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boymama + photo taker + interior enthusiast @thedwellco making memories in our home / lwagner1250@gmail.com /


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Yep..I think these rugs are staying here for a little while.  However, it’s gonna be a treat for our mailman when he comes to our doorstep... “hey there” pumpkin😉😉🤣
Lovin on this fall weather! It’s got me in the mood to grab another cup of jo and complete some diy’s like this pretty.🧡
I just got a sweet reminder from google photos >> 1 yr ago we completed this gallery wall project!! Still lovin these candid photos of our boys!💙
Happy Birthday to the best shoe tying instructor I know! 🎈#ispynash🐵
Thank goodness it’s Friday! ➕ And now we can all go and enjoy this //3 day// weekend ahead.☀️
I’m ready for F A L L🍂 So, I added a few pumpkins from Target’s dollar spot here and there. I just can’t part with that little cactus though!🌵 #cactusvspumpkins
I’m trying to choose pictures to put in our home!! I ❤️ them all!! #thisissohard☺️
Letting the sun shine into my little boy’s room today!💙
He did it!!☺️ When I picked him up the first thing he said was mommy did you cwy?!? #howoldareyou😢 #bornready❤️ #nashhayes
I’m gonna miss this lil MoNSTeR🤖 tomorrow, he’s heading to preschool! What am I gonna do without him here >>> asking for his third cup of chocolate milk in the morning?!? 😢☺️ #lovebug #nashhayes
A family game of whiffle ball is how we have ended most nights this summer! We ended our beautiful sunset session that way too. Thank you!!❤️ @crystal.lawburgh.photography #theboysfavoritepic😉
Too early... to jump in?!? #sosleepy😴 #mycb2