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Lane Berberet (@l_berb) with his hard earned Montana bull. #KUIUNation
“Man, talk about a season of highs and lows. From passing up a good bull early in the season to missing another good bull just a week ago, the doubt was really starting to set in. I've hunted harder than I ever have this season and it certainly paid off this morning. Above all else, I'm just thankful. Thankful for the privilege to hunt these amazing animals and thankful that I was able to get it done this morning. Not to mention the meat this bull will provide for family, friends and myself for the next year!”
#KUIU #Montana #Elk #Hunting
“Game bags ready to be filled. These KUIU bags are legit. The handles make the difference in our opinion, perfect for loose meat, backstrap, boned out meat.... just about any meat.
Photo: @mission_alaska
Brothers @aj.kissel and @pkissel13 plan their route before strapping on their packs and dropping into the alder infested drainage below.
Jason Radakovich (@kuiu_slam) with the heavy, old buck he harvested in #Alberta.
#KUIUNation #KUIU #KUIUSolids
@ricksearcy putting his Icon Pro 5200 to work in Oregon. 
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“The conditions on this particular day in the Tian Shan mountains continued to deteriorate as the day went on, and we were lucky to be able to spot this old mid-asian ibex from a vantage point above 12,000 ft. Visibility hovered around 350 yards due to the snow, and we knew that a successful stalk would require us to cover a lot of distance in terrain that necessitated sure footing with each step. We were able to stalk within 180 yards of this old billy using the rocky terrain as cover to put us in a position to make a clean shot. There is a lot of planning that goes into hunting trips, and these trips rarely go as planned. The clothing and gear from Kuiu allows me to be prepared for anything nature throws my direction, and the performance is the best in the industry.”
Photo: Jonathan Hirschfeld (@hirschfeld_photography)
#KUIUNation #KUIU #KUIUSolids
“I know you get a lot of people who tell you to make a system for whitetail hunting... just letting you know I don’t see a problem with the one you’re already making.“
— @cameronaycock with his Ohio #whitetail.
"One of the sketchiest places I've ever slept. The weather was nasty and we were socked in solid with no viz. We had to dig a flat spot in the rocks, with cliffs on both sides to throw up this floorless shelter. We honestly didn't even know where we were. This pic was taken the next morning. The Summit Refuge proved true to its name." - @bolenlewis Guide @allenbolen
@chadmendes tagged out in Oklahoma.
“This was one of the craziest hunts I've ever been thru in all my years of hunting. I had just got outta my stand from sitting all morning. I started walking across the open field and bam there he was, staring right at me 100 yards out. I took a knee and he walked all the way to 32 yards!! When I drew back he jumped out to 70 and stopped again. I let down and figured he would run off. Nope.... he started walking right back to me! I couldn’t believe It! This time he stopped at 50 and turned broadside and that was all she wrote!“
Trey Sperring (@tsper20) with the beautiful 11 year old Mid-Asian Ibex he harvested in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. #KUIUNation
Veteran sheep guide Bruce Willis stopping to pick apart some Ram country. 
Photo: Nolan Osborne (@nmo)