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It’s been months since I’ve posted in this account! I decided a while ago to stop updating this account and to focus on my private account @abigaylejenny. I just thought I’d pop in and mention that for those of you who may have been wondering 😊. Newly knitted romper I made up using wool that I dyed - on my now 14 month old baby boy 💙.
A new little nature shelf to display our treasures.
A little time to knit with my knitterly friends today, sipping a dirty chai that basically tasted like liquid cinnamon and not much else...
But it was a lovely time anyway 😊. Working on a little bonsai bonnet by @studiomishaandpuff.
The excitement around mama making bagels was real 😊. We are each currently feasting on a fresh-from-the-oven bagel while we homeschool.
I’ve been so excited for this package to arrive from @knit_picks! Some Hawthorne speckle yarn, two new coffee mugs, and a lovely metal case for all my knitting tools 😁.
I finished this pretty lacy shawl! The pattern is ‘Stormy Sky Shawl’ - only using size 7 needles instead of 9. Yarn is Hedghog Fibres Sock in Genie.
A beautiful mountain meadow hike today. It was chilly and muddy - but there were no complaints from these two! They busied themselves the whole time with finding pretty rocks for our rock tumbler 😊. .
On the way back down there was a lost dog that passed us a couple times but didn’t come near. I reassured W (who is TERRIFIED of dogs) that it didn’t want to come near us. Then when we got back down off the trail it was sitting by a car and clearly scared. H noticed it but the dog already acted. It leapt up and lunged barking at the boys - biting at H’s bag. Mama bear happened. I ran at it and stood between it and the boys - yelling loudly and commanded it to get back while it growled threateningly at me. H was shaken - but he wasn’t fully aware that it had tried to bite him. But poor W....I think his fear of dogs got much worse today 🙁.
We went on a hike today - just me and my three boys. It was a lovely spring day and I was eager to make the most of it. Even Mr. 4-year-old didn’t complain about the steepness of it - we all loved being out!
#wildandfreechildren #wildexplorersclub
Clearing books off the shelf is his favorite.
My little Easter bunny taking a nap 💕.
I have no idea what to put in the Easter baskets this year. I’m so tired (because of that cute little Easter bunny) - I just can’t seem to come up with any ideas! 
I may try to run out to the store today...but it’s snowing, so probably not 😆.
Working on another shawl alongside the brioche one I’ve shared. This one is a more lacy one using @hedgehogfibres sock yarn in ‘genie’. Very fun yarn!
Taking our homeschool lessons down to ‘the bare bones’ while I navigate this homeschool burnout/rut. It doesn’t help that my 8 month old doesn’t sleep... 😴 
I’m having plenty of fun loosely planning for next year, though! 🤔
H’s last swim lesson in this session. Taking these few minutes to knit without the little ones needing me. This shawl is going to be soooo pretty. Well done on the pattern @knitgraffiti 🖤.