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Raouls in SoHo. One of the best meals I've had in months! The food, the company, and oh yeah THE FOOD. Get the crab beignets and the steak au poivre, you can thank me later. Delicious! (Plus there's a psychic that sits outside of the bathroom giving readings, so really what else do you need to know?) @raoulsrestaurantnyc 📸: @bettonred #raoulsrestaurantnyc #nyc #lovelocalHH
Got a better outfit shot from the premiere the other night. I'm wearing a @dvf dress and @stuartweitzman shoes (both so comfy!) and Jeff is wearing a @moodsofnorwayusa jacket. Direct links through the app if you like or screenshot this. #liketkit #dvf #stuartweitzman #moodsofnorway #springstyle
There is the cutest fancy food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel. We wandered in after roaming around Central Park and it has everything from sushi to pasta to fresh doughnuts. I've been around this area dozens of times and never knew it was here! A fun lunch spot if you're around here doing all the touristy things. #lovelocalHH #nyc #theplazahotel
WOWed by the Rose Reading Room at the New York Public Library. @nypl #nyc #lovelocalHH
The world won't wait, so I better shake / That thing right out there through the door
NYC is so insanely beautiful in the spring! We slept in, ate Shake Shack in the park with the rest of the known world, and are now out to enjoy this gorgeous day.
"God bless Hulu's lawyers," Jeff says about the controversial nature of his new documentary Dumb: the History of Big Brother Skateboard Magazine premiering tonight at the TriBeCa film festival. They're doing a Q&A panel after, on the stage right now with director Patrick O'dell, Sean Cliver, Chris Nieratko, Dave Carnie, Rick Kosick, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Wee-Man, SteveO, and Tony Hawk. #tribecafilmfestival #bigbrother #hulu #tribeca2017
We're at Jeff's movie premiere of Dumb: the History of Big Brother Skateboarding Magazine at the TriBeCa film festival! #tribecafilmfestival
Let's talk about SCREENSHOTS. You know you take 'em. I know I do. Sometimes to send to friends alongside the 😳 emoji but more often because I want to remember the lipstick or book or whatever that a person is posting about. With the app (free!) you can keep track of your screenshots and it will give you direct links to the stuff in the photo. Look for the little icon in the corner, and a like or screenshot will save it to the app for you. So easy! Let's try it. 💅🏻 These are my favorite shoes. I wear them all the ding dang time. #liketkit  #LTKShoeCrush
After settling in on the airplane, Jeff pushed the buttons on my screen and made me watch the "behind the scenes" special of his American Airlines safety video (which I've seen a million times) and when it was over he asked "Did you learn anything?" 😂 I didn't tell him that my headphones weren't plugged in.
This bull necklace was one of my finds at the antique store in Oklahoma. It would make more sense if I was a Taurus. Or from Chicago. Or something. But does beauty have to make sense? An eternal question.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Exit West by Mohsin Hamid was the pick for my real life book club. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this book (and I know people have loved Hamid's other novels The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How To Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia), but our book club met yesterday and nobody seemed to feel passionately about it either way. I liked it and the writing is excellent (hence the three stars), but it didn't move me the way I was expecting. 📚 This was one of the novels @annebogel recommended for me on her podcast @whatshouldireadnext. I'm going to read all 3 of her suggestions and then compare them. (I started with The Dry by Jane Harper, which I loved.)