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Today's reminder!! Love each other hard today!
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Thank God for sanity and nuance.
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In case anyone was confused about what the Bible says about the way to treat immigrants. I’m quite sure Jeff Sessions will now change his policy. You’re welcome. #familiesbelongtogether
I will forever remember this movie as the one that that led me straight into a hurricane. Best. Hurricane. Ever. #LikeFather is out on @netflix August 3rd.
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“you have to understand
that no one puts their children in a boat 
unless the water is safer than the land”
HOME by Warsan Shire
I do not understand how people refuse to understand.
Why do we feel more worthy of safety because we were born on the right side of an imaginary line?
We are people born on third base convinced we hit a triple-  while folks outside the ball park starve. We ask them to stop trying to get their children inside for food and shelter. We tell them- we tell parents - to let their children die and stop bothering us about It. When they refuse: we take their children.
America is an experiment and we are failing. 
We are repeating our history - we took babies from African mamas and we took them from Native American mamas and we took them from Japanese mamas. This is who we have been. And it’s going to take those of us who believe in Making America Great For Once- to keep showing up, to refuse to go numb- to refuse to look away until those babies are out of those cages and back in their parents’ arms. 
Love will win but only if we refuse to give up. 
There is No such thing as other people’s children. @together.rising Is still collecting for lawyers and social workers for detained children. Go to to see our detailed transparent work- every penny we receive goes toward advocacy for and reunification of these families.
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Happy fathers day to the foundation of our family band. The one who always keeps us in time, on time, and dancing to a sick beat. Our beloved drummer, @daxshepard.
When she watches TV and mindlessly plays with my hand it's the best feeling on planet earth.
Dedicated people inspire me. Dr. Russ Mittermeier is one of those people. He is regarded as a world leader in the fields of primatology, biodiversity and tropical forest conservation. Trained as a primatologist and herpetologist, he has traveled widely in more than 160 countries on seven continents. He has dedicated decades of his life and career to advance projects across the globe, making a genuine difference for endangered species and the habitats they rely on. I encourage you to look him up.  Congrats to #conservation hero Dr. Russ Mittermeier announced today as the 2018 #IndyPrize Winner! Learn more about his inspiring work to save wild things and wild places across our planet at
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Yesterday the first of (we hope) many to come special episodes of @armchairexppod :
Were we ask for real information and tips about life from the people actually qualified to give it!
Dr. Wendy Mogel is a BOSS and a clinical child psychologist. And I want her on the next season of #momsplaining so bad!!! Enjoy!