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Sometimes ideas brew in my head for over a year before they become a reality, others get churned out in a few days. @brookelorrainesmith suggested I do flash card notecards and I hopped right on them. These little cuties have just been added to the shop! Teach your littles their animals and letters with these cute animal flash cards! Link in profile. 
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I put together my first wholesale catalog! Where would YOU like to see my products? What handmade and/or baby stores should I reach out to? Tag them below 👇
Or if you are a business who is interested, I would love to work with you! dm me your email and I’ll send one your way.

Thank you all for your support so far in this journey!

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Happy Earth Day! Here’s a little throwback to celebrate. Me right around the time this shop started forming in my brain, holding sweet little baby Emmet out on the pasture. I felt a little out of touch with myself in my new postpartum body with a brand new life to take care of. But oh, did walking around in my favorite place, picking flowers, and watching moose hop along in the grass feed my soul. Because this planet, the prairies, oceans, mountains, people, animals, flowers, etc, they are all beautiful and worth cherishing.

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A phrase uttered so often lately in our house; “Moose is kind of like a vacuum” because some things, like the dog eating your treasured Annie’s mac and cheese that you dropped on the floor not being the end of the world, are really hard to explain to an almost three year old. 
But he loves the vacuum, so it’s perfect! 
It made me think of this clip of an older painting, and I just had to share again ♥️ #watercolorportraits #lavenderandclover #ourillustratedmemories #kansasartist #midwestartist
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Photo by @amysharpphotography 
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This little poppy in my garden just wanted to be painted (before the wind would blow it away!). #lavenderandclover #kansasartist #midwestartist #watercolor #watercolorpainting
Now available in the shop, gift wrapping! I’ve been playing around with different gift wrap ideas for sometime and finally found the combination I like the best! A simple cream tissue paper wrapping tied up with linen ribbon and a paper to/from tag. Simple and beautiful. 
Add both the items you want AND the gift wrap “product” to your cart and I will wrap them up for you!

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You guys, I have bad news. Do you see that beautiful green cactus tea towel there? The one that I love and has been everyone’s favorite so far? That dark green fabric is KILLING me. Almost all of the tea towels of the seven yards of fabric I ordered came out of the wash with horrible white crease lines straight down the middle. It was seriously so upsetting. 
I asked about the issue and was basically told that sometimes that happens with darker fabrics. So unfortunately that means I might need to step back and rethink/redesign it and I am super bummed out about it (I’ll try to explain in more detail and show you them in my stories tomorrow)

The good news is, is that I was able to make enough perfect ones for those who preordered (shipping Monday)👏 AND the prairie flower fabric and the tiny dot fabric don’t have the same issue, yay! Those two designs have been listed in my online shop and are available for purchase.

I am SO sorry if I got your hopes up about the cactus tea towels! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my redesign progress.

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Knee deep in tea towel production over here! And by knee deep I mean there is seriously so much selvage and serger scraps that moose has made a little bed out of them on the floor next to me.

Tea towels will be listed soon! Pre-order friends, look for them in the mail next week (or I’ll contact you ASAP about pickup)

#lavenderandclover #handmade #madewithlove #teatowel #surfacedesign #textiledesign #madeinkansas #madeinthemidwest
Here is hoping that this little boy takes both his naps today so this mama can get some work done! Poor guy has FOUR teeth coming in, just finished up a two week cold, and all he wants is to be able to walk and will only stand (which requires help). AKA he has needed me a lot, which I give him and love. But I’ve got a big fabric order in and this mama is ready to pump out some tea towels!! Photo by @amysharpphotography 
#lavenderandclover #mamapreneur #momtrepreneur #momboss #womanownedbusiness #midwestmaker
my studio was very cheery last week with rainbows and fruits and so much color! 🍒🍓🍒🍓 #lavenderandclover #illustrator #illustration #watercolor #watercolorpainting #fruitpainting #textiledesign #surfacedesign #fruit #kansasartist #midwestartist
If you came to @theworkroomict this past Saturday, first of all THANK YOU. Every smile and hello you gave and/or purchase you made means the world to me. 
AND SECOND, you lucky duck, you were the first to see my brand new birthday cards! 
How did I go three years without designing a birthday card? You guys, it actually took me that long to decide on a design I liked😂 none were good enough, but this one, this one makes me happy.
Find it in the shop!
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