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Back home in time for #sundaypancakes with my saint parents who kept up with these two (and the dog) while we were away.
Heading home knowing there are places in the world that look like this. ☀️🇫🇷🥂
Frenchy. 🇫🇷
Today's reading lunch doesn't look anything like the Fridays I wander over to Hot Wings Cafe by the mall. 😂 PS - I don't know what this drink is called but I had two. PPS - I'm rereading Stephen King's IT right now. That's my idea of a vacation read. 🇫🇷
Top 5 best meals of my life. (I didn't eat the snails. That was all jeff. But we shared the filet and the truffle pasta and every single bite will be seared into my memory.) Thank you for the recommendation via IG comment @lundinnicole! We wandered right in and it was such a treat. 🍽
We've been to 4 (5?) museums this week, and the MAMAC has been my favorite. Both photos of Nice taken from the view at the top. Also, jeff and I haven't stopped talking about artist Yves Klein all day. We're just now learning of him (which says a lot, jeff has an advanced art degree and generally knows a million times more than I do at the museums), but now we want everything done in blue.
Matisse museum up in the hills, away from the crowds. Lovely & quiet. And air-conditioned.
I couldn't have planned that heart better if I tried. 💚
Morning view.
Made it to France! Jeff took this photo while he was on a conference call literally shouting in his normal voice like the obnoxious American he is. 😂
London, you were lovely. If I wasn't deeply committed to Los Angeles, we would be having a torrid affair. 🇬🇧
Last night on my birthday we went to a party at a real palace. Hosted by real princesses. No photos were allowed inside, so you'll just have to trust me: it was EPIC. 🇬🇧🥂 (Do I look nervous? Because I was totally nervous.) (wearing @moniquelhuillier and @stuartweitzman)