better guy for the job.  Knoxville, you just got lucky.
You know it’s a good day in the office when somebody drop ships you a pair of shoes!  Thanks @ebaldwinkc.  New Gary V signature line from @kswiss. 10/10.  See pics for detail.
When you need highly assertive hires who are low rules, you call Pirate staffing.  Keywords on resumes: Pillaging.  Looting. Treasure Acquistion.  Enter other keywords on resume in the comments, please.
From the NBA Summer League in Vegas, v6.0:  My last post in this series features a guy named Tark, a character in basketball lore all kids should look up to understand their hoops history. 
The picture above is me outside the Thomas and Mach center, at the Jerry Tarkanian statue.  Jerry Tarkanian was the head men’s coach of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels (local D1 program in Vegas). The UNLV program grew out of the desert as a result of this Armenian master, who was part promoter, part recruiter and part basketball coach.  When you think of the college programs that led us to where we are now, there are only a few college programs that are truly foundational in nature.  Consider this about Tark and UNLV: 
He created a brand that is partially responsible for bringing an urban game to the masses – there’s only two other programs/eras that can say that – the other two are Thompson’s Georgetown teams and the Fab Five at Michigan.  All 3 programs in their time transcended sports and became embedded in pop culture. 
He was a master at teaching man defense and added full court pressure that become part of the brand at its peak.  He understood the value of the live ball turnover before people knew what an LBT was. 
He grew a brand out of the desert in Vegas, and in many ways that history set up the path for the NBA to come to Vegas, both with the Summer League and the full time franchise you have to think is coming in the next decade under Adam Silver. 
He was one of the most colorful guys in the industry.  That statue picture has him chewing on a towel during a game, which was his trademarked nervous tic.  I decided to chew on my hoodie in the picture out of respect. 
I’ll leave you and shut down my Vegas IG coverage with a Tark quote. “The NCAA was so mad at Kentucky they gave Cleveland State two more years of probation." RIP Jerry Tarkanian (2015). KD out from the Summer League.
From the NBA Summer League in Vegas, v5.0:  Like this post if you hate Grayson Allen.  Like this post if you hate Grayson Allen. 
Meet Grayson Allen of the Utah Jazz. Loved by some, hated by many, Allen was picked by the Jazz with the 21st overall pick.  As most of you know, Allen is one of the most polarizing figures in sports due to his Duke heritage and his tripping/sportsmanship issues while an undergrad. Things have gone well for Allen during the Summer league, but he can’t hide from his past. 
What do I mean by that?  One of the things that was on full display this week was the fact that Grayson’s reputation proceeded his arrival in the NBA.  Every guard he goes up against is aware of his penchant for chippiness, which means they are DETERMINED NOT TO BE PUNKED BY GRAYSON ALLEN. The result is every time Grayson is involved in the slightest tie-up physically, the opposing Summer League guard starts flipping the **** out and pretends (might be real at times) to want to fight him.  Good times. 
The corporate equivalent of this is the guy who’s talented but everyone hates – so they start trying to take him down in every meeting, every presentation.  He’s created his own prison. 
How have the Jazz dealt with this? They’ve put him in the equivalent of a Witness Protection Program, resting him/not playing him at all in 2 of the 5 games played so far this summer – even though he’s healthy.  Allen’s going to get 10-15 minutes per game max this year for a good Jazz team and his reputation won’t be the same issue it is now, so Utah has decided to defuse the targeting of Allen this Summer by taking pressure off him.  He’s already had a flare up with Trey Young and a Portland guard who was ejected for trying to bait Allen into a fight. 
Allen’s shown enough to make us think that Utah got incredible value at 21 overall. He’s a guy you love when he’s on your team and hate when he’s not.  His veteran teammates have decided to love him from courtside.  The Witness Protection Program is real, and Allen lucked out to be drafted by a franchise with a long view.  Hit me in the comments on why you love/hate Allen.  #utahjazz #summerleague
From the NBA Summer League in Vegas, v4.0: They say "Culture Eats Strategy", so my pick for the strongest NBA culture on display at the Summer League Belongs to the Utah Jazz.  This picture doesn't look like much, but the guys sitting courtside are 5-6 primary rotation players for the Jazz, including Donavan Mitchell, Dante Exum, Royce Young and others.  Rudy Gobert is just out of this frame in the longest pair of pink slacks in North America. 
