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Another beautiful morning at La Fournette!
The Zimmermann family, the ‘French guys’ behind La Fournette.
‘Let’s France’ at the John Hancock Tower. 10/11/2018
Did I only say ‘two reasons’ to celebrate with La Fournette? Here are two more: on July 14 th, La Fournette will celebrate its 6 th Anniversary... and Michèle and Pierre, the owners of the bakery will celebrate their 30 th Anniversary!!!
Saturday, July 14th is Bastille Day, and Sunday, July 15 th, France is facing Croatia in the finals of the FIFA world cup. Two reasons to celebrate! Vive la France, Vive La Fournette :-)
Sweet ‘sablé’ dough, almond cream, vanilla pastry cream, strawberry filling, whipped pistachio ganache, fresh strawberries and green pistachios... a special dessert for Easter!
La Fournette’s team for a good cause!
Tonight at the Palmer House, 7:00 PM. See you there!
Come to the ‘For the Love of Chocolate’ gala tomorrow evening, and taste our TchinTchin macarons - at the Palmer House, 7PM
For Valentine’s Day, what better way to say I love you than with a dessert?

This year, at La Fournette, we will be offering a tart made of a decadent layer of fresh homemade raspberry preserve lodged between a “sablé” crunchy sweet dough and a chocolate biscuit. To top it off, the tart will be covered in milk chocolate whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and a chocolate decor.

This dessert will be available starting next weekend in our store. Make sure to order one for your Valentine’s Day dinner!

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The best of Alsace from La Fournette to the Café des Architectes... #lafournette #cafedesarchitectes #sofitelchicago