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A dose of teen angst for your Friday, curtesy of @deadlyclasssyfy coming soon! ⚔️ #deadlyclass
Gotta pinch myself! My cover for @pulsespikes just dropped!!! It was such a pleasure shooting this cover because it was specifically to celebrate natural beauty and no retouching! Celebrate yourselves my friends, bc you’re all so beautiful! xx (ps thank you @alexwoonyc for my beautiful lucky necklace)
My first solo cover!!! Thank you @rollacoaster for letting me live out my boss woman dreams! I’m stoked for y’all to see the spread xx @rollacoaster
This is how I spend my Sunday’s, reading stories on the floor hoping for pizza for dinner 🍕
Saya is not your average girl crush. @deadlyclasssyfy is coming to you soon!!! GET READY 🔥 #DeadlyClass
I can tell ya right now I could only hold this pose for a solid 3 seconds before tippin’ over
You can absolutely sit with us 🌸
I’m shooting season 1 of @deadlyclasssyfy and they chopped off all my hair, and subsequently also saved me so much money now on shampoo and conditioner 🙈
I swear I’m not this fashionable in real life. #sweatpantsforlife @people @maisonvalentino
No one here will judge you if all of a sudden you wish you were an inanimate object.  @netflix @toalltheboysnetflix
Honestly just call us mom and dad. @ncentineo shot by the amazing @emmanmontalvan
SLIDING INTO 2 MILLION LIKE 💨... My dear angels, I am deeply humbled and viciously grateful for all the amazing support and outpour of love I’ve received from you all. You brighten my day and are the absolute most loving fam, and know that I see all you do, I see YOU, and I appreciate you. If I could give each and every one of you a hug and a love letter, you bet your 🍑 I would💕💌. My Heart Forever x Lana