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First 'Christmasy' pic of the season in honor of me pushing myself to be social(ish) and go to a #Christmas party. Bonus: It was at the log home that I always admire. The woman who lives there really loves #pandas. Also, Pastor Dorothy's #Trump socks won the #uglysock contest. That was the only time I ever voted for Trump.
This is probably the greatest view I've ever seen from a toilet (not actually a toilet but a hole in the ground where I rightfully peed). The time my familia peruana took me to their #chacra in my first month in #Peru was probably the greatest adventure of my life. I wrote one of my first blog posts about it and I still have scars from all the bug bites I got during this trip, which was over a year ago. Pienso en el Perú cada día todavía. #recuerdos #TBT #baño #bathroom #view #monzón
The dirt is red
The ocean is blue
It's been like 3 weeks since I saw this view. #lame #latergram
Bad weather and bad nasal congestion made for a good excuse to stay inside all afternoon trying to sing. I'm not even in Peru anymore, but I must've heard this song three times this past week – once at a restaurant, once while walking past a house, and once when a kid was playing music from my phone and chose this song to my surprise. So I decided to actually learn the words so I could sing along if I ever hear it again jaja. No soy dueño de nada y no me siento de nadie pero qué pegajosa esta melodía! #ElAmante #NickyJam #congripe
Got out of the pool in time to be greeted by this view. Living here kinda forces me to enjoy the little things. Happy Friday :-)
A T A R D E C E R • Walking around this peaceful town listening to my rrreggaetón and other música latina as the sun goes down. Me siento contenta. #puestadesol #sunset
Lived on an island basically all my life, but still excited around the ocean (which I don't get to see too often on this island because the city is over 1,000 ft above sea level and walking would take too long).
Me: Eh, get out of the girls' bathroom. Stop playing with the soap.
Also me: Oh wait, lemme take a picture. 
I told these kids I was going to the pool this afternoon as if I hadn't seen enough of them already this past week. They met me there. Hanging out with them was slightly more fun than swimming laps, though. #sundayafternoon
When you live on Lāna‘i and have to do a maaaajor #Costco run... first boat to #Maui! Shoutout to the girl who woke me up when we got back to the harbor and the 3 different guys who helped us load/unload all da tings we bought: Mahalo! :-)
WHERE IS THE #LOVE? If you can give a little extra love this #GivingTuesday, I know some organizations that could really use some. Check out my latest blog (link in description) and I hope you'll consider donating! Or just enjoy/bear through some of the music. :) #LiSten #huanuco #peru #amor #Liebe #tuesdaytunes #martesmusical #tbt
Lāna‘i • 0 traffic lights, 30 miles of paved road, ~3,000 people, too many pine trees to count
37 feet above sea level • So close yet so far. I made up that measurement. The nice thing about water is that you don't even have to be in it to enjoy it.