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for now i just hope that what is beyond the line of ibuprofen and aspirin looks good
ok 🕊
Можете идти
zanovo zanovo zanovo 🖤
меня сейчас узнать не могли бы:
жилистая громадина
что может хотеться этакой глыбе?
а глыбе многое хочется!
“that icon in church you break down in tears to” impersonation
a tribute 
to all this sad pianinka nonsense .
loyalty loyalty loyalty
We change within every second. That happens on a neurophysiological level of us thinking different thoughts (creating new vibrational waves in the field of energy and directing our path), biological level of our cells dying and reforming, physiological level of us growing up or getting old. You're never the same and your life is an open book for anything to happen.
My hands took this photo on their own, automatically, because I vividly remember staring & staring at the view so that it's stuck in my brain.

No one cares about your videos from the local "it" concert or a selfie with a popular-enough human being you randomly met. Like for gods sake, you only have this one opportunity to talk to a person or listen to your favorite song live or watch the sun rise or pass through a beautiful crowded street and you willingly donate it to the world of void. Wow.
Одиннадцатый .