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Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation, founded in January 2016.


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Sports are extra-curricular activities can contribute toward the development of personality traits such as dedication, work ethic, and sportsmanship. Players and support staff of Mumbai Premier League's @triumphknights  interacted with underprivileged children from @kutumbafoundation and encouraged them to participate in sports and allied activities for their overall personality development . 
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March 8th, 2018: International Women's Day!
Yes, they belong to the slum, is that the reason why they are not considered equal (even amongst other women)?
Yes, they are financially weak, is that the reason why their girls are not sent to school? 
Yes, they are women, is that the reason why they are not allowed to do what they want to?
It's not about the area that they belong to, it's not about how sound one is financially, and it's definitely not about the gender!
If you are that one person who have used this statement "You're a woman, you can't be doing that!", then you, my friend, you're living in the wrong era, women have achieved more than what you think they are capable of!
It's just about believing in yourself and make others believe in themselves. And that's exactly what we Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation tried doing on women's day this year!

It was a great privilege and an honor to have International MMA Fighters, Preeti shah from india, Jenniffer from Brazil, Miara Amanajas Dos Santos from Chile & Adv Swapana Kode as our Chief Guests. ( Content written by our woman volunteer Gayatri Narayanan )#womensday #womenpower #internationalwomensday  #EducateEmpowerAndGrow #kutumbafoundation
Encouraging sports such as Martial Arts through a young age can inculcate key values of discipline and dedication in children. As an initiative to develop wide-ranging interests, sporting inspirations participating in the Mixed Martial Arts tournament of Super Fight League SFL visited and interacted with Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation  children at our Worli Centre amid enthusiastic cheer.  #sfl #mma #mixmartialarts #fighters #india #sport #inspiration 
Colours bring so much joy!. May the cheer of colours always remain in your life!
Happy Holi! Happy Holi from Kutumba Foundation🌈 #happyholi #holi #colours #joy #festival #colourfestival #kutumbafoundation
Thank you @super_fight_league @avimittalofficial @tigerjackieshroff for having us & for supporting our cause. Wish you good luck guys #sfl #tigershroff #mma #fighthard #promotion #kutumbafoundation #mumbai
We feel way up & blessed to have such strong supporters @barkhasengupta  @indraneil_sengupta @aditi_bhatia4 @anitahassanandani @rohitreddygoa @amit.agarwal75 @baseer_bob @shiv_pandit @chandigarhcubs @alygoni @kunwar08 @ribbhu.mehra_djribz @krishna_mukherjee786
Members of  @lehighu Global Village interacted with children from @kutumbafoundation  at our Worli Centre. Thank you guys for encouraging our kids. Your presence was valuable. 
www.kutumbafoundation.com #lehighuniversity #globalvillage #usa #india #mumbai #ngovisit #ngo #kutumbafoundation
We thank @chandigarhcubs for supporting our cause and encouraging our foundation  kids. Good luck for your Box Cricket League matches, team! #Kutumba will be cheering for you. 
www.kutumbafoundation.com #chandigarhcubs #boxcricketleague #mumbai #kutumbafoundation
Kutumba Education and Knowledge Foundation, like to extend a wholeheartedly thank Chandigarh cubs for supporting and furthering our cause during their popular event- ‘The Box Cricket League’ held at Goregaon on February 12. All the best Team @chandigarhcubs for the event and we wish you great success in the future. #chandigarhcubs #boxcricketleague #kutumbafoundation #mumbai
"Child is the father of man. When you #volunteer or work with Kutumba you are not just teaching kids but at the same time learning from them. I believe that the little #children we work with are somewhere creating a big difference in our lives" - Nahush Kasture, 23-year-old student (volunteer at Kutumba)
Volunteers are the pillars of our not for profit organisation working toward the upliftment of underprivileged children. Inspire us to grow and help in building lives; Volunteer with us!  http:/www.kutumbafoundation.com/volunteer.html
Images of selfdefense workshop conducted for underprivileged girls affiliated with Kutumba at our Worli centre on Sunday.

In an environment perpetuating increasing gender-based violence, we believe in empowering our girls to be self-dependent and to face the world head-on, mentally and physically. At Kutumba, we believe in inculcating the values of courage, valour and confidence among the women leaders of tomorrow! 
If you would like to donate for organising similar sessions in the future as part of your corporation's CSR initiative, do get in touch with us! #selfdefense #awareness #selfprotection #csr #kutumbafoundation #mumbai #ngo #volunteerwithus 
We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know.” –W.H. Auden_ 
I did always feel a tug and a pull towards people in need. A desire to reach out to help in any which
way I could. 
While I lead and always have led a privileged life, there have been a few very trying days in my life. It was during these days that I realized just how lucky I am. God has blessed me in so many ways. And I needed to find a way to pay back my gratitude with a cause that's bigger than me. I felt that even if I could make a small difference in someone's life, I will be a happier person.

Firstly I was drawn towards #KutumbaFoundation as they work with #children.

Then as I got involved in the activites of the foundation I realized the large impact they make on a childs life.

#Kutumba has empowered more than 100 children, elevating their mind and spirit so they can become a contributing member of the #society and soon the #world. #bringachange #bethechange #givebacktosociety #volunteerwithus #mumbai #kutumbafoundation #ngo