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Eurovision-2017 2nd place, Bulgaria
🔺BTS - Serendipity cover👇

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Couldn’t choose one, so I’ll just post both...
✨Happy Birthday✨
P.s. I don’t like to show something as private as a birthday wish
I told him everything that I wanted already:)
If you are going to visit #Sofia , you should definitely go to boulevard Vitoshka!
There are a lot of different cafeterias, shops and other cool places.
AND you can find a lot of artsy people like... me :)
Back to black!
I had so much fun experimenting with my style, hair etc and for now I think that I’ll stick to my natural self. 
P.s. I look like a 14yo lmao 🐯
✂️💈 - @thisisnikolay @afterglowhairroom
Good morning, #Bulgaria !🇧🇬
So happy to be back in Sofia😊
BTS - Serendipity 
New cover on my YouTube channel!
Link in bio
What a year...
@eurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2017 #TeamKris
Random fact:
I wear glasses. A lot of people think that they are just an accessory, but I actually can’t see without them. AND my right eye see colors differently. 
My left eye is myopic and my right one is hyperopic 👀 
Pic by @daughter_of_fate 
Makeup by @savenkova_maria_
Like if you are a coffee/tea addict 🙏
Wanted to say something deep and meaningful but I’m too lazy...
That’s so strange how whenever you look at somebody’s Instagram you think that his/her life is perfect and this person is 24/7 extremely happy, having the best time ever etc. 
Let’s not forget that this is just a social media and not everything that people are posting is real. We are all humans and we are dealing with a lot of bad things too. It’s OK NOT TO BE OK.
If you feel like there is no point in everything just look back for a second. There is ALWAYS someone who cares for you and loves you for who you are and nothing more. 
You know what? Let’s make something interesting today. 
Write a message or call someone who was really important to you before but now you are not taking to each other or you had a fight and now you are not friends anymore. We all deserve a second chance. Let’s make it a bonding day. Maybe this will make your day better, who knows. 
P.s.: I just want to thank you, guys. I’m dealing with some mental health problems and fighting with anxiety attacks from 4 to 10+ times a day. The only thing that keeps me going is #TeamKris. I don’t know what I did to have you by my side, really. But I’m really thankful for your support and love🔺
Best fandom ever!
Love you🐯
@whydontwemusic - #SomethingDifferent #Cover !
I was OBSESSED with this song since the day I first heard it👌
#TeamKris , you probably now these guys, who is your favorite one in the group?) For me it’s @corbynbesson , I just really like his personality and he is like my brother-from-another-mother in EVERYTHING! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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