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Just hanging out with the babe. 😍
Eating s'mores at Grandpa's house! #grandparentsarethebest
As a teacher, I always feel a little sad right around back- to- school time. It's hard to say goodbye to such sweet summer days spent with my little girls. 😰 SO... to cheer myself up today, I made an Autumn bucket list. It's a great way to start to get excited about all of the fun things that Fall will bring with it! #countingmyblessings
We're 5 hours in to an 8 hour car ride home from the beach with a baby and a toddler. Katie is happy to nap and chew on her toothbrush. Emma is a little harder to entertain. She has books and toys, but she has spent the most time, by far, writing her to do lists. 😂 She carefully fills out the entire list, line by line, then alternates gifting the completed lists to either Kevin or me. 🗒✏️
My little beach baby. She's been such a doll baby this week- so happy and smiley. I think she loves the beach just like her mama.
I had a wonderful time playing in the waves this morning with my little cuddle bug. Her giggles melt my heart!
Pappy taught Emma how to fly a kite at the beach today. ❤ She has been having the time of her life here, and I'm so glad that I get to watch it happen! #blessed
Can you spot the  babies sleeping in the shade? 😂⛱ I was a little worried about taking a baby to the beach, but so far so good. She and her cousin both took long naps this morning in between splashing in the waves and eating sand!
What a beautiful beach day! I just loved introducing Katie to the ocean today. She was fascinated by everything. (Including the fistful of sand that she ate, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy!)
This is my basket of breastfeeding essentials. It lives next to the recliner in my bedroom where I love to sit and relax with my little Katie while she eats and I watch Gilmore Girls. Every now and then Emma comes along and ransacks this basket to see what kinds of snacks are hiding there, and to drink out of my water bottle. 🙂 Read the post to find out everything I keep in here: (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog
Even cuter than normal with animal ears on!! 🐭? 🐶? 🐰? 🤔
I'm a huge fan of letting my 2 year old cook with me. I've never been afraid of a little mess, and she constantly surprises me with how well she can do the tasks I give her. This time she spooned the batter into the muffin liners all by herself. 😄🥄