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a nosy woofah.
a happy woofah.
my photography skills suck anymore because I'm always so distracted, but I did manage to get a few snaps that I'm proud of, disregarding the shitty angles. enjoy a spam of my "poultry farm", apparently.
I will more than likely be an emotional wreck over the next few days, therefore I recommend not trying to talk to me as much because I will be sad and whiny, and when I am sad and whiny, I am also bitchy.
because this mini-golf course is one of the most photogenic places I've ever BEEN.
Randy spent most of the time we were here speaking in an Australian accent and probably scarring A'kiya for life. regardless, it was fun - and I beat him at pretty much all of the games we played. (insert heart emoji.)
I had a lot of self-confidence going on in these. 🌹
I'm sorry I'm constantly reposting - I'm so picky with my pictures, but I'm in love with how this one turned out.
peep the photobomb. / credits to 
Link. 🐬
I pulled into a church yard for this.
after today, I'm rather disappointed in myself. everything worked out in the end, I just know I could have done better and I'm upset I didn't push myself more. (but I want to thank one of my close friends, Amber, because if it wasn't for her, things would have been so much worse. you're a gem.)