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I have the BEST #mentors (@ohheytam_ & @kbg_2018) of @queendomtea and the best young queens from #Baltimore City and County! So grateful for the partnership of @hwhninc to reach even more queens! ✨👑✨
This photo embodies my reaction when people ask me why I remain an #educator instead of becoming a full time entrepreneur... The @queendomtea My Sister's Keeper Girls' Conference was a huge success thanks to many! Principal Somerville, thank you for allowing us to do this week of empowerment. Your belief in us and our work means the world to us! Queens @Monokia and @Mothyna, you had our queens quoting you at the end of the day! Your wisdom is priceless and we cannot thank you enough! Queen @ohheytam_, wife, I love you. More pics to come but I wanted to leave this right here for all who have given up on the youth of Baltimore City... ✨👑✨ #QueendomTEASpiritWeek
What a week!! So grateful to have been granted the opportunity to host #queendomteaspiritweek at Carver! This has been a week of empowerment for the entire school body hosted by our @queendomtea #queens! I am so proud of these young queens for their leadership and thankful to have the BEST of the best standing by my side in this experience, @ohheytam_! Thanks to @queendomtea_carver, our school will never be the same again! Adults and youth are walking around referring to themselves as royalty! Looking forward to our culminating girls' conference tomorrow where our queens will lead workshops for 75 girls from the student body and be strengthened by the words of our keynote, @monokia! Stay tuned for more deets tomorrow! This is a complete and successful movement. We won't stop... #tillicollapse ✨👑✨
Teaching the young ladies of @queendomtea this week how to WALK like a queen... of course I had to show them that #SheRose in high heels with higher standards! #tillicollapse
What an honor to support you, #SheRoseSoldiers. (est. 2017) #sheroseawards #sheroseawards2017 
Honorees: @ohheytam_, Shawon, @_atfirstglance_, @hbrancato of @upsetting_rape, Nikita.

Please pray for the #survivors who could not attend.

Donate to this movement: https://www.paypal.me/laquishahall

Inquire about 2018: sheroseawards@gmail.com

Dress: @gwanbycharon
Hair: @crossmyfingers 
Makeup: @accessmatized

Photo: @prettygirlnell
#SheRoseSoldiers, are you ready?? #SheRoseAwards #SheRoseAwards2017 #Repost @messageinajacket
Just finished this for @sheroseawards fashion show next week! If you know anyone who is a survivor of sexual abuse or domestic abuse make sure to speak up on their behalf!  Follow and support @sheroseawards @sheroseawards @sheroseawards

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Remember: when you join @sheroseawards on this powerful night, you become a #SheRoseSoldier! Get your camouflage attire ready to fight for a cause that is silently killing our women, men and children. With the support of our awesome sponsors, we will end the silence of #sexualabuse and #domesticviolence! It is not too late to donate or grab your ticket today! (Link in bio) #SheRoseAwards #SheRoseAwards2017 #SheRoseSoldiers
One day there will not be anymore space on this small square of a flyer for all of the conquerors who will come forward... Join the #SheRoseSoldiers. Together, we can end the silence of sexual and domestic violence in our communities. 
What the world sees as fallen, God sees as beautiful. Join me on December 2nd to witness the beauty of becoming a part of the army of #SheRoseSoldiers. We will fight 'till we collapse to end sexual and domestic violence everywhere! 💟https://sheroseawards2017.eventbrite.com 💟 #couturedconfidence #sheroseawards2017
For the people who ask how I do it all... 1️⃣ Focus on the positive and those who see the great in you. 
2️⃣ Don't be anyone's trash can or dumping ground and have NO problem telling anyone this. 
3️⃣ Talk to God and complete something creative daily. 
4️⃣ Buy yourself supplies for your favorite hobby and shoes. 
You won't have time for negativity when you have all of this going on, lol! Love y'all. Stay focused... ✨👑✨ Love you, Queen @monokia !  #CouturedConfidence #theUnbotheredQueen #CUEtheQueen #WalkOnGold

Love you, Queen Monokia. 😘
OK scholars, now let's get education... thanks so much to @beyougirlmagazine for the shoutout! 🤘🏽 #Repost @beyougirlmagazine
S/O to the coolest teacher ever! @laquishahall YOU ROCK! #CharacterDayAtSchool #CharacterDay #beyonce #ConfidentCanvas #CornerCurlGirl #QueendomTea #SheRoseAwards #GreatestTeacherEver #beyougirlmagazine #beyougirlmag #monicadware #publisher #speaker #inspiration #empowerment #girlsmagazine #teenmagazine #teens
Have you asked someone else to do something that God has called YOU to do? Multiple times over the past decade of @queendomtea male coworkers have asked me to either start "Kingdom" or a mentoring program for boys... EVERY single time I was asked I always responded, "Why don't YOU start it?" The only man who took action via this response in 10 years was @antocrates... Tonight, I was not only proud to be the keynote speaker for the @empoweringyouth Gala (thank you for inviting me, Knicole Mosby- Taylor!) but I was too proud to watch my colleague and friend accept an award for starting @brothersinaction, a male mentoring program that was started a few years ago after he got that response from me... President Pena, it was my pleasure! Queen Knicole is a class act! What an honor and surprise to be recognized by the Maryland General Assembly! ✨👑✨ #couturedconfidence