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Californians through and through. ☀️🌴
Nothing like #sundaypancakes to welcome us back to LA on the right foot. Er, hoverboard. 🥞🌴
Last week I listened to the audiobook version of The Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I think this might be better perused in hard copy, because it seemed like there were sidebars and timelines and extras that were either skipped entirely or maybe just a little confusing in audio form. Still, it was an easy and informative listen about the second woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, and based off the popular tumblr of the same name. The authors had a *definite* slant when describing various rulings and their adjectives for other justices and political figures were occasionally colorful. So don’t expect it to be journalism, but it was very interesting, especially since I really didn’t know much about Justice Ginsburg. I loved the personal stories, especially about her marriage to Marty and marathon-not-sprint approach to social change. 📚🎧 #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks #10TTTYlisten
This is my annual wake surfing photo. Over the past 5-ish years I’ve posted variations of me trying to do this stupid thing behind the boat that was my summer albatross for a long time. 🌊

I have ruminated at length at how hard and frustrating and embarrassed I was at not being able to do this silly, sporty activity that my entire family loves and that guests manage to master in like one weekend. And then last year, when I’d all but given up on the whole thing, I popped right up and started surfing. Armed with a stronger core (thanks, Pilates!) and a less-desperate attitude, suddenly I could surf. 🏄🏻‍♀️ This summer, it was a non-event. I surfed, comfortably, whenever I wanted to. On the days I didn’t want to get my hair wet, I didn’t. Surfing has not made me happier, prettier, skinnier, more accomplished, or more worthy. I do not sleep better nor do I feel more deeply content in my soul. I do think it’s fun, and it’s definitely nice to have a “win” behind the boat after a lifetime of angst. But wherever you go, there you are. Surfing or not surfing. 💪🏻 #10TTTY
Almost forgot that my word of the year is RITUAL. Maybe this summer could have benefitted from a few purposeful practices, but better late than never. Tonight we watched the sunset from the end of the dock and listed our favorite things about being at the lake, and what we’re looking forward to at home. Grateful, grateful, grateful. ✨
Here’s the stack of books I did NOT get to this summer. (Not to mention those waiting on my kindle.) People act like summer is such a great season for reading, but I think I read the LEAST during these months. My children are just always....there. Not that I can’t read with my kids around, just that my attention is divided and we do a lot more family stuff. Also they go to bed later, so that cuts into my evening reading time. I think I read the most in the winter. Anyone else relate to this? 📚 Now the question is, which of these are worth bringing back to LA and which can I leave here for next summer? Thoughts? 📦 PS - I’m answering random questions up in stories today and it’s a fun way to pass a day full of cleaning & organizing. 😎 #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks
Two of my born-and-bred Los Angeles girlfriends came to visit us at the lake, where there’s bugs and thick accents and deep fried everything. The weekend was an adventure for them and a comfort to me. We laughed a lot. And Jeff threw them off the tube. I call that success. ☀️ @foodandsoul @tracygitnickphotos
Every episode in the new Start Up #podcast series on church planting is interesting, but Episode 5: The Retreat made me cry. Such a sympathetic listen for anyone who has left a church, or left THE church. Good job with this one @gimletmedia. Appreciate your angle and thoughtfulness here. ⭐️ #startuppodcast #gimletmedia #churchplanting #10TTTY #10TTTYlisten
One of these guys is getting a little too old for this trick. 😂🏄🏼‍♂️😉🌊
It’s been a strange summer. We’re at the lake as usual, but there’s a lot going on that has affected our schedule and our attitudes. We’ve perhaps had more screen time than should be allowed with this view. We’ve had less guests and less time on the water than we’re accustomed to, and some days it’s felt a little weird to BE here but not totally BE HERE. You know? But this weekend, friends from LA flew across the country for a few days of boat fun and frog hunting and stuffing ourselves silly. We love showing our big city friends our simple lake life. 📷: @tracygitnickphotos
Re-reading this one from @brenebrown these last few mornings at the lake. Brene Brown has been one of my life’s greatest teachers. I think she is changing the self-improvement game, and I learn something new from her all the time. 📚 EDIT TO ADD: My favorite Brene Brown book is The Gifts of Imperfection, but it might not be the best place to start if you’re new to her because it’s HARD WORK. Many people start with and enjoy Daring Greatly (which is a little more memoir-y) and I also thought about Rising Strong for months after I read it (and still think about it). Braving the Wilderness is incredibly relevant to our current cultural landscape, but I wouldn’t start there. If you’re super brand new to her, watch her Ted talk on shame. AMAZING. ⭐️ #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks
When I was little I had several traumatizing moments learning to water ski. I hated the boat and was terrified of doing anything behind it. Guess what we did every summer weekend? 🚤 Now as a parent with a boat, I am extremely sensitive to kid emotions around water sports. Everyone gets a choice. No one is forced or shamed. We cheer loudly for anyone trying something new. ☀️ I do not always get this right. Sometimes I pull them back in when they might benefit from a positive push. Sometimes I let others convince the kid in the water to keep trying when my gut is telling me to wrap them in a warm towel. But of the million parenting choices and emotions we feel every day, I am hyper aware of fear and dread in my kids. Because aren’t most of us inadvertently trying to heal something in ourselves when we offer something different to our children? 💜 I preach about the emotional rules behind the boat right up until the moment (every summer) when I realize my kids have zero negative feelings around water sports. They jump in, they laugh, they get frustrated and cry, then shake it off. It’s just not that deep for them. Ah, well. I’ll just keep hauling around this baggage myself, then.