changing isn't a bad thing it never was

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Last year I took this pic during hostel's national day celebration which turned out matching with my feed rn ☁️☀️ (i miss sg soo much can't wait to go back)
Me stressing about the amount of assignments I have to do for the next two months (mostly essays rip)
Well this holiday has been fun. Here are some of my favourite pictures that I took 🌊☁️
Sydney, you've been good but I still love Melbourne more 😜
No filter needed aye 🍂🍁
So I turned 18 today?? Last night it came to my realisation that as I get older, birthdays seem less exciting lol but!! words can't express how grateful I am for everything that I have today, especially for my friends and family. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the messages & wishes ❤️
(To my other June 16 babies: my girl Nik @satanikkkkkk & Maddie @madeline_evelyn and her twin sis Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ✨💞💫)
Year 18: leggooo 😜💃🏻🍻🎉🔥
I took this three months ago, forgot where it was but I lovE it 🌻
The best food I tried at the Big Vegan Market today - Chickn popcorn honey & soy 😩👌 + my first ootd pic cos I am feeling my outfit today 💁🏻
Take me back to Easter break pls
I thought this picture looks quite aesthetic and artsy but who knows. A minion spotted at NGV yesterday 👆🏼
Footscray Station, Monday 7:23am ☁️ (and TGIF!!)
Belated #internationalwomensday post dedicated to all amazing women around the world including the birthgiver 🌝💕🌹🥀