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On days when I'm feeling semi-lazy (like today when the weather's mehhh) I wait till there's just enough time to take a walk (before dark) then I walk. #procrastination If it starts to rain, I might even run. Had to stop to admire these pretty purple flowers today that recently grew in the unmaintained used-to-be lake of the old golf course. #eveningstrolls #lanai
Gotta get that group pic when you hang out with friends you haven't seen in 5ever. I don't even remember the last time we got together, but I'm so glad tonight worked out. :) #period6
Exercising before going to a buffet is about the extent of my readiness for the future. #exercisewithaview
Got picked up from HNL and went to Gen for lunch with Aunty and @logiebearys (we ate so much we impressed the waiter and I didn't need dinner tonight). Then my very teenage cousin and I were about to spend quality time together and I convinced her to go on an easy hike (felt bad about eating so much) but as we were about to leave I realized there were no extra keys for the car. Ugh. So instead we walked to the cemetery up the road and took pics of each other (haha even changed my profile pic) then we walked down to Starbucks and that was our hike for the day (and called my mom to pick us up after). That all made me feel like a teenager again. Grateful for family to hang out with and help out when I need. #hammingitup
This afternoon I got to "take a little dip in the ocean (aw yeah x2, uh huh x2)" 🎶 #spreadalittlealoha #WRYE2018 on my mind
Haven't exactly caught that #SummerFever yet, but I did discover this song by @littlebigtown while walking the aisles in Richard's Market where country music is played very audibly for a rather enjoyable shopping experience. This song is a jam. Check out the real thang if you feel like groovin' 😎 #HAGS #groovy #musicmonday #acoustic #minutecover #summerjam
The last 20 years were the best years of my life because I had you in them and stuff. So happy that you're my sister. 🌽 Happy birthday @jklaura. Te extraño y te quiero muchísimo hermanita. Que tengas un año lleno de alegría y aventura...
🍍Went to my first Pineapple Festival today. Ugh I didn't even eat any pineapple. But I did eat corn 🌽 (yellow/yellow, so u know...) #Lanai
Spent quite a bit of time in the dark last night with just some birds, stars, and podcasts to keep me company. Cameras are rad for being able to sense such light in so much darkness. #Lanai #loner #nightphotography
Following turtles while the youth played on their own during our time at the beach was one of my most peaceful moments of the past week. The other peaceful moment was on the plane tonight returning after a veryyy full 8 days... I was out before the flight attendant did her safety presentation and woke up after landing. Happy to be 'home' on Lāna‘i right now. Ahhhhhh we made it. #honu
I'm super impressed by how few times these guys and gals fell their first time on ice (4 youth missing from photo). I fell twice and I've had prior experience (bday parties and whatnot u kno). #fieldtrip
It's been kind of a stressful week so I felt ok treating myself to a $10 pineapple smoothie on today's field trip. But I spilled on my shirt trying to get the last of it and had to walk around with a wet spot for a bit. On another note, the #BreathofLife show took my breath away. Polynesians are amazing. So lucky to call #Hawaii home. Tourist level 💯#chaperoning #WRYE2018