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Art by @rachel.sierra.art based off a photo by @_lucrecia_ 
Full moon rise or orange sunshine, either way, feel the power of our celestial forces that enable this thing called life. Eternally intricate, may our amazement of life itself create space to make positive enhancements to the world around us.
This is pure happiness!!
Three of my favorite surfers doing the disco, passing a football out in the lineup!! @keliamoniz , how amazing to watch this woman grow from a young grom to a surf icon 💃

@casey_goepel is my favorite person to surf with on the North Shore when it’s pumping cause he’s always charging on small boards, making it look easy, and I always feel safer when he’s out there. And he’s dad to this little munchkin Swede Ocean!! Swede is a lovechild to say the least and a waterbaby since birth. At 2, she tells her parents all the time she wants to go surfing and to play in the tide pools.  Thanks for being epic role models @shaebirddd @casey_goepel ❤️❤️❤️ Photo by @tony_heff
Stoked to see this shot by @nick_lavecchia in the latest issue of @adventurejournal 
This is print of a new conscious kind. They plant a tree with Eden Reforestation for every copy sold, and also print with plant-based ink. How cool. 
Excited to read this article!! @ryanlovelace toobshooter 
Honored to be in this launch video for @kindhumans_movement with two of my heroes and dear friends @kassiasurf and @captainlizclark @changingtidesfoundation 
Our friends over at Kindhumans just launched their new platform and giveback campaign, “Kindness. Pass it on.” aiming to spread kindness across the world and raise an initial goal of $1M for causes and nonprofits. Help us grow the kindness movement... because the world could use a little more kindness! Here’s how: 
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Dream come true 😍, @alexsaburolopez surprised me with my favorite birthday present ever, a Rabbit’s Foot finless board shaped by @ryanlovelace 
33 feels amazing, I still feel like a kid when I’m in the sea, especially riding this board!! I’ve been wanting to try one of these boards for years, and now I’ve got one of my own that I’ve named Mingo :). I dream I’ll still be riding Mingo when I’m 66 
Stoked to be connected with the @kindhumans_movement who are building a community surrounded by sustainability and sharing kindness with the world around us.
What if we were never told that periods were gross, but rather divine? Would this change our outlook on them? Women and men, alike. After all, this blood is an essential part of how we all got here.  But sure it’s not always easy, the reminents of what could have birthed new life flows out of us, while mutating our structure, hips and pelvis much more supple and stretchy, energy undoubtedly different, acute balance...whew now that’s a challenge...
As a female athlete in her 30’s, I’m always well aware of where i am in my cycle. As a surfer over many moons, I’ve realized the magnetism I often feel with the ocean changes at the beginning of the cycle, repelling my normal desire to spend a day drenched in waves. 
So when I watch women play sports, like during the World Cup, or tennis or surf, or even a day to day job, I wonder how women approach their flows, because eventually it’s going to land on a game day. 
We never really publicly talk about it, because we don’t want to be seen as weak, or making an excuse. But it’s not an excuse, our bodies truly change and are physiologically otherwise engaged in a very energy-demanding experience. Injuries become more likely, Ive experienced this firsthand. 
Sometimes it feels incredibly inconvenient, but lest we forget, we are animals too, and that’s just what we do. So we go on, hardly ever saying a word. 
So let’s harness the mighty spiritual power of our cycle, love it instead of curse it, respect it rather than forcing through to be left recuperating afterwards. 
Yet it’s a strange dichotomy in female sport, because to succeed to the best, we have to learn to push through. Respect to female athletes around the globe. 
There’s no right or wrong way to feel about it, perhaps society can benefit from talking about it more so it’s not as taboo. 
I love the short film @periodendofsentence 🙏🙏🙏 Photo by @jason_acott @togatnusaretreat
@honoluablomfield has pure natural talent riding waves, it’s incredible to watch. 
I remember checking the surf one day at a rocky point last winter, the waves were well overhead. The rights were going off, quite uncrowded, the right on the wave breaks along a gnarly shelf of reef, surfing there without a leash is courageous and challenging. And there was Honolua, hanging 5 on a log right in the pocket on a bomb, never a step out of place, flowing in control the whole time, never once coming out of contact with her board. I sat and watched instead of surfing, it was so impressive and a joy to witness. 
Photo by @damea_dorsey during @deustemple #9footandsingle
I’ve read that separation is the greatest illusion that has led us astray from knowing our true human potential. Believing we are separate from each other, from our planet, from the infinite, rather than recognizing the  innate connectivity of all living things, has led our world into radical racism, division, and acts far from the love of the human heart. 
Last month hanging around this rescued pig-tailed snub-nosed langur monkey named Beaker, one of the world’s most endangered primates, it’s apparent we all want to be loved, to be touched in a certain way, to connect. 
Where there is water, salt, and sunlight, there is life. We are all made up of this, just because we all look different doesn’t mean one is better or worse. Isn’t variety is a gift of our planet?! Is a coconut tree better than an apple tree? 
Everyone and everything deserves respect. We all have a unique part to play. 
My heart is with those who have been met with disrespect. 
May the love on our planet squander the malintent

Let’s hang

@deustemple #9footandsingle 
Photo @kelibow 
@theseea @loveavasol @oshan.essentials
Countless hours spent happily staring at the horizon, rising and falling with the smaller swells, awaiting those coming in sets. 
Heart excites a beat, a full breath through the nose, the wave picks me up with the energy of the earth. Gliding down the moving slide, shifting feet to pilot, every craft has its own way opening up to the earth. 
So grateful this earth, its waves, and our abilities to ride them exists. 
Happy Sunday 🌞 
Photo by @instaclamfunk , 🦄 check out @freesurfmag for their latest issue featuring a whole story on the Epic Christa Funk!  Christa has elegantly swam her way to the top crop of photographers on the North Shore. So proud of her!

@kassiasurf springsuit!
I love the fairytales and happy endings. The imagination of flying, weightless without worry. A balloon that can take you high in the sky, overlooking the wonderful view of our world. 
But today our children’s imaginations escape a whole new world, a whole new reality of ‘what earth looks like’. The norm  of food waste as trash, of plastic-filled fish, of chemical food, of toxic lotion, this is hardly a world a child can be “care-free” for too long. 
How do we maintain their freedom while educating them about the reality of the world they were born into. 
Look to the left and right, up and down, theres the system trying to sell us something poisonous for ourselves or the earth to make us feel better about our selves, driving us further into a dark abyss. So our light best be bright to see our true north. 
And there will always be those balloons of love and opportunity from the universe that can lift us from the sticky chains of the toxic veil. Our strength and determination must stay kept well tuned, because we may have to hold on for some time... To think of how many plastic balloons I’ve been ‘a part of’ , makes me hurt inside for the earth, the pieces still here, perhaps only nano in size, nevertheless harmful. To what end, my momentary pleasure from a colorful, sometimes floaty ball of air that could make my voice like a chipmunk?  Unconscious travesty I was, never realizing the true cost of the cheap balloons. 
Forward with imaginary universe balloons made of leaves and ether. 
Photo by @tomlaveuf and art by @margause from a beautiful day at a surf spot just hundreds of yards away from a nuclear power plant called San Onofre, where my dad surfed when he was young. 
My friend @sarahhbrady has been working to help get the nuclear waste stored somewhere other than cemented into the cliff atop one of the world’s most famous and best surf spots.  Follow Sarah’s feed to learn more of the up to date efforts, as well as some beautiful surf inspiration:)