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My little soccer baby ⚽️ with her Daddy! I'm so lucky to have both of them. ❤️
It might be fall, but our leaves are still green! Here's a picture of Emma enjoying some of the #nature out in Grandpa's garden. I can't wait to try growing Zinnias myself next year. They're gorgeous, and they match my wedding colors- red, pink, orange and yellow. #mycozyfallhome
My coffee collection. ☕️ Good friends are such a gift, and we've always felt so blessed to have a home where we can welcome people in. And what says "welcome" better than a hot pot of coffee or tea? 
This is one little snapshot of the entire hot drink station in our dining room. Today I was inspired by the #mycozyfallhome challenge to take the time to actually photograph it. . . So if you follow my blog you'll get to see more pictures soon. I'm so excited for you to see them! (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog
I collect little girls. 😂 #collection #mycozyfallhome
Before we went out to eat, I told Emma to pack her backpack with a few things to do while we waited for our food. She brought wire crimpers. 😂
Saturday mornings in our pajamas around the breakfast table are my favorites. I make pancakes and we read the comics while we linger a little longer than usual over our coffees. The beautiful flowers are from a friend's garden who brought them to our Bible study last night. We have 2 syrups because Kevin and I grew up using two different kinds and neither of us is willing to switch from our standard. 😂 Swipe to see what the table looks like AFTER breakfast is over. 😀 #breakfastwithkids #saturdaymorningbreakfast #mycozyfallhome #onmytable
This is how our morning started! 😂🥛 So glad my little girl loves to be independent and try everything on her own... even if this is often the result! Did I mention that it also splattered over ALL the cabinets? 😁 #ourhouseisntthatcleananyway
Our baby LOVES all animals. Which is pretty amazing, considering we don't even have any pets at home. This is what she did when she met her cousin's dog for the first time! 🐶 #babylovesdog
This little cutie keeps us laughing with all of her funny comments and stories. She and her sister are both happiest when they are outside!
Here's one of my little mess-makers in action. I think it may be  impossible to have a perfectly clean house and a baby and a toddler. And I'm ok with that. Most days, anyway! They are worth it. #imperfect #mycozyfallhome
My daughter's art station rarely looks the way it looked on the day that I photographed it for my blog. And I'm OK with that. Because she does art every. single. day. And she doesn't mind the mess, so I try not to mind either. Instead, I try to let this be her little corner, where she can put things where she likes and be as creative as she wants. We have lots of these "imperfect" corners all over our house. I try to remind myself that one day I'll miss these little messes. Today maybe I'll look for the perfection in them. #mycozyfallhome #imperfect (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog
We put this recliner on the corner of our attic bedroom 9 months ago, when I was still very much pregnant with sweet Katie. Since then, my baby and I have spent countless nights in this chair, nursing and snuggling. Some nights I watch Gilmore Girls at 3 am, and some nights I can't even keep my eyes open. But I'm always grateful. Katie is a rainbow baby, and with that, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude for every night I get to hold her in my arms. Sometimes I sit in this chair long after she's gone back to sleep and hold her close, just because I can. 
#mycozyfallhome #favoritechair 
P.S. I wrote a blog post about my nighttime nursing station, including a list of all my favorite breastfeeding essentials. Check it out here. 🙂 (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog