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Storytelling the love for my Italian heritage and simple pleasures through food and photography
heart for Jesus | 📷: @barbara_marcella

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Lobster Roll anyone? I spent a few days in Newport, Rhode Island and wanted to try one of the foods they are known for... this one was on a thick, toasted garlic slice of bread.🦞
Simple yet delicious Caprese Salad.🍅🥗 #lacoltivata
Since I never post videos, I decided to do some digging in the archives. Miss my cugini and this view. Gotta love my “che bellooooo” at the end. And yep we had to go down all those stairs for the beach.😂❤️ #lacoltivata
The skies were covered in darkness, the earth quaked, and chaos roamed.
This man now hanging on the cross... was he really who he said he was? To the foolish, he was a crazy man. To the ones in power, a threat. To the religious... an imposter. But to the broken... he is the hope long awaited for.
We know the story doesn't end here. This Good Friday, I hope we stop for a moment and remember the depth God went to reach us. The nails didn't keep Jesus on that cross... His love for us did.❤️
Pasqua/ Easter baking begins! This one is a delicious “pastiere di grano”, wheat pie.❤️👌🏻 #lacoltivata
For gloomy days like this... a hearty bowl of “pasta e fasuli” or better known as pasta e fagioli, pasta with white beans is just perfect.👌🏻❤️ #lacoltivata
✨There’s so many reasons as to why I’ve grown to love being in the kitchen and cooking. The colors, smells, sizzling sounds.
The way that you can create a meal and share it, sitting and laughing at a table together. I truly believe you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy cooking and make a great meal. But rather enjoy the process of creating something delicious with a few ingredients that nourishes your body.❤️
Anyone love to snack on tarallini here?? Simple little salty, crunchy “doughnuts”, almost like crackers. I love the olive oil and fennel ones.😘 #lacoltivata
Sautéed Broccoli in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic with Spicy Sausage. Simple yet so delicious! Did you know broccoli contains more protein per calorie than steak? I loooove broccoli🤗❤️🥦 #lacoltivata
Sometimes I love to recreate old portraits because they are so timeless. This portrait was taken in my parents’ hometown in Italy... I saw my cousin’s car by the tree and knew it was perfect to recreate the photo of beautiful Claudia Cardinale. Swipe to see the inspiration!❤️#barbaramarcellaphotography #claudiacardinale
THE best pastry shop ever... one of my personal favorites “il baba”... I can have this everyday.❤️😘 #lacoltivata
Current read!📚💕 when books include recipes... it’s a total plus😉 #lacoltivata