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Anyone ready to #CUEtheQueen this last week of August? ✍🏽👑 #beforethepen #theUnbotheredQueen #CouturedConfidence
Today was nothing short of AMAZING! Thank you, @thisgirlhasoil, for having me as a speaker today and for treating me so well! Neither one of us were born to stay on concrete and you created a beautiful, golden foundation today! I am so honored! Keep waving like a #queen, saying goodbye to the worries of yesterday and saying hello to all of the epic that is to come! ✨👑✨ Thank you to all who came to support me today! It meant the world to me!

Pictured with the winner of my #QueenCards, #LaQuishaHall Jr., from my presentation, lol. She is so gorgeous! 🎀 #WalkIngOnGold #CouturedConfidence #theUnbotheredQueen
Since she was in my English 1 class as a 9th grader, as she continued as one of my most influential @queendomtea queens and shared her story of overcoming abuse as a @sheroseawards honoree, @cheflexi_hobbs has been an inspiration to youth and adults. Her maturity, compassion and strength has caused many to gravitate to her beautiful spirit. This queen has called or texted me for holidays since she was 14. I am so proud of her I could burst into hearts! I love you, Lexie Poo, and I am so excited for your season of elevation yet again! 👑 #RepositionedCrowns #CouturedConfidence
Excited to be a part of this line up. I love working alongside good people. #CouturedConfidence #suicideawareness #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth
Let me tell you all something... LOYALTY is hard to find. I've had some agree to, make promises of, start and stop, etc... God sent me an angel... This angel was @but_when_she_speaks. A Queen who began as my line sister and has continued as one of my closest confidants... A beautiful, committed mother of my mentee who became a mentor and then the Executive Director of Queendom T.E.A (The Etiquette Academy)... Her love, commitment and support is impeccable. She's rare and precious and more valuable than any jewel that could ever be found... Happy birthday to one of my favorite Couture'd Queens, Queen Keona! I love you with all of my heart! On YOUR birthday, you are a gift to ME... 💜 Sending you love from Las Vegas, Nevada! ✨👑✨🎈🎂🎉🍦🍃🌸🍃🌷#QueendomTEA #CouturedConfidence #BlessedFriendForever
Who would have thought that our journey together that began with #naturalhair and modeling would continue in a blessed friendship?!! Queen @mkdiva5 has been by my side since we meet... We've been model coaches and mentors together and now authors. You've stood by my side to offer to offer assistance at my events... It is my time to stand by yours... Congratulations to my #Unbothered #Queen, my @sheroseawards survivor and honoree, my support when I need her, my friend and now author! So much more gold for you to walk on, Queen! I am SO proud of you! 💜✨👑✨💜 #RepositionedCrowns #CouturedConfidence
Are you ready to start #WalkIngOnGold? Contact me! Hard work pays off... Celebrating my Queen's birthday, book release and selling out of her first order of books in #LasVegas! More blessings to come, @mosenterprise! ✨👑✨
I am beyond honored and excited to pour this oil out! 👑 #Repost @thisgirlhasoil
We are super excited to have the beautiful LaQuisha Hall as our guest speaker at our launch party on August 26, 2017.

Ms. Hall is the Visionary Founder & Mentor at Queendom T.E.A.
This Unbothered Queen has experienced some heart wrenching tragedies in her life. However, that didnt stop this brave soul from bouncing back and Fighting Like a Girl for her destiny.

Come hear her powerful testimony and let the unbrothered Queen teach you How to Fight Like a Girl!!! Click the link in bio to purchase tickets!!! #TGHO #Launch #GirlBoss #GirlPower #Testimonies #AnointedToDo
Congratulations @afiajoycelyn! I am so proud of you! From @queendomtea all the way into adulthood, you have impressed and inspired me. I am proud to be your mentor! So much more greatness in store--it flows from you! ✨👑✨ Keep #WalkIngOnGold! #RepositionedCrowns #CouturedConfidence
Still on cloud 9 for my client and dear friend, @mosenterprise, who released her first book last night, #fromrealitytowealthyplace! While sharing about our journey of working together at her book signing, I noted that many have a story or book in them that has not been released yet. Our stories are the landmarks for those who will come after us. Reflect on what could be holding you back today from releasing your story and put a plan of action in place to execute. You can do it BEFORE this year ends! #CouturedConfidence 👑
What an absolute honor to be able to coach this beautiful Queen into her greatness of writing her first book! I am in awe of her tenacity and courage to travel the roads less traveled. Happy birthday and congratulations, Queen @mosenterprise, on the publication of #fromrealitytowealthyplace! You are more than a client... You are my #BlessedFriendForever! Love you and see you soon! 👑
The hard work and dedication of Queens who have overcome catastrophe causes gold ✨sparkles✨ in the Queendom. Join us... 👑 Release Date: October 14, 2017. #RepositionedCrowns