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Finally feeling a bit more myself after a hard start to the week grieving my family pet, Pebbles. I’ve been putting on a brave face because I’m having trouble validating how I feel and accepting it. But then I remember that humans have a spectrum of emotions and it’s okay to feel what we feel. I’ve been trying to be kinder and learn to just sit with sadness when it comes.
Me: “Isn’t the rain so cute in like a London-y way?”
@lisaakidd: “The rain is not cute!” 🌧
Yes this will be a long and sappy post because the Spice Girls aren’t just pop stars and this wasn’t just a concert. Last night was easily one of the most memorable and best nights of my life. As a 90s kid, I grew up watching these girls. The Spice Girls were my first ever experience of what its like to be a true music fan. My cousins and @lisakidd and I would sing their songs for hours and “perform” them for our parents. Their music personified our bond as girls and now as women, and the art of girl power is woven into our fabric. My mom taped all of their live tv performances on VHS for us and I remember watching all the fans and footage of a city called “London” that seemed so iconic yet foreign to me. I would be silly to assume my obsession with the city didn’t start then and this is partly why last night was so special. One of my favourite parts of the concert and all of their concerts is when they speak to each other and the audience in an impromptu way, pointing out all the hilariously awkward yet perfectly human things (such as Posh Spice not being there and how Baby Spice was welling up during ‘Goodbye’, and how Mel B is single followed by a loud and raunchy Ginger Spice shouting “Who wants to date Mel B???”). They also played video interviews where they each answered the question “what does girl power mean to you?” And Mel C said the fans made someone who’s a normal girl like her feel so special and that she felt The Spice Girls made everyone feel special. It was then that it dawned on me. The Spice Girls always made everyone feel special, welcome, and like they can do anything they dream of. And there I was, living my dream, not just of moving to London, not just of my most important person visiting me in London, but also of seeing The Spice Girls in concert. Thank you @lisakidd for coming all this way and for living this dream with me. 
We are Spice Girls, yes indeed. Just girl power is all we need, we know how we got this far. Strength and courage in a wonder bra. ✌🏼
Seeing the city through the eyes of my twin and as a tourist reminds me of when I first fell in love with London. It’s also forcing me to reflect on how far I’ve come 🧐🇬🇧
Sunday funday with @lisaakidd and Vincent van Gogh 🌃
My fav person in my fav place ♥️ @caferoute ✨
For this photoshoot, I felt like I got a little closer to this uninhibited self I idolize. I wanted to do the shoot in the place I feel farthest away from the yogi in me. The calm, happy, and loving side of me supersedes the angry, irritated and impatient me that I become the second I land at the Oxford Circus x Regent St. crossway. And yet, dressed in my yogi garb, seated in the same meditative pose I perform in my room each morning, I felt free. There were hundreds of people walking the streets and driving in their cars. I remember taking a deep breathe, closing my eyes, and repeating a mantra — one that anyone can understand: "This is me and I don't care what you think."
It took me a while to get comfortable with Kundalini Yoga.
The weird mantras, the turban, everyone wearing white. I understand why all these elements work and why they make the practice so powerful. I believe in the strong lineage of teachings and it's a practice that's only made my life better.
The more I learned about why we chant mantras, why we wear white, why we wear turbans, and the more I tried it for myself, it started to all make sense and I now do it not because I want to dress the part but because of how I feel when I do. 😍 •
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I've been practicing Kundalini Yoga for years, I've been teaching it for years, I read the books and drink the tea every day, I talk about it to anyone who will listen, and yet, I'm still scared to let people hear me chanting mantras and wearing a turban. 👳🏼‍♀️
An honest reflection on this 'weird' yoga practice and a gutsy photoshoot on the busiest (and least peaceful) street in London is now live on the blog, link in bio. ✨📸 @leannedixon •
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Imagine if plants had humans in glass bulbs hidden in their forest museums on display? 🌱 oh human behaviour, hilarious at times and unexplainable. This machine allows you to speak to the plant... and it speaks back.
Time... I feel like I have none of it lately. Anyone know how to make time? Also, the image of the earth being bottle fed Coca-Cola makes me wonder if anything’s truly changed since 1950.
Major glasses envy yesterday at the opening of the Food exhibit at @vamuseum! The overwhelming issue of climate change and the lack of sustainable materials being produced was slightly eased as so many solutions were presented in this show. All of these frames are made of materials that are biodegradable. Some interesting and slightly cringe materials 💩 are being used to create furniture and everyday items. Question is: will it work realistically and how do these ideas take flight? 🌎👓