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Oh yeah, it’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday! Reading the comments and seeing the love you all share with these teachers each week is THE BEST. Today, meet Kristen Williamson from Omaha, Nebraska. “I’m a 5th grade teacher in a Title 1 School, in Omaha, Nebraska. My class has 23 students (7 boys and 16 girls). In my classroom alone, there are 13 different languages and dialects spoken. I have students from Sudan, Kenya, Cuba, Guatemala, and Mexico. And yes, the most beautiful part of my classroom is the diversity within my students. Is this my dream job? 100% yes. I love every single day of work. The group of students I’m currently working with have given me the most rewarding year of teaching I've ever had. I adore every child in my classroom. Over these past 4 years I have worked really hard to build a great classroom library. Every month, I use part of my paycheck to buy more books for my students. I am not able to build my classroom library as quickly as I wish I could, but I try my best. I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking through my classroom library. It is lacking in so many areas. The area of my room I was once so proud of, is now my biggest mission. My kids deserve books with characters of all races. My kids deserve books with characters who celebrate holidays other than Christian holidays. My kids deserve books that discuss immigration, gay pride, science, technology, refugee journeys, and so many other things. My kids deserve the most amazing classroom library. I want to have a classroom library that meets the interests of EVERY student… and right now, that just isn’t happening. I’ve put together a classroom wish list of new books and supplies that will bring us so much joy (and organization)! These items will serve us in many ways. The first (and most important) way is that my kids will continue to fall in love with reading. The second is that my students can have a classroom that truly feels like a home. I’m doing what can provide everything we want and need in the classroom but we could truly use some help.” Kristen’s Amazon wishlist has so many great 📚and will be in my bio. 👍🏻💗
A #GoodPlace morning: 
Keeping the THRONE ALIVE at 6am the morning after!!!
Valar Morghoulis.
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Oh yeah, it’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday #TGIFTF This week I’m featuring a COUPLE, Amy and Jason Oetjens. Two teachers in one day? Heck, yes. (Oh, and they’re from Michigan.) Here’s what Amy shared with me: “My husband and I both work in a rural school in Watervliet on the west side of Michigan just minutes from Lake Michigan. Our district is surrounded by fruit farms (apple, peaches, blueberries, and vineyards). The community is small but definitely a close knit type of community that comes together when a family is in need.  We both teach at Watervliet Middle School, a Title 1 school, that has about 352 students in which 70% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. My husband, Jason, is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher and I am a 6th grade Science teacher.  We both have similar teaching styles where we believe students learn by doing or making. My husband is a very charismatic teacher who builds healthy relationships with his students through stories that bring history alive for his students. Many have said that his class is the reason they come to school every day because they know they not only have fun learning but that they are respected in his class. Many of the students we teach are in tough living situations and to know that someone cares for them is very important in the turmoil they live in. In both our classes you will walk into a classroom that is alive with discussions, group collaboration, and creating.He not only teaches but is training to become a reserve police officer to protect our community and school. I believe science is meant to be hands on not lecture. I try to change things up in my classroom.  We learn the history, math, and English behind what they are learning.  I have students research and create from their own minds to show what they have learned by making things.  Every kid learns differently and we both try to encourage the students’ creative minds. We have both tried to set up a Makers space in our classrooms to help foster creative learning. We both have dedicated our lives to work with kids to not only enrich their minds but their lives.” Their amazon wishlist will be in my bio. I love you all📚❤️
Happy #FeaturedTeacherFriday everyone! #TGIFTF! 📚❤️✂️🖍✏️ Today’s Featured Teacher is Malcolm Cumberbatch who was nominated by his wife, Michelle. She’s been keeping this a surprise for him, so Malcolm? SURPRISE! Here’s what Michelle shared about her husband. “I would like to nominate my husband, Malcolm. His passion for teaching shines through everyday with his students and even at home with our three little ones. The journey started back 10 years ago when he was a school bus driver for special needs students after serving as a US Marine. The students on that bus inspired him to go back to school to obtain his degree. Working days to support his newborn and going to school at night he pushed through and obtained his degree in Social Studies with Special Education. I hope for anyone deciding to take that leap, we are here to tell you with dedication it is well worth the investment in yourself to go for a career you are passionate about. He is currently a middle school Special Education Social Studies teacher in Irvington, New Jersey for a title 1 school and loves going to work everyday. He loves being interactive with the kids dressing the part some days depending on the lesson. The kids are always happy to go into Mr. C’s classroom for a snack or to see what crazy tie he has on. He would love to make his room even more comfortable and inviting making a reading area for the kids to take a break and read or even have part of his lesson in this area. The children really respond to movement and taking breaks and this area would be a great way to change up the scenery. Thank you for the opportunity to be featured and thank you on behalf of all the teachers wives as this is such an amazing thing you are doing.” Malcom, thank you for being so supportive and dedicated and for dressing up for your kiddos! Friends, his Amazon Wishlist will be in my bio all day if you’re inspired to help stock his classroom for his kiddos. I love you all. 👏🏻😍
Last week I got to do something really amazing. I visited @pawsitivechangeprogram’s first ever Juvenile Justice program & met with the girls, the trainers, and their pups. I’ve followed this program for ages, but to see it firsthand was really something. In adult prisons, @pawsitivechangeprogram pairs inmates with rescue dogs, and the humans train the animals to be trusting, communicative, and learn skills that will serve them outside the facility walls. (And the animals train their humans to be emotionally open, collaborative, and learn skills that will serve them outside the facility walls.) It’s drastically reduced recidivism and violence, and this is their first juvenile program. The girls learn how to train their dogs, communicate with each other, and share their emotions and experiences. I sat with them, shared some of my own stories, and was completely blown away by the girls’ intelligence and dedication to improving themselves and helping their dogs. Every juvenile facility should have access to programs like this. If you’re inspired, please follow @pawsitivechangeprogram, donate, and support. We’re all in this together.
