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LOOK WHAT I FOUND. I've already been home for two full weeks (have yet to finish unpacking) and finally decided to start cleaning up from the hurricane (me) that passed through my room. After living abroad with a small portion of my belongings for about a year, I've realized I don't need much and can probably do without most of the stuff in my room. Actually I'm pretty sure I knew that before, but I might just be a borderline #hoarder who likes to upcycle and has a hard time getting rid of things because of her "trash to treasure," "there's good in everything" mentality. I found this #kaleidoscope that my grandma gave to me when I was a kiddo and, not gonna lie, I was #STOKED. I'm getting rid of a lot of things, but I'm defs keeping this. ;]
Thanks @stephh.chung for hitting us up... even if it's 'cause your other plans fell through hahaaa.
So at the end of my swim today, I did what I always do. Float. My seemingly weightless body on the surface of the water with my vision limited to the sky above me is one of my favorite feelings everrr. In those moments I feel oh so content with life, I would probably call that #myhappyplace. And then today while in my "happy place" my mind (without me wanting it to) shifted to the news, and thoughts about what's been going on recently in our country barged in and all of a sudden I felt sadness, anger, frustration all at once (I even caught myself muttering profanities for a quick sec at the clouds because I got so wrapped up in my thoughts) and I realized how much all the bad news was getting to me and was reminded how true that saying is about how "ignorance is bliss," and I really do not consider myself a 'knowledgable' person, but I definitely wasn't feeling blissful. And though I'd prefer to be blissful, I didn't wanna just shrug it off because what is happening right now in our country cannot and should not be shrugged off and ignored. If we've been paying attention even just a little, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if we were actually in the dark—not because we're 'unenlightened' but because we are faced every day with new issues and terrors and manifestations of hate and bigotry and sometimes it gets reallyyy hard to see the light. But I know it's there. It's in the sun that rises and shines for us each day. It's on the side that rejects hate, opposes bigotry, speaks out against injustice, demands equality, promotes peace, and lives with love. That's the side I wanna be on and I really hope you do, too. (Otherwise we can't be friends #lol #jk #orami)
Watched #TEDtalks last night until we fell asleep and then since I'm kinda still five hours ahead on Peruvian time, I actually got up and went with mi hermana @jklaura to la playa at like 5:30am. I just sat on the sand while she surfed, but in those moments it felt preeetty nice to be home. Back in #Hawaii, back to da basic 808 pics. I've missed palm trees and rainbows and oh yeah the ocean. Have a great Tuesday, amigos. :-) (like as good as possible with our country in its current state aiiii);
I've been afraid of chaaanging... but I think I'm more afraid of staying the same. #musicmonday #oldies
Sunday afternoon with mom and dad • It's not that my parents are lazy, but I always feel a little accomplished when I get them to go out to somewhere other than a restaurant.
A little bummed that I forgot to eat a cocoa puff before leaving (how did that even happen?) but so grateful to still have these guyz in my life even if it's just to get together a few times a year and reminisce and talk about unimportant things. I laugh way too hard with y'all. Thanks @quachmichelle for hosting brunch! #myhighschoolsweethearts
Fourth day back home: still haven't unpacked, finally went swimming for the first time in 5ever and also took this not-at-all-flattering pic with my foot of me looking kinda happy. I'm kinda confused about what I've been feeling these days. I love home, but being back home is weird. I don't know if I like it. #processing #needtoblog #butlazy
💩Took this photo from the window of our hospedaje while I was waiting for a plunger because the toilet couldn't handle my waste. I was already behind schedule for getting to the aeropuerto, but I couldn't just leave it there especially after having gotten friendly with the workers who would later find it. I got my hands on a plunger and was reminded how wonderful and practical plungers are in its function and simplicity. I got a taxi to the airport (after stopping on the street to buy some final things - maybe shouldn't have done that) and then waited in line for a bit only to be told that my flight was closed and I couldn't check in. Waited in another line, watching my flight time pass, bouncing my leg up and down while holding in my pee to see if I could change my flight and just pay a penalty fee instead of buying a whole new plane ticket (especially since my debit card expired at the end of last month and I'm traveling with limited cash). I'm now on a waiting list hoping to get a flight back to Lima mañana. Estoy esperando. It's interesting that the verbs 'to wait' and 'to hope' use the same verb in Spanish - 'esperar'. I'm really hoping to make it back to Lima in time for my flight to Honolulu or I will be in #deepshit. Again. (Pardon my language.) Also I'm sure no one cares about this and I don't mean to dump my problemas on anyone, but since I often share my #highs on Instagram, I feel the need to also share my #lows. #KristENPerú Mom if u c this don't roll ur eyes.
Pleased to introduce you to mi amiga @emilykwilkes, fellow #YAV and travel partner who I spent the past ~20 days with... traveling, seeing new places, taking risks, chatting, being in silence, sharing a bed, and most of all eating. Other than being an outstanding person, my favorite thing about her is that she can EAT. Her appetite for food might even be greater than her appetite for knowledge, which is also pretty huge. In our time traveling together we have shared so many meals. By 'shared' I mostly just mean we were in each other's presence. We are both pretty protective of our food and understood that 'trying' some of the other person's food meant also giving them an equal proportion of food in return because it's only fair - it's really not about 'trying' food but about everyone having 100% of food. These two plates of sushi were hers and even though she said, "Let me know if you'd like some" (to be polite), I knew she didn't really want to give any away (because that's how I am) so, being the 'thoughtful' person that I am, I let her eat all her sushi jaja #muyamable. Glad and grateful to have spent these past few weeks with you, Emily. Gracias por ser tú. Nos vemos algún día! #cleanplateclub #KristENPerú #puno
Island vibes on a little island in #LagoTiticaca, a lake between #Peru and Bolivia and one of the largest lakes in #SouthAmerica. Making me even more excited to be home in a few days... #KristENPerú #islataquile #puno
Today was a relatively chill day. Slept in, grabbed brunch, picked up laundry, did South America's highest bungee jump (almost lost my shoe when it fell off my foot into the bosque), asked and answered the #36questions that supposedly lead to love while eating dinner at the same restaurant for the third night in a row. #KristENPerú