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Hi honey. 🍯
Have you ever met someone who was sunshine in human form?
Ditched dinner at home and headed for the Dinosaur Playground. Seriously, these nights are the best, when there is no agenda and nothing to rush home to. Family time is so important and we will always protect it, make time for it and plan for it. 🦕
“Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God might not be something you do, but someone you raise.” - Andy Stanley #frankieJOY
Lots of mouths to feed... but I love it. It’s noisy and chaotic, messy and fun. Home is where the heart is.
Sweet children of mine.
Making the @millerandcohire dream happen. 💥
He’s so effortlessly cool. 
My son. He will sidle up beside you, put his hand on your knee, then ask for a story or a song. Perhaps you’ll get a cheeky pinch to let you know you’re alive and kicking. He calls me mama and I’m so thankful he’s mine. #beautifulbrowneyes
Nika being picturesque, Luca just doing his thing.
Too hot in Mosgiel to sleep, so here we are.
Didn’t want another year without you. But here I am, living one.
Dunedin, you little beauty.