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gimme all the Montana Fall walks 🍂🦌 #northwestisbest #madeinmontana
i mean... 🐻😍🍁 #basic
f o u r  m o n t h s with our little punkin 🎃 we're still up all night and mom and dad are surviving on coffee + 🙏🏼, but this kid is beyond worth it. #ontheblog #amonthWILDer
so. tired. but so in love. 🖤 #allthecoffee #andwine
still working on our selfie game, but seriously these two guys give me life 🙌🏼 #grainygoodness #weddingdates
it was one of those perfect-for-laying-on-the-grass-while-mama-and-dada-have-a-beer kinda nights #homebrewed 🍻
dropping my three month old off at daycare proves day in and day out to be the hardest thing i've ever had to do (besides 30 hours of natural labor) but some days (aka today) i feel the mom guilt HARD. to the point where i question why i'm even working part time and find myself thinking, "we can live off food stamps, it will be fiiiiine" ... please tell me i'm not alone! thankful that my baby is in the best hands and i truly have no reason to worry. and also that tomorrow is the weekend 🙌🏼 .
#realmotherhood #uniteinmotherhood #dailyparenting #workingmama
a whole lotta nothin planned all day 😴 #sundaybest
Dubs wasn't too happy about the sudden drop in temps, but mama + dada are doing a happy dance because OUR MOUNTAINS ARE BACK 🌦 #nomoresmoke #hallelujah
O N E  Y E A R // sharing tons of photos from this special day and a little love note to my man over #ontheblog 💛
the NW is on fire, the SE is underwater, and i'm praying the irony ends soon 🙏🏼 there's so much smoke here in Montana that you can't even see the mountains and my heart aches knowing it's giving my baby his first cough. essential oil users, what's your favorite remedy to cure an infants sore throat + cough? #prayforMontana
t h r e e  m o n t h s // this little guy is EVERYTHING! update on our babe is #ontheblog ✨ #threemonths #amonthWILDer