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Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation, founded in January 2016.


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When you volunteer, you are not paid in money or recognition, you are paid in love. People may forget what you said, and people may forget what you did, but they will never forget how it made them feel.- Unknown
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For many #children, #Independence Day is an exciting time to celebrate & it's important for them to understand the significance of  this day.  This time of year is a great opportunity to teach children about what makes India different, what Independence Day represents, and what it means to be patriotic. 
On behalf of #KutumbaFoundation, we would like to thank each & every #volunteer for continued support, enthusiasm, dedication and passion that makes the event such a success. 
We would also like to thank our Chief Guest, Dr. Swapna Patker & Mr.Amit Agarwal for adding an extra spark to the event by their presence. 
#VolunteerWithUs #LetsEducate #Mumbai 
Matea Butković, thank you very much for your wonderful gifts to the children of our foundation. They were all too enthralled when they received them at our centre. The support we receive from donors like you helps us make a happier and fulfilling life a possibility for all our children. 
On behalf of Kutumba's children, we would be happy to welcome you to our centre anytime.
#KutumbaFoundation #LetsEducate #VolunteerWithUs
On 30th July, 
Team Enigma 2017 along with Kutumba Foundation held an event at Worli.

They had an interactive session with the kids which included playing games, exhibition of origami which was explained and displayed by a group of volunteers and topics were alloted to kids and they were asked to enact Social Skits based on recent events.

Here's a few pictures of the event.✨🌸 #Enigma2017 #EnigmaAppstract #FeelTheHype #KutumbaFoundation #VolunteerWithUs
The foundation of a nation is the education of its youth.
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Small things matter. What may look like a small act of courage is courage nevertheless. The important thing is to be willing to take a step forward. - Daisaku Ikeda 
The first step to conquering fear is accepting it - it is important, especially today, that children know and accept themselves. On this occasion, children learned to talk about their fears with our #volunteers, and shared their own experiences on how they overcame them, offering unique lessons of #courage for every individual.
#KutumbaFoundation #LetsEducate #Mumbai #VolunteerWithUS 
#Education will always be very important in building a strong base in one’s life. Looking at our future generation, it is important for us to share our own positive experiences for these kids. Our #volunteers at #kandivali centre planned an activity where kids shared their own experiences happily. #kutumbafoundation #LetsEducate #mumbai
Our children are our greatest source of inspiration! With their blessings, we at a #Kutumba are taking another step towards empowering underprivileged children through education by announcing the opening of our new learning center in #Kandivali.

We want to reach out to each one of those children who haven't had access to proper education. We cannot do this alone. We need all of you wanting to empower children with education so that they can have a better tomorrow.
To #volunteer with us, write to us at info@kutumbafoundation.com
#KutumbaFoundation #VolunteerWithUs #LetsEducate #Mumbai
“Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together, and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.” – Grace Abbott
We all gathered together on 12th June 2017, to create an awareness about Child Labor and encouraged the importance of education through our event.
Special thanks to our Honorable Chief Guests, Capt. Bhushan Vartak & Shalmali Redkar (Sub-Editor / Reporter at Maharashtra 1 News Channel) for taking our children through their life experiences & motivating them to walk towards acquiring their dreams.
Most importantly without the efforts & meticulous hardwork of our volunteers this event would not have been so successful. Thank you all for giving your best to #KUTUMBA.
#KutumbaFoundation #WorldAgainstChildLabour #Mumbai
We, #Kutumba celebrated Mother's Day with a hand printing drawing session. We were quite thrilled to see children expressed the love for their mothers through an unique & vivid way. We thank Artist's Backpack & our #volunteers for pouring love and support.
We think we teach children but try listening and one will learn a ton! Nothing is more enriching than sharing experiences with children. We, thank our #volunteers for sharing their #knowledge & #experience with #children. 
#KutumbaFoundation #VolunteerWithUs #Mumbai
Summer camp started with a bang, as our kids showed their craft skills! With the volunteers' support and encouragement, the kids progressed to make wall frames and greeting cards. 
#KutumbaFoundation #SummerCamp #VolunteerWithUs #Mumbai