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Enter here to visit me on the set of Veronica Mars :) 👇

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Let’s have lunch on the set of Veronica Mars! They’ll be marshmallows, hugs and you never know which brooding bad boy we’ll run into. Support a great cause and enter through my bio link or at See you in Neptune :) #onlyatomaze @omazeworld
My new hairstylist for the #goldenglobes is not only gifted (see this photo evidence) she also wants to be paid in hugs, works out of my living room, and only pees her bed a few times a week. She's hired!
Twin so hard mother forkers wanna fine me...aka keep me in the bad place.
#jayz 👑 also @darcycarden 👑 @williamjacksonharper 👑
Holy shirtballs, I still can’t believe the delightful folks at the HFPA nominated me for a mother-forking #GoldenGlobe?! At first I thought it was bullshirt, but it’s true! I’m the luckiest ash-hat son of a bench ever!
To understand the depth of how much I love @nbcthegoodplace, you might need to see some backround work by @mjacint0.
Bear in mind he was NOT on camera, he was just crossing the backround and taking things off peoples plates. During this scene he also stole a vase and walked out with it. All in the deep backround, never to be noticed by the viewer.
@mjacint0, you are an inspiration to actors everywhere.
If your like to clean your drawers of extra toiletries AND help other humans, see below!! #Repost @immfamtogether (@get_repost)
IFT friend, Kavita Das had a brilliant idea for our backpack program. She took her draw full of unopened travel toiletries and turned them into kits! If you would like to send us your new travel size toiletries, message us.  YOU can be a helper too!
No people, falcons or feelings were hurt in the making of this @enterprise commercial. #ad
@jackietohn is by far my loudest friend. She is also my most loyal, most creative, and most hilarious one. We met over 15 yrs ago doing black box theater in L.A. and we promptly fell in love.
I cannot tell you how many times we have laughed until we peed making up nicknames for dogs we see on the street, or lip reading conversations from a distance between norm-core individuals on the hiking trail.
They dont make em like @jackietohn very often. So when you find one, you gotta hold on tight.
@jackietohn ia also a fiercely talented musician.
And her new project, @powerfoxmusic is delicious. Pls check it out. Her version of Maniac will definitely be on repeat in my house for a while.
Photo by @kouryangelo and glam by the incomparable @courthart1. ***jackie and I also once came across a 60 yr old man named Morty lying on the Griffith park hiking trail stoned out of his mind with a broken elbow. We helped him call his buddy and get to the hospital, but this took us a while due to the fact that Morty was flying higher than a giraffes ass and could barely operate his phone.
This story is neither here nor there, but it was an incredibly entertaining experience.
So forking grateful to have a 4th season of @nbcthegoodplace !!! This show is a dream come true and I absolutely love working with all the lovely people who make it happen. Holy shirt! 💥🙌🏻
To all my #momshells out there getting ready for the holidays...I see u, and you are appreciated!!!
Xox(via @wiggleandwork)
My two dreamboat friends @seanhayes and @scotticenogle wrote an adorable children's book called #Plum about the holidays, inclusion, and magic! Please go to the link in my stories to grab your copy and to watch them teach a ballet class! You’re welcome!
#Tbt to the dads all flexing during our halloween meal. Keep it sexy, guys. #dadbeast
@charcurtis @hiryanhansen @daxshepard