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In Mama’s arms.
Anyone else still struggling with Daylight Savings? I wish I were like this little love right now, but I’m off to kickboxing! Have a great Saturday friends!
I rarely show my own face over here on this little corner of social media—so hello! 👋🏼 I figured I’d do a little #fridayintroductions since it has been awhile! I’m Lauren, wife, mama, photographer, optical manager and optician by trade. My passion is capturing motherhood on film—to capture motherhood in general is incredible on its own, but film just brings those images to life. I could talk about it for days and days. 💗 Happy Friday everyone!

Photo taken by the lovely and talented @chloeluka
It’s snowing like crazy outside and I’m starting to become concerned about spring ever making its arrival 😩 I’m just going to climb under my covers and hope to wake up to the warm sun again!
That almost Friday feeling 🤗
I was going to caption this Tuesday Shoesday, but it’s Wednesday, sooo there’s that 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyone else need another cup of coffee this morning?! 😂
In Mama’s arms.
Happy Sunday everyone! This sunshine has me feeling so ready for spring! ☀️
Photographed for @ashleylinkphotography 💗
One of my favorite things is to capture the details. Those little pieces that pull together the full story. Those little hands that hold onto their favorite lovey and clutch onto their mamas. Of course, portraits are a necessity, but for me—these moments are the ones that I hold dear, the ones that bring me right back to the very day they were captured.
Headed into the weekend like..😉
Holding on to mama 💗  I get to hang with this sweet lady tonight and I can’t tell you how much it is needed. I’ve had one heck of a week, but I’m so blessed with friends who will call you over to lift you up in a time of need. I’m also just over here waiting for sunshine and warmer weather so I can shoot aaaaall of the film again! What’s everyone else up to this weekend?
Like many others, my mind has been reeling with the latest school shooting in the US. I’ve been reading the debates, the arguments, the finger pointing. What I can’t stop thinking about, and what I feel we need to remember, is that this week in Florida—there are mothers and fathers who had their children taken from them in a vicious way. They woke in the morning; maybe they packed them their lunch, maybe they hugged them as they left...all of them said goodbye for the last time. My heart has been so heavy and I’m unsure of the answers. So for now, I pray for peace and understanding and the strength to continue sending my children out into the world because there’s still so much goodness.