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WAIT. It's #nationalpuppyday ?! (Gah, I love Instagram for this exact very reason.) I can't miss the opportunity to post about my sweet little @konarocket who made me a dog mom just 6 weeks ago. This not-so-much-a-dog-person is a complete convert (at least for my own dog πŸ˜‰). I usually save all my gushing for his IG, but any excuse or fake social media holiday works for me. He's the best. I love what he's added to our family. πŸΆπŸš€
The kids and I flew to #Oklahoma yesterday for spring break. My sweet little travelers were total pros getting through security and the flight with minimal momma effort, since a head cold has me bobbing around in a fog. Feeling better today and excited to spend some time with family and go down to Dallas this weekend for @thepopcast live event and the @sortaawesomeshow after party.
So You've Been Publicly Shamed by @jonronson. I think everyone who uses the internet should read this book. (So, that's you.) Whoa.
Dallas-area folks, here are the details for this weekend's Sorta Awesome podcast after party that follows the Popcast Live event. I will be there with @kellyatlovewell cheering on @sortaawesomemeg and @thepopcast and we would all love to see you. There's a FB event for this linked on the @sortaawesomeshow page where you can rsvp. See you soon, Texas!
#Lakers family fun tonight. We meant to leave at halftime but it ended up being a better game against the Cavs than we were predicting. πŸ˜ƒπŸ€ #iloveLA #familyfun #springbreak
Kicking off spring break with a tableful of new friends. Swimming, grilling, Rice Krispie treats. This time last year our family was full of anxiety about the future. Cut to 12 months later and our confidence grows with each new sign that we're exactly where we're supposed to be. β˜€οΈ
She makes the #sundaypancakes while he sketches the Blackhawks logo. To kick off spring break we're having friends over to swim today and then doing a family night. Happy weekend to you!
Book club weekend. Mixed reviews in our group on this novel, but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would when I started. There seems to be a rash of these women-driven thrillers (or at least they've gotten more popular). This one was a real page turner and a very quick read. Satisfying for the beach or a rainy weekend. #bookclub #bookstagram #reading #thriller
Cupcake face. Swim lesson. Burgers for dinner. It was a good day.
Texas, I'm comin' for ya! Super excited to support @thepopcast at their live show in Grapevine on 3/25, with special guest @sortaawesomemeg. The Popcast shows are already sold out, but we're planning to host a little after party gathering on Saturday night starting at 7:30pm. Megan, @kellyatlovewell, and I will all be there from the @sortaawesomeshow and we're hoping to snag @jamiebgolden & @knoxmccoy after their event. You in? We'd love to see you!
First pool day of the year. πŸ•Ά
Instead of Sunday pancakes this morning, we participated in our school's Super Service Sunday project that collected and made meals for a local food pantry.