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After visiting Madame Tussauds, we went on a city tour around London and yesterday was ended with watching 'The Woman In Black' play in West End 🎭 (it was so goOd!!) The last pic is me & my aunt with our bus driver Ian who treated the whole group with 100% excellent service, was really friendly and drove us from Scotland, Ireland and back to England. We will miss him so much :( Sadly, my vacation has come to an end but UK will still be in my travel bucket list because there's still plenty to see in this country ✈️🌍
The best Madame Tussauds I've ever visited so far 😛
Three hours were simply not enough at The Making of Harry Potter #wbtourlondon. Plenty of things to see, so little time 😩 But, this (fake) wizard still had sO much fuN and will CERTAINLY come back in the future ✨
Damn England, back at it again with the gloomy weather — was so lucky to be able to see The Roman Baths in Bath (thank u Michael Pickering for the HOI lecture) and stonehenge!! in real life ✨
Thank you Ireland for the sun and the blue sky today 🌞
Yet another gloomy day ☁️🌊#facelesslaurensia
Two hours in Glasgow 🍂🍁 (and today was STILL gloomy what the heck)
Edinburgh – a city full of beautiful old buildings and offers plenty of breathtaking views & history. This is also the city where J.K. Rowling spent most of her time writing Harry Potter at 'The Elephant House' café over coffee and cake. I went to Edinburgh Castle, which is literally a castle on the hill (thought of Ed Sheeran instantly lol), and was so lucky to see the crown jewel of Scotland in real life (not allowed to take any picture). Though today was still quite gloomy, "Edinbruh" definitely amazed me and is another city to be remembered 🏰
Though it was quite gloomy and windy, you were still wonderful, York. I'll definitely come back in the future ✨
This weekend was a blast 💥 My first VidCon ever and definitely not the last. This experience made me want to go to VidCon US even more. It was very interesting to see things from a volunteer's perspective and hopefully I'll be able to volunteer every year! Also, I am SO grateful that I got to see (and meet) a few featured creators 🌹 #VidConAUS
Posting this only to complete the blue sky theme lol. Anyhoo, IM VOLUNTEERING FOR VIDCON THIS WEEKEND & TERM BREAK IS COMING V SOON IM SO KEEN
Egg face 🥚