Meet the VERY ADOPTABLE Veronica Mars!
Im honored to have my namesake given to the most busted underdog @marleysmutts & @zachskow have ever taken in ❤
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•The Ballad of Veronica Mars•
Good Morning, Mutt Fans! My name is Veronica Mars and I’m the newest, #1 most busted up member of the Mutt Militia! I hold that title with pride and distinction because, as you all know, there a lot of busted-up-pups around here! Truth is, I’m not sure what my real name is, I came into the shelter all alone after being hit by what must have been a tow truck pulling a big rig! I mean, how else do you explain a shattered back, pelvis and legs? Ok, fine, it was probably a Toyota Corolla but look at me, I’m 8 inches tall and weigh seven pounds! I like to think maybe my compound fractured legs punctured that punks tires... Calm down, sarcasm heals! They named me Veronica Mars because they said I must be from outer space to take a crash like that and not be killed a bunch of times! I don’t know about that, I’m pretty sure my dad was a chihuahua was from Arvin and my mom is a street Mutt from East Bakersfield... isn’t outer space close to Hollywood? Anyhow, I digress, where were we? Oh yeah, so, after they brought me to the shelter I remembered what my family told me to do if I ever got locked up: bite the first person you see and pack up with your own kind! Yeah, turns that’s terrible advice... First of all, I don’t know what my “kind” is and the only other black chihuahua was deaf and in kidney failure. He just kept staring at me, asking If I knew when the food lady be around around...Not exactly a shot caller....Secondly, how am I supposed to hurt anyone when my adult teeth aren’t even in I’m paralyzed from the waist down...? So, I did the only logical thing I could think of which was poop myself and hope everyone stayed away. That failed too.  Turns out, the best thing to do is just chill out and act like you run the place and they give you amazing drugs which really do make you feel like you’re from outer space! I’m not sure what all the fuss was about; doing time at the County shelter was a piece of cake(and a whole lotta drugs🤪)! To be continued..
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💐🐰🐰🐰 springbunnies 🐰🐰🐰💐 super cute day with @allianceofmoms and @lindt_chocolate 💐💐💐💐💐💐
Happy #FeaturedTeacherFriday everyone! 📚🎈Today’s amazing teacher is Tonya Gonzalez from Long Island! Here’s her story: “I have been teaching for two years in a Title 1 school on Long Island, New York as a 4th grade bilingual teacher. These two years have been the best years of my life! I absolutely love what I do and my students have made me a stronger and more positive person. No matter what is happening at home or in their lives, they come into my classroom with a huge smile ready to start the day!

My school is a supportive and fun-filled diverse family. My entire class consists of 27 English Language Learners with many being new to the United States. The population is about 70% Hispanic 30% African American and Caucasian. Their journeys here are an inspiration and one of the many reasons I advocate for them. 
Supplies are very limited in the classroom and my students are struggling to get by at home. Many of our students come from low-income families and qualify for low and reduced lunch, and for some the school is their main source of food. My school tries their best to provide food and resources to our families. 
I try my best to support my students in whatever they need - school supplies or snacks. Since I teach a bilingual classroom, students have the opportunity to express their knowledge of reading and writing in both English and Spanish. This opportunity would help me provide books for my classroom library, especially in Spanish. This would help me create a multicultural diverse environment in the classroom. I teach my students to be proud of who they are and where they are from! Any help would be amazing!” Let’s help Tonya and her students and send books and snacks galore their way- her amazon wishlist is in my bio THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys. 💗📚
It's hard to watch @mr._pacman1982 and not be flooded with joy. He is overwhelmingly inspiring.
He is the restorative justice program coordinator at @nomo_pafact.
His work is impressive, pls consider supporting. 
I will be.
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Well guys our first week out here in Portland has been a bit of a challenge as we settle in to a new house and a new life. I think it’s time to get The Chef out of the house and exploring a bit, we may even do some vision boards as I’m not sure I can watch him devolve any deeper into boredom. I’ve been falling asleep to him singing different songs into that fan and I’m not sure I can take much more. .
. .
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I will watch @thetinychefshow do anything.
Happy sunday everyone.
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#Tbt. Happy Valentine’s Day mother cheffers. You really are the best cheffers a tiny chef could ask for! .
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