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20 weeks.
Frankie Joy ❥❥
I couldn't have orchestrated this if I tried. Back when conference had my tribe beyond tired. 🙊
Just one moment from the most precious day. My girls mid yawn and kiss.
He is marvellously made. Polite and cheeky, sensitive and smart, adventurous and cuddly. 💫👊🏼
Happy Breastfeeding week! 🍈🍈 I have seen multiple posts around the place and I have to say it has (cough - mostly) been positive and I can see the conversation tide turning, accepting people's decisions regarding how they feed. It is so flipping great to see people sharing their journey with their baby/babies. All different. I love reading them all, some I identify closely with, others it's another world and I learn something new!! Personally, with Nika I struggled with feeding - supply was great but I don't think I ever got my latching right so it caused terrible grazing that I could never get to heal. Being a first time mum at 24, I actually thought I should know how to feed (I mean, I grew a baby, shouldn't I know how to do the rest) and also that I shouldn't ask for help. 😔I had a couple of close friends who coached me, lended me guards and were just there for me. @lianasimpson @becjwood • Everyone needs people like that when you start out, honestly such a God send! 4 months in, Nika's weight had plateaued and you could tell she wasn't thriving. Off to the Dr's we went and thankfully she told me to supplement with formula and we never looked back. David could even feed her, little babe was happy and we felt like we could finally enjoy our baby instead of every feed being a toe-curling and weepy experience. 👍🏼🍼💫 My aim with Luca was to get to a year and I did. 👊🏼 He was my biter though and he didn't care about me pulling him off quickly to give him a fright. Little rascal. I read all the articles and educated myself and as a result had a totally different experience. My midwife and I would sit and chat and marvel at breastmilk.... water content may increase during times of hot weather and/or babies sickness to provide extra hydration, use breast milk to heal gunky eyes, it is made up of whey and casein protein and most women produce more breastmilk in their right breast. Amazing. We're 7 months in with Frankie and it's all good. Apart from the fact that I have seriously strong let downs and am a major leaker - she is thriving. Look at those gorgeous thighs!!
You have my heart Frankie Joy. 💜
How cute is my trolley!? 😍
My sweet boy.
Be still my beating heart.
Days with these two... 😍
Think he is going to love Preschool to bits. 💥🎨🚒💡🎓👊🏼💙🔩🚧🛴🎼🎾🍎