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I am obsessed with bears.


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NYの地下鉄でみっけた 「祈る」 My find of the day, on the NYC Subway, P•R•A•Y PRAY #English Haiku #英語で五七五
Anyone wanna join Kuma’s Book Club? Kuma and I are the only members currently... this is the book of the week  @lynnenright
Anyone’s deck missing a 2 of diamonds?
Never has a sink made me feel so like a barn animal. And why are the faucets on the side?! #o2brixtonacademy
Merry Christmas :/
One of my personal highlights of the Laughter in the Dark Tour: my toes 👽
今回のツアーの個人的ハイライトの一つ: 足指
Had to show off my new T-shirt♡ おニューのTシャツ自慢♡
Aw, I hope it heals soon. 早く治るといいね。
Comme c’est jolie! こんな折り紙あったんだ
牛しかいなくて最高 Yup, just cows
最近のオキニTシャツ My fave T of late