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Designer. Illustrator. Photographer. Dreamer
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PHOTO OUTTAKE - Ha! I know everyone loves their pets and think they’re beautiful and its so cute! This is my little baby, Arkie! She was getting some snaps for her modelling career! This is one of the outtakes before the actual model was dressed. 
What do you think? Should she earn some $$ she does have expensive tastes. #arkiethedog #arcadia #thenestcreativespace #petsofinstagram
Gee Wizz! I made this paper princess 10 YEARS AGO!  SNAP!
#paperprincess #8 #redfern #thenestcreativespace
This is an oldie but a goodie - The flowers were sourced by a lovely client of mine at the time.I took a spray bottle, some flower amendments, together with a mini set I built and made this image. SNAP!
It's funny how I don't really mention or post the things I do because I feel the market is flooded already. Hmm, a tip from me to you - DON'T THINK LIKE THAT!
.I have studied and made images for over 20 years now. Thanks to #icp #acp #photographer #redfern #thenestcreativespace #creativeminds
SNAKE! - since I am spreading my wings and taking flight - I thought I would mention how many snakes I can see from up here. Nah, but this is a snake for you anyway. In its triangle of GOOD, CHEAP, FAST remember that you can only pic 2 of these words and the one that is left is the one that it wont be.

#snake #redfern #artist #positivevibes #loveislove #sydneyartist
SELF - R U OK? Good question. Today’s answer is YES! Finally!!!
I feel like I have wings today after years of being tied to the ground.
Clear negative energy fast! Thanks to all that have kept me up.
#positivevibes #sydneycreatives #redfern
ART - And maybe she'd take me to France 
Or maybe to Spain and she'd ask me to dance 
In a mansion on the top of a hill 
She'd ash on the carpets 
And slip me a pill 
Then she'd get pretty loaded on gin 
And maybe she'd give me a bath 
How I wish I had a Sylvia Plath - Ryan Adams
Magical images for incredible people is something that makes me very happy - like I should be.
Also, @pip.runci is a legend... Check out her feed for some really wonderful new ways of seeing the things we take for granted. .
🧖🏼@pip.runci 📷 & ✏️ @laurabaxter .
#picoftheday #sydneyphotographer #australianartist #redfern #thenestcreativespace
Little cottage dreams (aka Newtown terrace 🙄😂) I just heard that anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. Make sure you allow your mind to wander from time to time so it can come back stronger. How do you convince the brain to unfocus.🤯🌿
“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” ~John Muir -
PATTERNS - looking at all these birds I have illustrated over the past um, 12 years or so... thinking what I should do with all of them. Make a print? Maybe some fabric. I love birds! #wallpaper #australianwallpaper
THOUGHTS - I always try and live by these words, not always achieved but certainly tried. 🖤 I  have another one - If you ever want to say something that might hurt someone but will bring you some kind of satisfaction or joy DON’T SAY IT. 🌿 something like that anyway. ✌🏻
PHOTOGRAPHY - I make images with a camera as well. I love to capture what a space actually felt like. Light and movement paused to remember.