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Eurovision-2017 2nd place, Bulgaria
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📸 - @ph.romanova
Psalm XXVII of David (NIV)  7 - “Hear my voice when I call, Lord ;
be merciful to me and answer me.”
I guess you’ve found out something new about me :)
By @ph.romanova
So in love with this photoshoot by @d.marich 🙌
I feel like this picture is a poster to a thriller movie!
Let’s give it a title in the comments.
I will choose the one I like the most and post it on Twitter:)
Photographer- @d.marich 
P.s.: thank you, “Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines” for letting us be creative and use your machines at their fullest!🙏
Someone: how’s your life going?
Me: nothing special, just sunbathing in front of the Louvre
Another beautiful shot by @ph.romanova 🐝
Hi, my name is Крис
I love my job because I get to meet so many professionals: musicians, producers, artists... and dancers! Today I want you to meet Artem @artemkhvan I had the luxury to work with him and I was astonished about how wholesome and talented this person is. He taught how important it is to have control over both body and mind. Can’t wait to work with you again, bro! Please check out his account! Definitely one of the best choreographers there is.
Flower boy🌺
Pic by - @ph.romanova 
I know that most of you are restless waiting for the EP to come out, and believe me when I say that I feel the same x10... Everything has been ready for a month now and I could release it in 5 minutes from now, BUT today, in order for your music to be heard, you have to do lots of PR and marketing stuff.
I’ve put my soul into this work, and believe me, it is worth waiting for a little bit more. I know that our partners know what they’re doing, so let’s be patient.
Love u,
It’s all about competition! So many football fans come to Russia these days to support their teams and to celebrate victories! I love those vibes in the city, and love football - for the first time in my life
#BUDExperience  #BUDFWC2018
Another one from @o.moonary 💛
Big shoutout to @batnorton 🤘
Ребят, зацените их стаф, очень много крутых, а самое главное доступных вещей!