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Even princesses have to get their feet dirty every once in a while!
And then there was the day we sent Emma to daycare with these 2 shoes on... not only are they two different shoes, but they are both the right shoe! 😳 So much for letting her dress herself. God thing we have extra understanding daycare teachers! ❤
Happy Father's Day to this amazing Daddy. 😍
I can't get enough of this little cutie. 😍 #stayababyforever
These are all of the nighttime nursing essentials that I keep next to the chair in my bedroom. The same chair where I fed Kate FOUR times last night before 1 am. Thank goodness she decided to sleep after that!!! See the full list here: (Link in bio) #LaurasPlansBlog
This little girl kills me. She was reaching up onto the table to get a bite of her cake, but accidentally reached the wrong plate. She says, "Oh! Chicken!" and happily eats the rest of my meal, as I, equally happy, finish her cake! 😁🍰 #winwin
Emma, getting her groove on at the Home Depot! Sometimes you just have to dance.
Hey girl! ❤ Some days I just feel so lucky to be this little one's mama. 🙂
For some reason, I'm super amused that Emma is eating an apple that is approximately the same size as her head. 🍎
This is how we eat all of our meals... because I just can't stand the thought of putting Katie down and not having our entire family together at the table. 😁 (Yesterday I ate spaghetti with both girls on my lap... that was messy!) 🍝
There's nothing quite as sweet as baby snuggles. I'm so #blessed!
It might not look like much, but this is the Hydrangea we planted in memory of the baby we lost to a miscarriage last year. We planted it right beneath the nursery window, and it makes my heart so happy to see it sprouting leaves and growing. 🙂