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It’s been three weeks since our home invasion. I promise I won’t give you a play by play as each milestone passes, but the emotional ramifications have been complicated and continue unfolding. ⁣
We keep discovering new things missing. When I went to pack a certain purse for a trip last week, it wasn’t there. (He took several designer items from my closet, but not everything.) There have been a few tech-y items that we keep thinking we’ve misplaced, and scour the house for, until we realize that they’re probably gone forever and not by accident. Of course I miss my beautiful wedding rings every day.⁣
I’ll start to think I’m feeling better safety-wise and then a door will blow open or I’ll hear a strange noise outside and my heart will start racing. ⁣
Even yesterday, before our birthday extravaganza(s), I worried a little that guests might feel strange in our home, knowing what happened. I genuinely don’t feel a bad vibe here, but wasn’t sure if others would. My sweet friend texted this to me last night after the parties, assuring me that the house still felt like love. I think she’s right. ❤️
I read Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin during our staycation a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! It’s a good, light, entertaining weekend read a little bit similar in tone and humor to Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. 📚 The story is a very fictionalized version of the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair and power dynamics, but with enough differences to keep it interesting and unpredictable. I liked the characters and the writing. I haven’t read Zevin’s more famous novel The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, but I think I will now. 📚 #bookstagram #youngjaneyoung #gabriellezevin #fiction #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks
The happiest day celebrating both kiddos with a birthday party extravaganza. See my stories for why we threw the same exact party today TWICE. 😂 🎉🎈🤡
Had a great afternoon speaking with @jessicanturner to a small group of moms at the @socalkidsmuseum about thriving while under work, family, and relationship pressure. Jessica’s new book Stretched Too Thin addresses a lot of these issues, and I threw in my own two cents about what it looks like with an unconventional lifestyle and the fact that only recently (like, REALLY recently, have I been able to call what I do “work”). ⭐️ Jess and I may bring different perspectives to the table, but we apparently got the same style memo: we both wore drop-waist floral numbers. Only our shoes set us apart. 😂👠 Anyway, I love doing stuff like this with friends and especially meeting new, interesting women in our city. 📷: @lisaleonard 💥 #stretchedtoothin #pasadena #lawomen #workingmoms
At 6:30am, my newly 7-year-old asked, “Mommy, why do the balloons have 8s?” I stared at him blankly for a minute and then replied, “Details are hard, buddy.” 😳💥😂 #momoftheyear #killinit
This little pirate turns 7 years old tomorrow. Every now and then you get a glimpse of who your child will be when they’re grown, and this photo feels like that. He’s so much like me, we are cut from just exactly the same cloth, and over the years I’ve mused over whether it’s harder or easier to parent the one who feels like a mirror. Either way, I think I’m the luckiest woman in the world to be his mom. ❤️
My sister and I bought matching snakeskin friendship cuffs. I made up the friendship part. We both just liked this one and it’s fun to have something matching, especially when we don’t usually have the same style. (The tiny glimpse of our outfits here may give you an idea. 😂) My sister is 9 years older. She has a super big deal prestigious job that requires suit wearing and actual boss-ness. I spend my days in Pilates pants and pretend to be bossy on the internet. Our lives are really, really, really different. But there has always been a sameness about us, a thread of identity not just because we share DNA but because our souls seem to recognize the other immediately, and glow upon meeting. No matter what else is going on, or how circumstances change. ❤️ I am so grateful for her friendship over the years, from when I was a kid and she was in college, then I was in college and she was a new mom, and now we’re both adults still carving out our place in the world. She is the only person who will endlessly parse through our past, analyze family history and dynamics, without disclaimer or judgment. Her patience with that task (almost always my topic of choice) helps me know who I am. ✨ (Swipe to see a photo of us from a few summers ago.) @dawncash5 @rusticcuff #10TTTY #10ThingsToTellYou
Reading breakfast on this rainy Tuesday before I head back to L.A. ☕️ I love this downtown OKC spot @kitchen324. Get the hot chicken biscuit and thank me later. 🐔 Reading @jedidiahjenkins new book To Shake the Sleeping Self. 📚 #bookstagram #kindlepaperwhite #toshakethesleepingself #kitchen324 #okc #memoir #10TTTY #10TTTYbooks #10TTTYtravel #10TTTYfood
Flew to Oklahoma to record a conversation I’ve been wanting to have for a long, long time now. These are two of my oldest and dearest friends. One of us has a story to tell. I can’t wait for you to hear it. ❤️
#sundaypancakes (pizza pancake!!) photo from this morning. Delayed because every single solitary thing in my life right now is delayed. DELAYED is my middle name. Laura Delayed Tremaine. Delayed would be the title of my autobiography. Delayed is the song I sing. 🥞🍕
I think this might be one of my life mantras and I didn’t even know it. ⚡️ Repost from @onbeing (a show I constantly learn from), from a poem by John Paul Lederach.
Super excited to be having a public conversation with my friend @jessicanturner, author of the new book Stretched Too Thin, about working moms and how women can thrive while juggling it all. We’ll be at the @socalkidsmuseum next Saturday, October 13 from 1:30 - 3:30pm and we would LOVE to see you. I’ll be quizzing Jessica on all her tips and strategies and we’ll take questions and get to mingle around after. This is a ticketed event with a limited amount of space. Click the link in my profile for info. ⭐️ #stretchedtoothin #socalkidsmuseum