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Eurovision-2017 2nd place, Bulgaria
Tickets for concert + meet & greet in Poland 🇵🇱 !👇

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why do i always look so serious on my pics
Couldn’t be more excited! I am going to WARSAW! Save the date: 2nd of December, 4 pm! Will finally meet you all in Proxima club. You can buy your tickets via link (in bio)
found these pics from London and i think they are kinda cute.
btw, going there again tomorrow!
sadly it’s only for one day
P.s. dat dude on a second pic though..
New video is OUT!
It’s about my trip to BTS concert in London✨
Sadly, after 16h of waiting, I didn’t make it to the concert...So I decided to tell you about my mistakes, cause I don’t want you to get into the same situation🙏
I think the video turned out really funny, so check it out!:)
P.s.: it’s my first time editing myself, so don’t be too hard on me😅 and yeah, I like @antoniiogarza ‘s edits :3
man in the woods
1 year.
Feels like it’s been a decade.
Just wanted to say thank you, #TeamKris for always supporting us and our music!
There is literally nothing that makes me more happy than making music. Knowing the fact that there are people out there who really care about my feelings and art is really inspiring and it’s fuel that keeps me going.
Here for you🙏
Met this amazing person today!
@kleimusic can’t wait to see you again and maybe write something together❤️
#TeamKris, you should really check out her music! Her song with @filousmusic is such a bop✨
“Do i look too cool, do i look too cool
On my bicycle, on my bicycle”
Can’t get enough of this song
Oops, forgot to post this one... Let it be your daily reminder, that you are awesome! I love you #teamkris around the world!
Everybody’s busy with their own business...and me just lying on a prime meridian 😂
Happy to anounce that we are finally in Vienna!
Going to be here for some time
I call this new chapter: “A New Chapter” BOOM
Just a happy kid that bought his BTS light stick after 16h of waiting outside of the arena :3 #bts #london #btsconcert #o2arenalondon