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Don’t wait to make your fitness goals happen, take steps now.. .
-go to the gym for 30 min
-drink double the amount of water today .
-take the stairs .
-pass on desert .
-grab a salad for dinner
-stretch while your watching TV .
You don’t have to do anything big or be perfect. These little changes add up over time. 📸 @jpatrickphoto .
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Taking more time this year to go to classes and work on aerial, flexibility, and strength. 
Thanks @itzelsalvatierra_airgoddess for your great classes!
What does your morning normally look like? 
I use to wake up with the exact amount of time I needed to get ready (sometimes less 😂) and rush as fast as I could.  Maybe grab something fast to eat as I ran out the door. 
I’ve worked on setting up more healthy morning rituals for myself. Here are some that I have been working on: 
1. Making a healthy breakfast 
2. Drinking 20 oz of water
3. 3-5 min of meditation/focusing on the major things I need to get done during the day 
4. If I don’t have to be to work early, try to find some movement in the morning. .
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Its the year of the Leah.
I’m actually at home right now doing computer work and watching Netflix in my sweats, but I thought this was a good picture for Valentine’s Day ❤️😆🥰
Just relaxing and getting myself silky smooth for Valentine’s Day. ❤️ First time doing laser hair removal at  @spoiledlaser and I loved it.
First time at @tpcsummerlin and it was beautiful! Feeling grateful to get so much golf in this winter! ⛳️
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Having the best time playing @tpclv today! 💜
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I train myself to stay committed, never be a victim, and never give up on my dreams. .
I have full control of my destiny. .
. 📸 @evaniphotos .
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At my favorite place this weekend. 💜⛳️
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Hulk Smash ⛳️🦖🦠🧪
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Do you like my putter? 
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