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nice to meet you.
'it's the boy wonder'👨‍🔬
Asia Model Star - Seoul (아시아 모델 상)💫🇰🇷
CPFW Model of the Year🌐CAN🇨🇦
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maldivian sunsets 🍂 #visitmaldives
got to literally "dine with the fishes" in the first underwater restaurant in the world. 😳🐟🐠🐬
here and now 💦 #visitmaldives
when i started my vlogs, i knew it was something i've always wanted to do. but i wasn't really the most confident guy talking on my vlog cam. i really didnt know what i was doing lol. sometimes i would vlog but end up not posting em. but as i made video after video, i got into the art of vlogging a little bit more than average. i'd spend hours watching youtube all day (no pun intended) lol and #ThePLAN has always been to learn new things and get out of my comfort zone - may it be about camera gear, cinematography, editing, color grading, and everything else in between. i want to get better and be the best that i could be. in this day and age, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. you can learn ANYTHING just with your phone. we live in wonderful times, and i only wish great things for you. what's #ThePLAN this year? let's get them, together. x #laallday
from run throughs, to showtime. always a blast, @benchtm! thanks for having me #bfw_ss18!! #LAforBench @bench.setters
#fortheloveof #globewanderland thank u for the pix @mrnikkotuazon
iyaq aq #fortheloveof #globewanderland
sad-boi.wav (sad reacts only) #bfw_ss18
BENCH FASHION WEEK SS18. #BFW_SS18 @benchtm #LAForBench
i tried skype but you didn't answer 🤔
stuck in edsa traffic? i got u fam, we in this together!!! my first billboard VLOG LINK IN BIO!! 🙏 THANK U @benchtm @bench.setters #LAForBench