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Grateful wife and believer inspired by celebrations, hospitality, joy, and making the most of each day!

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Happy birthday to this handsome love of mine! I love you Dillon and am so excited to celebrate you today and always!! 🎉 Photo from our engagement session with the lovely @rutheileenphoto
Celebrating @rutheileenphoto at the prettiest baby shower today! 🎀
It’s a lovely day for a venue walk through with a delightful couple! It’s such a gift to work with kindhearted vendors who gather together to cover a couple and their upcoming wedding day in prayer 💕
Marriage is such a gift, one that requires effort, patience, growth, and lots of prayer. One of the most impactful things we’ve done in our first 1 1/4 years of marriage is to learn how to communicate well. We’ve spent countless evenings talking at our dinner table long after our plates are empty, we take walks and share what’s on our heart, we turn the music down in the car in exchange for conversation. Simply put, we make communication a priority. One of our favorite resources for this is our weekly journal (Navigator’s Council from @beating50 - I highly recommend this as a starting place!). It takes work and intentionality, and we always have more to learn, but communication has been such a blessing to us and is one of my top pieces of advice for married couples! 💕#beating50percent
Organization is key when gathering wedding inspiration and information. I love the Joyful Wedding Planner from @southernweddings for this purpose! The SW Shop is running an amazing sale on their entire line of intentional, meaningful products through the end of the day, too - excellent for yourself or to give as thoughtful gifts. My favorites are the wedding day journal and the guest book, but their entire collections is wonderful! 💕
Oh happy day! We’re taking a trip to NC in November and my heart is already filled to the brim with excitement. The Triangle consistently remains one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share it with Dillon this fall. 📷: @carriejoyphoto from my most recent trip for #mthconference in 2016. 💕
Pumpkin coffee and football 🏈 Cheers to game day, y’all! #patriotsnation
We visited a charming coastal town after our trip to the orchard yesterday, walking alongside the shoreline and visiting a few shops. We had a wonderful conversation with a precious antique shop owner who moved here from Norway via Scotland many years ago and I was swooning over the gorgeous china patterns and vintage punch glasses in her shop! Dillon and I agreed that we want to make more time for adventuring together - it’s so refreshing! ☀️
Cheers to my first warm cider of the season, a quaint New England adventure day, and a feast of fish tacos for dinner! 🍂
I was blessed with five sisters when Dillon and I got married and they are such a gift in my life! Tonight we shared maple cotton candy and soaked up every bit of this early fall weather at the county fair! 🍂
Bringing a vision to life and thoughtfully setting each detail into place is one of my favorite things to do. My friend @dosscreative snapped this image of me styling details during a romantic equestrian shoot with @ashleyhelenphotography last month - I’m excited to share more soon! #kylamaryevents
Today has given new life to my goals and pursuits! I separated my Instagram accounts earlier this summer, thinking I had to present a perfectly curated feed to attract clients. After a really encouraging conversation I had today, I realized that I want to keep everything in one place instead, sharing a reflection of my whole heart instead of a segmented version.

When you own a small business centered on serving others well and building meaningful relationships, I think it’s more important to attract people through your personality and story instead of a perfectly branded feed. I would much rather have a client choose to invest in my services because she is drawn to my story, my brand values, my mission, and the way I can serve her and her loved ones than through simply pretty things - even though I have such a sweet spot for pretty things, too! 💕

Photographer: @rutheileenphoto 
Design and Planning: @kyla_mary 
Gown: @wtoowatters