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wife ➕ momma to 3 boys || ❤️ music + photography || interior enthusiast at D W E L L + C O >>@thedwellco ||➕lwagner1250@gmail.com➕


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best buds ..they are feeling proud here, since they just finished eating Callen and Blake’s valentines candy!🐵🐵 #nashandjulian @abbyleonetti
B- love this kiddo and this wall in his room. I finally posted a glimpse of Blake’s room on my blog with sources. Have a good weekend!!
happy valentine’s day❤️❤️❤️ I’m going to keep taking pics of them until they say no. My gift to them was sweetheart candies, balloons ...and lots of smooches! XOXOXO #mysweetboys
my fave space in our room 💕 #thatisall
A date with my big guy! #notadatemom😎
mr. cool😎 in his room✌🏼 #blakeryan
Saturday snuggles with my littles!❤️ #sleepyeyes
Happy Friday!! We just shared my dining room over >>@thedwellco. I sometimes forget about this room. So, here it is..still nothing on these big ole walls, but I love it!❤️ #keepingitsimple
new work space ➕ new opportunities / p.s. my hubby gave me this planter for Christmas ..he did good!🙌🏼#mommasgoingbacktowork #ourloft
Enjoying our snow / ice day!❄️
Babe asleep and counters are cleared off until my big boys get home. Just wiped this place down with thieves...beCaUse there is sickness e v e r y w h e r e! #lovemyoils
My sweet boy snooze’n in his teepee ❤️ #thoseredcheeks #nashhayes