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“Where you are is not all there is! God has a plan for your life and a purpose for your pain. So whether you run, walk, crawl, or need to be carried for awhile—KEEP MOVING forward! It gets better - that’s a promise! - Vikki-isms by @allthingsvikki #ssslw18 #soulsunspa18 #SoulWealth
Don’t mind me... I’m changing my environment and going from “suffering to sovereignty” unapologetically (@allthingsvikki). #soulsunspa18 #ssslw18
I am so excited to share that our @queendomtea 2019 Polished Rubies have been sponsored by @shannanoel, founder of @illustratedfaith through her new @dayspringcards debut, #100DaysOfGraceAndGratitude! Queens at our 3 sites will receive a brand new copy of this devotional offering spiritual guidance, encouragement and journaling space! Thank you so much to Shanna and her team for being selfless and showing our queens so much love! 🙌🏽👑 #mentor #mentoring #mentoringmatters
So elated to know that #domesticviolenceawareness and #sexualassaultawareness will be promoted through beauty at this year’s #LandOfKouture Fashion Show! I am especially excited to be the Guest Host and part of the proceeds will benefit @sheroseawards! Thank you, @kiraskoutureboutique, for recognizing these important causes and the beauty of #fashion! 👑 #walkongold #laquishahall #couturedconfidence
“As your life evolves, so should your circle.”
- Izey Victoria Odiase

Honored to continue to serve the Baltimore community with such distinguished role models!
I am grateful for every recognition and award I’ve ever received... but the greatest of these is the love I receive from my scholars. 👑 #WalkOnGold #couturedconfidence
When you are destined to #walkongold... ✨👑✨
2 years ago today! I pray that my story encouraged women at this shelter... Thank you, @radikaldiamond, for all that you do for survivors! 💜 #couturedconfidence 💜 #Repost @radikaldiamond
Thank You Author LaQuisha Hall for your literary donation #UnholyCommunion

Calling all:
EMPOWERMENT AUTHORS with Books on Domestic Violence, Career Essentials,  Self Love, Inspirational Poetry etc.

We are remodeling the library of a shelter in Delaware that has limited literary resources to THRIVE in their facility. 
There will be a PURPLE RIBBON 
cutting in October. You will be acknowledged as a contributor of the remodeled library. 
Please Contact shirelle.hogans@gmail.com 
Mail books to
Salvation Army 
104 W 5th st
Wilmington  DE 19801

Attention Jasmine Price
Intake Coordinator 
Thank you in advance for leaving tools of Hope and inspiration for the women in transitional homes!

Diamond ♥
On this day 2 years ago... I see this this morning... the day after I became overwhelmed at the National #domesticviolence hotline not answering for my friend and the government making a decision that smacked all #survivors in the face... I've done a lot of presentations over the years, but for the first time in my life during this engagement I read a scene from my best selling memoir, Unholy Communion. For a hot second I wanted to cry but I had to remember how much God put on me and has pulled from me over the years. I don't look like what I've been through... You have heard this phrase before but if you could imagine my eyes were always puffy from crying, I looked depressed, I never smiled and barely laughed because I felt nothing, absolutely nothing, was going right in my life. God supplies ALL needs... He gave me a supply of joy and now I share that joy with you! #walkongold #couturedconfidence
It is an honor to be recognized during #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth. Thank you, @radikaldiamond! 💜 #SheRose **Sensitive Material** Coming soon!!! #iMatterMagazine #SpecialEdition #SoundTheAlarm Celebrating the lives of #DV #DomesticViolence and #SA #SexualAssault #Thrivers

It takes a village to raise up a child is what we often hear. What happens when the village has a villain everyone loves and adores? What becomes of the child who finally breaches the secret but isn't believed? How does one survive when everyone chooses a side or turns a blind eye?

Today we celebrate the courage and life of #WorldChanger  LaQuisha Hall #MrsEssence2013 
Grateful she is alive to #SoundTheAlarm 
#Educate #Equip #Empower #Empowering #Women #FromTheInsideOut #MeToo #iDidNotReport #BreachTheSecret #Breach 
National Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

LIFE after surviving can be beautiful but you have to choose it. Take back your crown and stand your ground, Queen! There is help and hope. 👑💜👑 #confidentcanvas #restoreyourroyalty #sheroseawards #walkongold #couturedconfidence
Today was amazing!! Thank you, Queen @ms.uncomfortable, for inviting me to be a guest speaker at your High Tea today! I met some incredible, beautiful people! P.S. Cup, content & stirrer = OVERFLOW! ☕️👑 #CouturedConfidence