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Excited to get home and spend some time in the lineup at Sunset. This wave pushes my limits and often exceeds them. 
Photo by the incredible and courages @instaclamfunk ... Christa has quickly become one of the top water photographers on the north shore. her courage, commitment, and creativity has led her to the biggest days Pipeline has to offer, swimming with the very best in the business. It’s been inspiring seeing top surfers in the world shining through her photos. 
When Pipe is at its biggest and wildest, I’ll be watching on the beach with friends and runs by Christa with her camera, fins, and a grin impossible to wipe away 😁

8’0 Single fin by @gerrylopezsurfboards
This is Pedro. He collects all of the fishing nets used to make @karunworld eyewear off of his local beaches in the Cochamo Valley. Within two weeks of clearing a beach clean of debri (mostly fishing nets) the beaches are filled yet again :( But Pedro is making the most out of this big issue. By collecting the debri by the tons, he then has used the money to fund his wife’s empanada business, which is then funding their daughters education. 
This is one local success story of many created by the respectable efforts of Karun. 
As the company grows, so do the local economies and communities they are working to protect. 
From waste to high quality products, this is the way of the future. 
Any moment around @mariefranceroy feels like a gift. Beyond grateful to be here in Chile learning the vast impacts of @karunworld together. 
My life has been enhanced the last few days. 
Surrounded by new friends who are working towards a peaceful, harmonious future, my optimism for the future is stronger than ever before. 
Im currently in Patagonia, visiting the @karunworld family, a company dedicated to preserving the land here, while creating jobs and micro economies for the local people. 
I have a new hero and sister for life in @i_elman and the entire Karun family. 
Much more than a company who makes eyewear from recycled fishing nets, this is a movement of ultimate respect for the planet and the people. 
More soon from Chile. Spirit is on fire 🔥
Miss you and your hat already 😘

New 5’7 piggyback twinfin @trimcraft_surfboards @alexsaburolopez entering the tree collection. This one looks like the rainbow gum tree, my favorite type of eucalyptus ☺️
I had this photo taped onto my desk in my room while I was in high school. 
It spoke straight to my soul, much deeper than the hard carves or huge airs by the rippin dudes that I also had taped on the wall. 
Soon, at 15, I became friends with Kass, who was then 19, and experienced her exuberance for being in the ocean, and expressing how that very thing made her feel, allowing it to penetrate her land life with extreme creativity and wonder. 
@kassiasurf influence on surf culture has continued to grow, spiritually nurturing and inspiring growing generations to be authentic to ourselves, to explore the infinity of board design, to be optimistic, to find awe in the connectivity of surfing to various aspects of life. 
We’ve witnessed women’s surf culture grow, in numbers of women surfing, but also in the power with which surfing brings to women’s lives. 
It is much more than exercise, 
It is a spiritual bath, perhaps exercising the spirit as much as the body, inspiring more each time the responsibility to care for and protect the ocean. 
Earth’s movers and shakers, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons,  the opportunity to create change is in our hands. Unite our hearts and brilliant minds, let our spirits come together to make changes. 
We stay optimistic, this is crucial!

Thanks for your continued inspiration @kassiasurf 🙌🙌⚡️⚡️ Photo by the legend @jimrussi
With a momentous day in America’s Congress yesterday, I’ve heard it numerous times from the new wave of “politicians”,
The shift is happening, change is upon us. 👍👍 With more women taking congressional leadership roles in our country than ever before, we can look forward to the power shifting—- towards nurturing, respect, community— and away from greed. 
Oh yes we have a long way to go. staying present while reflecting on the lessons learned from the past, we move forward with our eyes wide open now. 
As this decade rounds out, may this year set a precedent for the next decade to come. The decade where the people of the planet rise together to establish a new way forward- one in harmony with the earth.  We don’t have another choice, there’s no time to waste. 
The veils are going up in flames. Now that we see clearly, it is time to take action. The new women of congress know that, and their chant will only get louder, and more melodious as we all join in!! Let’s do it for the earth!! Photo by @nikkitola 
@kassiasurf @ryanlovelace
Grateful for the people and places I had the honor of being around this year. 
In Brazil, I experienced where @chimichimilove grew up, and the natural inspiration behind her starting @theseea 9 years ago. Brazil ignited my heart, I’ve never seen such lush forest, green aura bath soul explosion every moment my eyes were open. 
Expanding our hearts and perspectives with each other, that burning desire to be a part of something good is stoked aflame deep down inside. 
In 2019, Let’s make strides for our future children, may we come together to solve the issues at hand.  Our nature time recharges us for the journey onward. 
Footage by @cravegreens
Be Yourself 🤗

360 dismounts in the shorebreak at the @surfaid cup at Malibu 
Photo @threehansons
Learning how to snowboard sure is fun!  Many moments and feelings are akin to surfing. There’s so much to learn, I’ll enjoy every turn along the way :) Thanks for being an early bird @alexsaburolopez 🥰🥰⚡️⚡️
Last night, I had a dream @shredsista was riding this board in pumping surf. Every turn was on rail, more powerful with every switch from toe to heel.  I loved every wave on this board this year, including watching many of my friends and my love Alex ride it with a perma-grin. 
7’6 @ryanlovelace “thick Lizzy” named Krystal ... she’s got 4 crystals glassed into the bottom of her... Ryan made this board start to finish in 48 hours a year and a half ago here in Bend. This board enhances lives and love ❤️ Wetsuit top and surf leggings by @kassiasurf ⚡️⚡️ Photo by @seanstermonsterr
Snow season stoke season!

@alexsaburolopez has done his best to get me up to speed on riding frozen water as well as knowing the legends of his sport. 
Temple Cummins is at the top of his pillar, for style and demeanor. Now a mentor and our dear friend, Temple and his family are as soul as they come. @barrettcc ⚡️⚡️ Temple is celebrating his 20th pro model with @gnusnowboards , and they just made a cool 20 minute film to celebrate the radness. Check the film on the @gnusnowboards site!  Stoked to see @alexsaburolopez going for it in the film!!