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Today, and all the days imma strive to be like this duck. Quick to love. 
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10 ducklings who lost their mom and were walking on the highway, were rescued and brought to a pond. 
Unbelievably, a mother duck who was there with her 9 ducklings, saw the confused ducklings and rushed to adopt them! She didn't hesitate for a second! 
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It truly changes your life. And you don’t have to follow people you don’t like and make you feel bad about yourself on social media.
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Food is universal. It is one of our basic human needs. But, it's so much more than that - it brings people together. Join us today, on World Food Day, as we get radical and work to make a difference. For every repost of this pic tagged with #RADICALHOPE and @thisbar we will donate a day of life-saving food to a child in need on your behalf. We can all move the needle to end hunger. But, we have to do it TOGETHER.
Know who your voting for for education superintendent?
@marshall_tuck is a close friend of mine and my familys. 
I know him, I've seen his work, ive heard him talk behind closed doors, and I trust him.
I sit on the board of my kids school, and I've seen first hand the problems that need to be fixed for our kids.
@marshall_tuck is the real deal. He fights hard for kids, teachers, and the public education system.
He is an incredibly gifted educator, who has my vote.
Please check him out !!!!!!!!!!!! Xo kb
Have a wonderful morning full of feelings of hope.
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“It’s okay. You’re strong. Do you want me to carry you?” Reminders: 
1. Let’s handle everyone’s pain this way.
2. Boys are beautiful. Let’s raise our sons to know they can stay beautiful, vulnerable, and gentle- and still be men. 
Thank you for this, Jalal Abdulsalam.
Thank you to @theschvitz historic bathhouse in Detroit for hosting my 20 year HS reunion this weekend- even though I wasnt there I'm loving all the stories!!
If you're in Detroit you gotta check this place out its restored and awesome!
Had such a beautiful day with these @baby2baby lovebugs. Thank you for this special story time and for sending these sweethearts home with a bag full of helpful goodies. @Baby2Baby, you rule.
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THIS!!! @lyft 🙌🏾 💋💋💋 #Repost @samuelljackson
Okay y’all, get on this & go pick someone else up!! Go to a senior citizens facility or home & make that call for them. Pass this along!!!#one moreobstacleremoved#vote
Parenting is a marathon. And a sprint. And a mud run. And an Indy 500. And American ninja warrior. It’s all the things. #Momsplaining
Please enjoy some incredible behind the scenes props and set dec from tonight's @nbcthegoodplace episode!!
These boards are up in the journalism dept where Janet and Michael have camped out on earth.
Today’s teacher of #10featuredteachers Round 2 is Sarah! Her message went straight to my ❤️: “Hello! My name is Sarah. I am an ESOL (English as a Second Language) high school teacher in Falls Church, VA. I teach SIFE (Students with Interrupted Formal Education) Numeracy. All of my students have zero (yes—this is real) to just a few years of formal schooling.  Because of their age—they are placed in high school. Many of my students do not only have limited English skills but they have also faced serious trauma on their journey to the United States. When a person has not attended school for many years— it’s difficult for them to engage, adapt to their new environment. I need all types of simple resources to help them. Their current level of education will not define their future. It truly takes a community who believes in them to support them and help them move forward. We read simple books. We are learning Kindergarten math. Everything is new to my group of students. I try very hard to create a safe and inviting classroom. In this day and age, it’s an injustice to be 15 years old and not have had access to school in your life. Thank you in advance for supporting our classroom! 💛” Let’s be a part of the community that helps her students thrive! Sarah’s wishlist will be in my bio and stories all day! Thank you everyone! 🍎📚😍🖍👏🏻
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Dancing in my desk chair this morning over THIS—the most perfect #dayofthegirl announcement ever: @michelleobama and @obamafoundation have launched @globalgirlsalliance, a movement to help girls stay in school, everywhere and every day. As Mrs. Obama explains: “Every girl on the planet should have the same opportunity to fulfill and shape her own destiny.” Yeah, we needed this video (raise your hand if you choked up at the end). But girls need this MOVEMENT. 🔗 in bio, or follow @globalgirlsalliance to help.