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Motherhood // Gardening // DIY // Interiors // Discovering minimalism & conscious living // Embracing a low waste lifestyle // I only drink decaff.

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Jewels 🍎
Teaching him the art of folding from an early age.
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Park life. 💚🙏🌞💕
Spot the sleeping baby 👀
*caption the snap* 
It's a catastrophe 🌧️😹🌊
Very excited to finally pick up @moralfibresblog book today. I'm sorry to say Wendy, I haven't bought it, it's from my library (although I did splurge the £1 to have it reserved). Just another way of trying to live a more minimal lifestyle. It's only fitting I first open it in the garden, where I'm hopeful I have grown some of the necessary ingredients. (Although maybe not my pumpkin, that one will be for eating!👀)
So there is 20cm of water under my floor. I'm sharing this not because I want sympathy, but because this is now a fact of life. Last week we saw temperatures of 36°+. Now we're dangerously close to a flood. So for every smirk at my plastic-free loo rolls, for every cringe at my use of cloth nappies and wipes, for every eye roll over my choice to use a veg box, a milkman, a keep cup and a reusable water bottle, here's the reality. It's almost seeping through the floor. This is what I don't want my children to grow up to be left with. People, it really is a #climateemergency We as a collective can make changes for the positive, even if it seems like a tiny drop in a vast overflowing sewage system. And I'm proud that my children will know I tried.
She said: "I'm being you Mummy."
Don't mix the colours, I said.
What else are rainy sundays for? Making your own fleece nappy liners, of course. 💚
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"I'll wear my new dress and climb my wishing tree Mummy." That's my girl. 💕 #homemade #dressmaking #humanistnaming #wishingtree #threeyearsold #gardenfun #earthmama #earthgirladventures