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I kind of love these 2!!! ❤️
Is it bad that we let my 3 year old pick out a hand sanitizer at the store... and this is the one she wanted? 😀
Watch out, world! She’s crawling! 😯
My 3 year old is in charge of counting down the days until Christmas. I’d say she’s been doing a pretty great job!
I think we’re in trouble. She already loves makeup! 💄 #threenager
Conspiring under the Christmas tree... #sisters #maytheyalwaysbefriends
Good morning!! Kate has been sick for the last 2 WEEKS and not sleeping too well at night, so my morning definitely needs some ☕️ before I head off to work. Even decaf tastes good when I make it in my newly reorganized coffee bar! I love pretty colors and organized things... ❤️ Have you visited my blog to see the details of this one yet? (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog
On the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree! 🎄 This is a favorite tradition of mine ever since I was little and I feel so blessed to be passing it along to my own two little girls now!
I’m so excited that we finally got our kitchen cabinets painted. WOO HOO! This pantry is looking fab right now.
Kate with all her favorite toys. And the vacuum attachment. So yeah, all her favorite toys! 😁
Her first Thanksgiving dinner... and she’s fascinated by the plastic spoon! 🤔🥄😂
This Thanksgiving I am thanking God for these 3, as well as our wonderful extended family. They are my world. #blessed