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Snow angel ❄️ @worldfamousink @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo
What’s your favorite city? ✈️
When’s the last time you looked someone deep in the eye? @worldfamousink @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo #eyetattoo
Bondi beach boy 🌞 @gastonluga 
EIKENES15 will give you 15% off ALL the cool stuff (+ a free wallet and Xmas packaging) at 🙌🏼 #sponsored #gastonluga #GLwashere #anywherewithGL
Esthétique 🌹 Thanks again Billy! @worldfamousink @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo #portraittattoo
Last week we visited the one and only @teneile_napoli at the @garageinkmanor 🔥 Check out episode 9 of InkTheWorld out NOW!
Another throwback piece from earlier on this year 🐯 Drop a comment with your favorite animal emoji 🐧❤️ @worldfamousink @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo #tigertattoo
Mood 🌞
A little throwback to one of my favorite portraits of the past year ✨ Tag someone who needs some new ink 🤙🏼 @worldfamousink @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo
Great to be back in one of my favorite countries 🌴🇦🇺
Profile view of a noble lion, done at the @amsterdam_tattoo_convention 🦁 @worldfamousink @balmtattoo_nordic @balm_tattoo #worldfamousink #balmtattoo #balmtattoonordic #liontattoo
And just like that the Central Europe tour has come to an end! 🌍

We really hope you all enjoyed the first 7 episodes of InkTheWorld. I’d really like to give a million thanks to @sambarbertattoo @mltattooer @niki23gtr @markwosgerau for letting us feature your amazing studios, none of this would be possible without your hospitality. We’ve been working around the clock the past couple months to get this series up and going, and put our heart and soul into it. With every episode we learn and evolve, and we really appreciate all the support along the way🙏🏼 Next stop, Australia 🇦🇺🐨 @antiadventure @ariannuland