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🇨🇦canadian in london🇬🇧
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Friday moooood 🌈 except I’m in my bed in London about to pop Grace and Frankie season 5 on. Completely knackered after my first real week of work 😴 Still in a romance with this city and can’t believe my life. Excited for a blog shoot next week and look forward to posting fresh blog posts 🤓! This is just a post to talk about my actual day to day life because I never do. Happy Friday night all 💗
Me and my new clompers are ready to go back to 🇬🇧 - thx 🇨🇦 for da love, friendliness, and fresh air ✌🏼
A grocery shopping at @sainsburys lewk 🛒
Time goes by so slowly for those who wait 🕰 Hung_Up_Madonna.mp3 •
If 2018 taught me anything it’s to not wait for anyone or anything to start living YOUR life. Don’t wait for the new year or until _____ happens to be happy. Choose happiness first ~ and the rest will fall into place. Trust.
not sure where I am or what day it is anymore but felt cute 👌🏼
Enjoying this fresh air 🌬
issa christmas miracle 🌲
I swear he loves me ♥️
Pretty much 🇬🇧‼️
Hbddddd 🍒🍷🌹 @rosiexwaugh
To be creative is to be temporarily fearless. It’s about dropping the pressure of achieving perfection (which doesn’t exist by the way). All that exists is everything that’s right now, everything that’s truthfully you, and everything you already have inside you. New post is up talking about choosing to make progress over achieving perfection —> link in bio! 📸 @leannedixon #londonblogger #londonfashion #boroughmarket #takecourage #creativity #perfection