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H’s last swim lesson in this session. Taking these few minutes to knit without the little ones needing me. This shawl is going to be soooo pretty. Well done on the pattern @knitgraffiti 🖤.
I asked the magic 8 ball if this homeschool burnout (that most of us homeschool mamas experience at this point in the year) would end soon. It’s leaving me in suspense, I guess. 😂
This beautiful sweater is FINALLY off the needles. It took many, many, months. Translated from Norwegian, put down for a while more than once - unable to look at it a moment longer, ripped back and reknit a few times (once it was about half of the sweater 😩), and now finally done. What a lovely relief. The pattern is the mama garter leaves jacket by Marianne J. Bjerkman. A beautiful pattern. I used @knit_picks bare Wonderfluff yarn - which is so soft and light. I love it. That was my last WIP, and so I cast on a gorgeous shawl pattern by @knitgraffiti - using knit picks Hawthorne. It’s the type of pattern that requires my full attention and constant reading of the pattern. Not mindless knitting to pick up anytime - but I know it’ll be worth it.
My dad had these books when I was a kid. Or maybe he just had Faeries and Giants. I don’t remember. But I thought they were so cool - so about a decade ago (or more) I bought the back two. And I just got Gnomes in the mail - with an inscription for Christmas 1978. So this one has been around for a while already. ☺️
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Off the needles: my pink dovetail scarf. Pattern by @purlsoho. Yarn is @quinceandco chickadee in dogwood. And a pair of summer bloomers for baby boy. The pattern is made up - and the yarn is Plymouth washable merino. This yarn has an interesting feel to it. Cotton-like but softer. And the stretchability of Wool. I’m imagining him in these buttery yellow bloomers, a T-shirt, and a mama-made indigo dyed sun bonnet toddling around the yard exploring this summer. 😍
Morning time.
Now I really want a light table with a bunch of insects preserved in resin. This was my favorite part of our little museum trip today! .
🐜 🦋 🦗🐞
Fallen bark covered in lichen. I couldn’t resist taking it home. The textures are so fascinating!
We stopped at the library to explore the nature areas around it for a possible spot for our nature studies (other than a mind boggling amount of litter, it will be perfect. We will have to see to all the litter...). While there, I went to inquire about reserving a room on a weekly basis for a homeschool co-op I’d like to start. I found the boys quietly reading books when I went to get them after - and my heart nearly exploded (and I quickly hid behind the shelf to snap this picture without them seeing 😂).
All those melty bead hearts this little guy has made have turned into a little Valentine banner. And I love it. 💜
I’ve had this book for several years. It has some really great ideas - and the @playfullearning website has even more.  Also - the tidy work space photos with organized baskets in this book are 😍. Because, you should know, I have a thing for pretty baskets... .
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Printed and in a binder. I won’t be starting this lovely nature studies curriculum until the fall, but I’m the sort that likes to plan waaay ahead. So I’ll be going through it all and getting ready -  because I can’t help myself 😆. 🌲🍄🌻