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#Hammocks are more than just a product or a place to lay—they're a way of life.
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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” —Plato
Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is #relax
Swinging into the weekend like.... 🤸🏻‍♀️🌴☀️🍹✌🏼
Check out Miss World America 2016 @audramari chilling in our Modesta Organic Cotton Classic Hammock at the beautiful @casa_modesta. Thanks Audra, we’re happy to have you on the #hammockside of life! . 
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Pleasant, comforting & subliminally inviting: using hammocks to sell a westward dream of gold & leisure. All aboard—it’s #tbt & we’re on our way to the Barbary Coast! 🚢🌊⚓️
. . . 
The year is 1855 & the California Gold Rush is nearing to an end. Many Americans share a dream of heading west to seek fortune & riches, and traveling by sea is 1 of only 2 ways to get there 😭 Clipper Ship Cards like these were a popular way of filling up any remaining space for passengers or cargo before setting sail. Meant to be eye catching, they often featured full color illustrations (rare at the time) and the style of the images varies wildly—the adventurous spirit of sailing west to manifest destiny clearly inspired the artists of the time. Basically anything that would attract passengers seemed worth a try. . . 
Ever the symbol of leisure, relaxation & luxury, the hammock is prominently featured here, offering a taste of what awaits you if you embark on the 3+ months long journey from NYC to San Francisco. But here the hammock also takes on another meaning that is less obvious to us now: it’s a bed. If you were a sailor during this time, the hammock is naturally what you associate with sleep. It’s etched in your brain—you spend hours upon hours in it, month after month. **In short, if we “culturally translated” this ad from 1855 to 2018, it would basically amount to an image of a supermodel in a single, twin size bed (maybe even a futon or a bunk bed). The hammock is selling a dream of companionship. #TheMoreYouKnow #history #hammockliving #maritime #clipperships
The Importance of Looking Up 👀👆🏼🌤 Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you spend looking down on a daily basis? Collectively, Americans check their phones 8 billion times per day and the average person spends 5 hours/day on their phone—that’s about 1/3 of your entire waking life! Even when we’re not on our phones and we’re doing wonderful, productive things like working or making and creating with our hands, we are usually looking down. We spend much of our time with our chin drawn towards our chest, so much so that we now have a term for it—“text neck”. . . . 🤔 
Don’t forget to pause. Take a moment. Look up at your surroundings. Breathe deep. Take it all in. Let it all out. #Relax . 
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Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌴💙🌴🧡🌴 ... 📷: @m_frisbee_ #hammocklife #hammockside #beachday #floridabeaches
Handcrafted with love & comfort in mind 💜🌴😴 #hammockside #hammocklife
Dog Days of Summer ☀️🐾 . . . 📷: @puretec #summerdaze
Hammock Time is Family Time. 💙🏝😍 Thank you @wherethecoconutsgrow for reminding us to make time for what’s truly important as we all head back to work and ease into Monday. Always make time for the things that mean the most. #priorities #perspective #hammocklife #familytime #hammocktime
Meet Zoë, one of our many product testers 🐕🌴☀️🐾 . . 
She’s pictured here enjoying a leisurely Saturday in one of the new products we’re developing. Zoë’s nails help us make sure that our hammocks truly are “ripstop” 😂 She’s also very particular about where she decides to rest, which lets us know they’re comfortable too. #hammocklife  #dogfriendly #takeiteasy
Happy #NationalSmileDay & #HappyFriday! 😆☀️🌴 . 
Coincidentally, the shape of a smile also represents the correct way to set up your classic hammock—that smile/ banana shape ensures that extreme relaxation & comfort will soon follow 😴
Wishing all a wonderful weekend and please—don’t forget to #smile! 😃 #hammocklife
#tbt The Hammock by Gustave Courbet (1844)

Thanks to the growing middle class during the Industrial Revolution, more people than ever turned their focus toward the idea of #relaxation & #wellness. Naturally, #hammocks gained their rightful spot as a symbol of leisure & a laid back attitude. #TheMoreYouKnow