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My parents came to visit for the weekend so we played tourists and enjoyed this gorgeous weather at the Griffith Observatory. Can you believe I’ve lived in Hollywood for 17 years and this was my first time to go up there?! What was I thinking? Locals, this is such a great spot to bring visitors. Beautiful, iconic views of the whole city and the Hollywood sign. We parked at the Greek Theater and took the shuttle up & back, but next time I think we’ll hike the trail. ✨ #10thingstotellyou #10TTTY #10TTTYlosangeles
Go ahead and add the November 27th episode of The Cut on Tuesdays to your podcast queue. It’s about pubic hair. Then have your friends listen so that you can discuss. Because you will want to discuss. 🎧 @thecut @gimletmedia #10thingstotellyou #10TTTY #10TTTYlisten #podcast #thecut
Just a few books from my current TO READ stack, I’m hoping to get to a couple more before I finalize my Best Books of the Year list. (Most likely I’ll push through Boom Town - because it’s about my home state of #Oklahoma - and Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. I’d also like to read Where the Crawdad’s Sing in the next two weeks.) 📚 Here’s a question for book-loving, podcast-listening people: I’m already planning for the year-end book show for @smartestpersonintheroom. For these types of episodes, do you prefer a list with some commentary (basically just the information, much like my summer book show with just me talking, roughly 30 minutes) OR do you like a true conversation, where I have a guest on and we talk a little more about each book? (For roughly an hour.) Thoughts? 🎧 #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks #SPITR #smartestpersonintheroom
Was in #Nashville for just a white hot minute but definitely stopped by two stores I’ve always wanted to visit: @parnassusbooks & @draperjames. Also had amazing meals at the @thompsonhotels & @kayneprime. All in all the happiest few days and now I’m on my way home to L.A. to kiss my sweet kiddos. (With a BBQ pitstop at the airport.) 🎸 #10TTTY #10TTTYtravel
I have thousands of pictures of me and @lindsaylawlermusic just like this one from yesterday. 22 years worth of unflattering, cry-laughing photos. ⁣
Lindsay is the only one of my best friends who has known me in (almost) every single iteration of Laura. We have Oklahoma hometown ties, we were college roommates, sorority sisters, then we lived together in Hollywood for years while we figured out who we wanted to be. She met her to-be husband through my to-be husband. We got married the same year, each standing to the left of the bride. I can be my absolute truest self with @lindsaylawlermusic, and she doesn’t blink. Since 1997 we’ve shared: a bathroom, an address, a sisterhood, secrets, tears, cinnamon rolls, millions of memories as we went from naivety in a dorm room to L.A. women to wives and creatives. ⁣
And now, for the first time, we share motherhood. Lindsay brought home her beautiful baby girl on Thanksgiving Day and I couldn’t get on a plane fast enough. There are only a handful of people who carry you throughout your life (if you’re lucky enough to have even that). Lindsay is home to me. Happy Birthday to my eternal roomie, Lindsay of the self-declared “Lindsay & Laura.” Let’s keep finishing the others sentences forever. ❤️
This sweet puppy dog turns 2 years old today. I’m (still) not a dog person, but I am a Kona Rocket person. 🐾 When he was just a few months old, we sent him away to a trainer for a few weeks. He cried and cried as I left the facility and I got in the car bawling and called Jeff on the phone angrily. “This is why I didn’t want to get a dog!! This is why I didn’t want to become attached to another living thing!!” It can be so hard to love something against your will, especially when they can’t talk back. 😂 We’ve had some real ups and downs with Kona. My house has never been more stained or fraying or chewed. Almost every single thing of dog ownership I feared has come true. And also....he is a complete joy to our family. We can’t imagine life without him now. He’s a shared commitment and our daily dose of happiness. I’m so glad he’s part of our home. 🐶 Other crazy dog parents: please tag your pets IG. @konarocket wants more friends.
This is how Christmas decorating is going.
Whoa. This line from Seth Godin on @amyporterfield’s podcast socked me in the gut(s). I backed it up and listened to him say it over and over. And then I ordered his new book titled This Is Marketing. 🎧 Fun fact: I love to read business books and listen to business podcasts like Amy’s. I do not own a business. But I like the analysis and hearing the way people think, and then there are life nuggets like this. It’s impossible to please everyone, both personally and professionally. And if you are overly pleasing, you’re probably boring and forgettable. So why do so many of us keep trying to appeal to everyone? 🤔 (Episode #238 if you’re looking in her feed.) 💪🏻 #10TTTY #10TTTYlisten
Finally popped into @therealreal new storefront on Melrose after years of being an online customer. Bought these red velvet bejeweled flats by @miumiu for 1/3 of their original price plus 20% off, and I am telling you right now that they will be my holiday season staple. #TheRealReal has AWESOME stuff. Also shopping secondhand is so satisfying. Locals, check it out! Tons of great condition designer things at a fraction of the price. 👠(Not sponsored, just sharing something cool. I hate that I have to say that each time, but I don’t want any confusion.) #10TTTY #10tttylosangeles
My eyes are tired. 👀 12 hours on an airplane, numbing out my busy brain, cyber Monday and kindle books and interesting people on the internet and basically I’ve been on screens more than usual and I can feel the eye strain. 🤓 Now the most obvious solution would be to PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE AND LAPTOP but let’s just be real honest about that not happening right now. So I bought this (second) pair of blue light glasses and I do think they relieve the strain. This pair is from @tbceyewear (I’ll link them up in stories) but I’ve also tried @felixgrays and I have reading glasses from @readingglasses where you can add blue light protection. This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing. 👊🏻 (I also shared this info among other things in the latest issue of the Secret Posts that went out tonight. Check your email!) 😘 #10thingstotellyou
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book. So many of you told me to read Circe by Madeline Miller, and you were right. This is one of my top 5 reads of the year. It is just so good. I had completely forgotten how much I enjoyed Greek mythology when I was student and these stories, these gods and men and monsters, they have withstood the test of time for a reason. I loved Madeline Miller’s deceptively simple prose, the layers upon layers of meaning and metaphor, how these old stories retold in modern language make them still so relevant. This is a beautiful novel. I kinda want to read it again. 📚 (Remember that I put everything I’m reading - the good and the bad - in my Secret Posts email. Sign up for those using the link in my profile. 😘) #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks
We spent hours today cleaning out our playroom. Y’all, I’m so embarrassed about how insane messy & stuffed our house has become over the last year or so. Things upon things upon things upon things. Papers and junk and toys and crap. I tried to stay on top of it for years but then if a season (or two) goes by when you’re....distracted, suddenly all this stuff is coming out of every cabinet and drawer. It makes me feel like such an icky consumerist and also like a bad wife/mom/home owner, like I can’t even manage the epitome of this first world problem. ☠️ Our playroom had gotten particularly bad. My kids had outgrown most of the toys in there and it had become a dumping ground for random piles of whatever that we weren’t even using the room. So today all 4 of us buckled down and sorted and cleaned and made new decisions and did some letting go. 7 big boxes went to donation, and there are some really cool (gently used) things in there. Upteen bags of trash and broken nonsense. We still have a ways to go (in there, and throughout the house) but I’m already feeling better. I really believe that the state of your space truly affects your spirit and your health. We’re taking ours back. 👊🏻 #10TTTY #10thingstotellyou