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Today, David and I were told that we have a good recipe. Referring to our babes. Recipe though...
Talents: eating everyone else’s food bar her own and laughing while shutting doors on me. Love you baby girl.
Thank-you @thankyounz • 100% of profit helps to end poverty. Now that is worth getting behind. ✌🏼
Quiet moment at home with one babe sleeping. Her daycare called me up to say she had a fever, dropped everything to pick her up and bring her home. Is it just me or are snuggles while they are sick the best? Also, prized possession sitting on my piano is that Billy Graham Crusade Song book on the right. So many hymns from my childhood in there, with now deeper revelation of their lyrics/meanings as an adult.
Daughters. 👑
Thoughts over the last while... Frankie will never remember her uncle. He held her but there was never a photo as evidence. How she will come to know about him is through the stories we tell and the photos we show her as she grows.  Luca tells me that ‘Toddy died and is now in heaven with Jesus’, so pure and simple. Nika’s thoughts are deeper still, she worries that if I am not talking while I am driving that I might be falling asleep, such a huge thing to carry as a 7 year old. Just thoughts, don’t always have the answers, all I know is that with God, nothing is wasted and if this has changed me, then I’m running with it.
We’re cool with the chaos. 
Yes I am.
Family matters. L O V E my family. Always room to improve, stretch, catch new vision and dream big in family life. Soo excited for Church this am - Castle 1, Otago Uni // 10am + 5pm #ineversaybaebutialreadyhavemine
Little babe has found her voice. And it is loud. Marking her place as number 3. 📣
School holidays you were great. Let’s go Term 2. 👧🏼👶🏼