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Like reading and discovering new books? This is the spot for the KMS/LHS, RPES, and TES libraries. Enjoy!

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Preparing for our Mock Geisel Award unit!  What's your favorite so far? #schoollibrary #elementaryschoollibrary
I'm thankful for wonderful students and excited readers! Happy 🦃day!
We huffed and puffed all week in our library and now I'm exhausted!  #schoollibrary #elementarylibrary
Thanks Pinterest!  Too bad my handwriting is sloppy.  Looking forward to the first performance of the Three Little 🐷 s!  #schoollibrary  #elementarylibrary
To all my KMS and LHS students: I've loved my time being your librarian but this year I will be teaching at Turnpike and Rensselaer Park.  I still plan on posting daily so please check in.  If any seniors are interested in being guest readers at RPES this year let me know!  Keep reading!
Let's just say there was a lot of sweating going on in the Turnpike library yesterday! However, I now have a little progress toward making this space ready for students.  Thanks @gfusco77 for your help!  #elementarylibrary #nowindows #noairconditioner
My Little Free Library became an official charter today!  Mine might be a far drive for our students but there is one on 5th Avenue  between 101st and Glen (in front of the Sanctuary for Independent Media) and two more in downtown Troy.  #littlefreelibrary
Eek....about a month left before our Donor's Choose project expires!  Help us bring a starter MakerSpace to the Lansingburgh schools!  #nysmakers #enjoytroy #schoollibrary
It's now or never...are there library 📚 lurking in your locker?? Return those today!
Scenes from today's workshop on graphic novels and graphic design.  Thank you to Ira Marcks and Caroline Corrigan for spending the morning with our students! #schoollibrary
Prefer reading on your phone or device?  Download the OverDrive app and read for free! All Lansingburgh students (and faculty) already have accounts. Come see me for your login information. #overdrive
Such an amazing read.  Don't forget, it's not too late to pick up your copy from Mr. Rickert (I'm looking at you middle schoolers)! Book club meeting is June 8th at 4:30 and I can fiiiiiiiiinally make it!  Join me so I'm not the only first timer.🤓