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Planned to 'run' on the rich people's street to check out the super nice houses this morning, but there was an older man jogging up ahead going in that direction and I didn't feel like getting beat by an old man so I turned around and ran another way toward these horses instead.
A bit #puzzled about what I'm doing with my life. (I've never had the patience to finish a puzzle of more than like 20 pieces before, but I stayed up till 2am finishing this.) #kristenOLD #notmuchtodohere
Love is a light meant to shine bright! Ok that was so lame and cringeworthy, I obviously made it up to relate to this pic of rainbow lights (circa July 2016). Anywayz, we were made to love, doesn't matter who nor how... but it's harder to do from in the closet so let's make it easier for people to come out. Happy #NationalComingOutDay! Today I come out as an #ally (just in case it's not clear on other days). #comeoutcomeoutwhoeveryouare
(READ MY BLOG por favor) When I think of #Peru, what first comes to mind are not the beautiful places I got to see or the food I ate, but instead the relationships I formed with the people I met, the family and friends I made. And I am so grateful for that. Since I returned home, I've been working little by little on this one blog post to sum up my experience as best I could. It was a challenge but I finally finished two months later. Not that y'all are super interested in my mediocre blog or anything, but I feel like I owe it to the people there to share about the good work they're doing and how they impacted me. And to the many people that supported me back home and followed my journey, I want you to know what you made possible and I am so thankful for you!! So anywayzz my blog link is in my description bar if you feel inclined to know what da heck I was doing in Peru. #capturinglight #yavprogram #salinerasdemaras (Um this photo is just a pic of a pretty place I went to once and not completely relevant, I just hadn't posted it yet.)
A light shower fell from the clouds that hung over the island and as drops of rain splattered across my face, I asked myself, "HmMm, should I take cover?" And then I was like nah and took 19 pics of da beautiful rain as we were making our way back 'home' from Maui. (Today was my second time traveling inter-island by ferry! Yesterday was my first.)
"It's not always rainbows and butterflies..." (But sometimes it is. (But only literally.))
Woke up today and thought it would be a good idea to make my way up the backside of Koko Head, from the arch to the stairs, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. It was a good idea. If it didn't require two cars I would do it more often for suuure.
Paid a long overdue visit to my high school Spanish teacher for the first time since graduating in 2012. She's always been one of my favorites and not just 'cause her name is also Kristen. #gracias #se├▒oritaludvig #N101 #soybaja PC: Mr. Wong (the new principal)
I always miss the piano when I'm away from home. But I'm home now and probably making it known with all the noise I'm creating. #sorryneighbors #songoftheday #symphony
Honestly, I think these past six days in #Colorado have been some of the hardest days of my YAV experience... trying to make sense of my year of service in Peru, wanting it to somehow be justified, figuring out how to fit it into the bigger picture (AKA my life)... but I'm walking away with comfort in the fact that discomfort is normal and sometimes even good and knowing that transition is a process with room for doubts and uncertainties. Today officially ends my time as a #YoungAdultVolunteer, but my life and I from here on out have been changed by everything that's happened in the past year.

One thing's for sure: I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had and for the badass, big-hearted, take-no-shit believers of an inclusive and welcoming God that I have found within my YAV community. Visit (OR ASK ME:-) to become part of it! (All photos taken during the little bits of free time we had during #transitionretreat.) That awkward moment when you realize you posted 2 of the same photos and they're of yourself oh jeez
Lots of processing these past few days. Some posing, too. #transitionretreat #yavprogram
We woke up to this mountain covered in snow. (Swipe left to see me in falling snow for the first time in my life!) #transitionretreat #yav