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Motherhood🤰👧 Gardening 🌱 DIY🔧 Interiors 🏡Discovering minimalism & conscious living 🌍
Attempting to write a novel 📜 Slave to cat & dog 😼🐶

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"Daddy, he's done a poo and *you* need to do his nappy!" Ah that's ma gal ☺️
All my loves under a blue sky. 💙
🛑 I keep getting that 'phantom limb' feeling which makes my blood run cold, and I find myself just staring into the cot to check the small human I grew does actually exist despite no longer feeling the kicks and wiggles anymore. Anyone else who's just had a baby feel like this? 
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7 days old and we've already taken our son to the local vintage emporium. (They also just happen to do the most epic selection of cake!) 👍
First trip out a success 👊
My boys 💙
And just like that, we're a family of four 💕
(+ one cat and one dog)
I am so bored of the flu now and spending most of the day in bed (day 6), which is surprisingly uncomfortable when you're SOOOO pregnant. 
However, I must take a moment to remember how blessed I am. I've faced some of the darkest times in my life to get here, the road to full term has been pitted and tumultuous. But I have made it. And I am truly grateful. 🙏 🌈🤰 #humidifier #eucalyptusessentialoil
You'll always be a baby to me, Lola 🐾
Shoelaces, you are my nemesis.
🛑 Preschool closed.