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Another year went by really quick. This year was another hell of a ride; many things happened, both unexpected or not. Mistakes have been made but I can only learn from them and try to change to be better. Therefore, I aspire to be a better, nicer human being. I also want to DO MORE this year: do more in almost every important aspect I can think of because it’s time to get my life together lol. Anyway, I’m rather excited for this year and cant wait to see the surprises that are coming at me. I don’t know what else to say & probably shouldn’t say too much sooo I wish everyone a happy new year from ‘Down Under’ and thank you for being part of my life 🎇
You are the coffee that I need in the morning ☕️🌻🌞
I’m glad I got to experience the Illuminate era as part of my 2017 💡 Thank you Shawn and the entire Illuminate tour crew for making #illuminatetourmelbourne a very unforgettable one and I’m grateful for all the friendships that I’ve made along the way. Until next time.. (aka SM3 🤠)
Has it been really a year? I miss Thailand and I miss yall too #gavisconsquad
An appreciation post for my man (who is not really my man) because I miss him so much. His smile literally warms my heart and makes me feel so soft 💕💖💗💓💘💓💝
Yesterday went by waaay too quick 🎓🥂
There was nothing holding me back from attending #illuminatetourmelbourne although I still had an exam the next day 🤧
Last day of school was on Tuesday but I feel that today marks the real last day because DRAMA EXAM IS OVER! 🎭 Here’s a reflection: This year I’ve made a lot of new friends in another new country and learnt a lot of new things. Though we all will be going in different paths, I will not forget the memories that we shared together during this foundation year, whether we were in the same class or not, whether we talked a lot or not. I would also like to thank all the teachers & lecturers who had helped us to show our potentials and step out of our comfort zone. Before this year, I’ve aways dreaded literature but now I enjoy it! I’ve never had drama lessons before but I really enjoyed them this year too. Really grateful for all those opportunities and I wish everyone all the best since exams are literally in our face now. Hope to see you on valedictory! 🌟❤️
Ate some good food at WVD Melbourne today and said hi to two of my favourite vegan youtubers/bloggers🌻
Our story is about a town, a small town, and the people who live in the town..
“A guiltless death I die”
Oh honey
Oh honey
It's just a wave
It's just a wave and I know
That when it comes
I just hold on
I just hold on