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Getting financially prepared for our next! 👑 Thanks so much, Queen @thecassiebrownproject of @vsbrunch, for inviting my T.E.A. Leaves! The Queens had a blast! They are also encouraged now to get their own business cards! 
6.24.17 #VisionSoLit #CUEtheQueen
You didn't know, but I was a ward of the state of NC for 4 years of my youth. I had to depend completely on myself at a time when all I had was a learner's permit and Rubbermaid bins with my journals in them. In spite of of every tear shed, every let down and each heart break I faced, I always knew there was something greater inside of me. I knew that if I just kept going, some way, some how, that greatness would emerge. It was not an expedient process, but it was worth it... I have no regrets. This is why I can stand today, Unbothered.

Kings and Queens, arise and walk on the ✨GOLD✨ you are slated for.

#theUnbotheredQueen 👑
I may not cook food (thanks to my amazing @mardis_hall for preparing great meals daily) but I am ready to teach you the recipe for #WalkIngOnGold! Want to learn how to walk your own Couture'd runway and #CUEtheQueen within you? Stay tuned, Wonder Women... ✨👑✨ #theUnbotheredQueen
If you missed the HWHN #WINSday call this morning, you missed IT! 15 minutes of nuggets to get full off of, lol. But, I did you a favor, there's a recap on my blog: LaQuishaHall.com

#theUnbotheredQueen #WonderWoman
#WalkIngOnGold #WithGoldenBracelets
You can't cover a great space alone. When walking on gold, don't walk alone. Take some queens with you! 👑 #theUnbotheredQueen
Nothing I wouldn't do for these queens... @queendomtea is 10 years strong and we are going to keep walking on ✨GOLD✨ together. 👑 #theUnbotheredQueen
Dear Lord... 😔🙏 #protectourboys #philandocastile #myscholarslivesmatter #YOUmattertome
Keep walking on ✨ GOLD✨!
An honor to be recognized by a queen as one of 16 faces of influence! Congratulations to all of the queens recognized! Thank you, @eventsbyceleste! ✨👑✨ #theUnbotheredQueen #CUEtheQueen2017 #CUEtheQueen #theQueenIsCUED 
#Repost @eventsbyceleste
Keep walking on ✨GOLD✨ Queen! 👑 #Repost @edifyyoursister
Until you learn to live an #unbothered life❤️, you'll be simply existing not living. #IAmUnbothered @laquishahall 😘👑#theunbotheredqueen #IChooseToLive #edifyyoursister
...supposed to fall down 7 times and stand up 8. If you aren't trying to stand up with me, I can't wait... Choose ye this day what position you will take. #StillLoveYouThough
#theUnbotheredQueen #WalkingOnGold
Ran into this beautiful queen today! @bossladie9, you have always been such a pleasure to encounter! Love you and proud of your many accomplishments! I will never forget what you did for my first set of @sheroseawards honorees! 😍😘👑✨#theUnbotheredQueen