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I make artsy stuff, take photos, and write things. The feed's a creative mess 📷📓🖊
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music, love, & pride 🌈 11.06.17
In honour of Pride Month and the Tony Awards, a little #lettering piece based on Lin's speech from last year.
No matter where you see yourself on this rainbow, have pride, and know you are loved. You can be all the colours, or just one, or none. Just be. And shine ✨
(P.S. I'm sorry the purple looks blue in the photo! I worked with the colours I had and my purple is rather dark.)
New York City is on one side of North America, and I am on the other. And yet, on this one night every year, a little bit of Broadway comes into my living room, and it's magic ⭐️Just another wonder in this world of ours. A room of humans singing and dancing and laughing and pouring their hearts out.
#pridemonth #pride #rainbow #🌈 #goldink #handlettering #tonyawards #tonyawards2017
journal • heaven's light 🌟10.06.17
"they had a kind of glow around them / it almost looked like heaven's light..."
In case you couldn't tell by the lyrics, I've been obsessed with Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame later. Below, if you're interested, are some thoughts on the film vs. stage production ⬇️
The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an uneven film. The music is spectacular, and the imagery stunning (there is a lot of brilliant visual storytelling, especially in the opening song), but it veers madly between childish comedy and dark, adult drama.
The musical adaptation removes the sillier aspects - the singing gargoyles are made more serious in the German version and removed entirely from the English version - and has a consistent tone. The lighter moments lend realism to the characters and feel sincere. The show is thoughtful, and morality isn't so black and white. The question the show opens with is left unanswered at the end for us to consider: "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"
Hunchback never transferred to Broadway and I can guess why. It doesn't fit neatly into Disney's musical lineup of family-friendly happily-ever-afters. But it's one of my favourites.
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chase that happy 🙌🏽09.06.17
I've been thinking lately - I know, I know, bear with me.
The thing is, I've been unhappy. Sometimes in situations when I felt I really SHOULDN'T be unhappy, like when I was out with friends. And I've been wondering why that is.
Here's what I found: I kept expecting to feel something I felt before. If a person made me feel safe, I was hoping that I'd feel safe with them again. If I felt inspired by a place, I'd go back there in search of that inspiration.
Then, if I didn't feel those same good feelings, I'd get disappointed and sad. The weight of those expectations was like a backpack full of stones I carried into every encounter.
What do I do about that?
Instead of trying to recapture feelings, I've gotta just DO things. I've gotta be curious, and go in to situations without trying to extract a particular emotion.
I love Ze Frank's video "Chase That Happy" because it's a reminder that happy will come and go, and sometimes you gotta chase it, be silly, & high-five the universe.
- finishing my "summer wonders" video
- listening to John Mayer & dancing in the sun
- taking lots of selfies with my camera
What's one thing you do to chase your happy?
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summer wonder 🌿a prose poem
I keep saying I want to make art. I finally did.
Full video is up on my site (link in bio!) or quick link is Also probably on all my other social media YUP I'M PROUD & READY TO SELF-PROMO
This is the kind of thing I love to make: something beautiful & lyrical & thoughtful. A project where I get to combine a passion for writing with an interest in video-making.
Anyway, I hope you guys like it. You can subscribe to LatinAlice on YouTube - who knows how often I'll upload but more subscribers equals more peer pressure!
#video #videoproject #poetry #prosepoem #nature #britishcolumbia #beautifulbritishcolumbia #summer #summerwonder #noticingnature
"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me." - Much Ado About Nothing
#quote #calligraphy #lettering #handlettering #shakespeare #muchadoaboutnothing
gold ink / good letter✨01.06.17
If you could only have seen my smile when my calligraphy supplies arrived!
Nibs & inks & the promise of beauty in every word I write. Now would be a good time to become my pen pal 📝
#lettering #handlettering #goldink  #letter #mail #mailart #outgoingmail #sendmoremail #snailmail #quote
summer vintage ❤️29.05.17
Summer is bright colours and tan legs, mom's old shorts paired with my new shirts, sunshine on white curtains, cool drinks on a hot patio. So much light ✨
#outfitoftheday #ootd #vintageclothing #momsclothes #shorts #mystyle #summerfashion
#nowreading 📘28.05.17
Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
The lawn, which has been rain-sodden and moss-ridden for some time, has begun to bake in the sun. It's hot out here. Can we call this summer? 🌱
a letter to a friend ✉️
watercolour florals 🌺
may sunshine ☀️
#watercolor #watercolorflowers #watercolorflorals #mail #snailmail #mailart #sendmoremail
21.05.17 🏞 harrison lake
weekend in the country ✨
#lake #beach #mountains #britishcolumbia #explorebc #harrisonlake
concert 🎵29.04.17
John Mayer was everything ✨
Last night was filled with joy & excitement & so much love ❤️And I got to it share with @sgtpeppers990, whom I hugged at least 20 times over the course of the evening because she's my babe and I adore her and we were SO HAPPY be at this show.
Enjoy these snapshots from my story last night - the colourful stage, the trio, John & an acoustic guitar, and everyone holding up a light during "Changing". Beautiful.
#johnmayer #thesearchforeverythingtour #concert
evening walk 👣15.04.17
On Saturday evening, when the sun was setting over my town, I went for a walk.

The air was quickly taking on that spring chill as the sun floated gently downward. The sky was doing just the opposite, warming from blue to pink and orange - blushing.

I walked. I stopped frequently, taking a picture whenever I noticed something particularly beautiful. My town is often grey, often feels small, often seems ordinary. That night it was something else. I noticed the small magic in the blossoms and the grass, the smell of barbecue, the birds' chirping.

I've lived here all my life. Probably, one day, I won't anymore. I'm growing up, and moving forward. It occurred to me, when I bumped into an old teacher, how far I've come. And I can't go back. I don't want to. I don't want to go backward.

So someday, I will leave this behind. But I do think it's true what they say: no matter where you end up, you're still from your hometown.
#walk #spring #sunset #bc #photography #g7x #longpost #thoughtsfromplaces #aliciareflects