What's it mean when a team invites and gets most of their players to come to Summer League to support draft picks and players at the tail end of the roster? How would you feel if you were a couple of weeks in at a new job and people you considered to be high performers at the new company came to watch you work and were incredible supportive as you tried to learn?
You'd run through the wall for that company - that's how you'd feel.  Utah has to build culture because they are not a destination for Free Agents. They have to draft, develop and retain.  You know - kind of the same thing you need to do at your company.  They've managed to convince their tenured employees to be all in. 
We could all be a little bit more like the Utah Jazz at our companies, right?  There are other strong cultures in the NBA (celtics) (kings... joking), but if you were buying low and trying to sell high on culture, you would buy Utah.  Also, Grayson Allen update coming on Wed.... #utahjazz #summerleague
From the NBA Summer League in Vegas, v3.0:  Danny Ainge, GM and President of the Boston Celtics plopped down next to us during the game after the Celtics played on Monday like he was a tourist from Des Moines who decided to pop over to the gym after growing tired of the games on the strip. 
I first saw Ainge at the Summer League two summers ago in 2016, when he was courtside in the small gym checking out that years 3rd overall pick - Jaylen Brown play in the Summer League.  I'll never forget how hard he rode the officials that day, like he was Jaylen's dad.  Brown struggled that Summer League and had a uneven ride his first year, but the results are clear - that pick was gold.  Add the Jason Tatum heist to the mix, and you get why people are likely scared to make a trade with him these days. 
Danny's known as an talented trader as a GM, someone who naturally understands talent and the value of a having a talent plan.  I sent this picture back home and my wife commented, "that is a possessed look on Ainge's face". That's the best description of Ainge at the Summer League I can provide.  When watching a game, he's constantly taking a longer, intense look at players who make a play, almost like he's running what he saw through his own algorithm and determining whether what he saw was worth noting for the future.  He does this, btw, when other people are trying to talk to him, a clear sign that he's more interested in evaluating talent than talking to people who want something from him. 
He didn't really have a reason or need to be watching a non-Celtic game at the Summer League from the stands, but there he was.  Taking it in and watching guys who made a play run down the court with this look on his face.  Last time I saw someone so notable take the time to evaluate players at the Summer League with next to no shot make the league, it was Danny Ferry, the former Duke star and GM of the Hawks.  Ferry built the 60 win Hawks from scratch, which now seems like 50 years ago instead of 2014. 
Whether it's basketball or corporate America, great evaluators of talent don't stop evaluating - it's in their blood.  #nba #summerleague
From the NBA Summer League: Meet a Summer League matchup that matters.  Colin Sexton vs Aaron Holiday.  Sexton was a one and done from Bama, drafted 8th overall by the Cavs with the pic that the Cavs protected for when Lebron left.  Holliday is a 3-year guy from UCLA drafted 23rd overall by the pacers.  Which asset is the most valuable?  It depends how close the gap is.  Sexton won the scoring battle 19-12, but the gap was closer than that.  At the end of the day, Sexton will get lots of minutes in a post apocalyptic Cleveland and Holliday will go to the bench behind veteran guards on a good Indiana team and remain an affordable asset.  Result from the Summer League: Indiana is very happy, Cleveland is hopeful.  Sexton 7th in top 100 in class of 2017.  Holiday 88th in class of 2015.  Margins are thin in the show.
Welcome to my coverage of the NBA Summer League from Vegas, where I’ll be making observations about the mixture of Vegas and the NBA that are worth more than you’re paying.  HQ: center strip at the Aria. First hot take: the Utah Jazz have the best culture in the NBA.  More on that later.  Hot take 2: it’s hot in Vegas in July.