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The #standard of life OR the #standardofliving
#imagination, #experiment, #innovation, all are exclusive perserve of the strong. The weak can never imagine, never experiment, never innovate.....
I still remember the trip to #Sariska with IIGS batch students. The batches do not miss a chance to remind me often.
At WASME, World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, with 1. Minister of Economic Affairs, Malaysia, Mohd Iqbal Mohammed Noor, Ambassador of Argentina, Dr Daniel Chuburu, and Ambassador of Afghanistan. India ahead for 2022.
#Leadership_lessons to be learnt from #wolf_packs
With #Dr_Daniel#Chuburu, the #Ambassador of #Argentina at WASME. The talks ranged from #Iguazufalls to #Ushuaia from #Aconcagua to #Patagonia and converting #Argentina into a #reece destination for # #Bollywood #movies.
A memorable evening at Ambassadors Meet organised by World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME), with the ambassadors of Argentina, HE, Dr Daniel Chuburu, Economic Affairs Minister of Malaysia, HE, Mohm Iqbal, of Afghanistan, Gambia, Bangladesh...and WASME family including the Chief Advisor, Sri Indradeo Narayan, The Secretary Dr. Sanjeevji, Ms Megha Chaddha, and IMT chief Sri Ajay Jain.
Leaders are not only those who earn money, who are bold, who manipulate. Leaders are also those people who serve people, who help others grow, who are humane, who make you feel beautiful, who make you empowered, without you even getting to know. A leader always thinks differently, always does differently, is always is on the top, whether people understand that or not, so sometimes he can be hated by people who do not understand him, consequently A LEADER IS ALWAYS ALONE.
What is Yours?
A new dawn in Maldives. With former #ForeignMinister of Maldives Sri #NaseemAhmed and his loving wife at my residence when we took our first step towards changing the Geopolitics of Indian Ocean. GOD bless Maldives and Sri Naseem Ahmed.
GOD is love?
A great leader believes in you, even when you don't, gives you a chance when nobody else does, helps you even when struggling with own problems.