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Raise your hand if you struggle to keep your nutrition under control on the weekends? 👋🏼 Yep - I totally do!!! Sometimes I find it reaaaaally hard to stay motivated and stick to sensible foods when I don’t have the same routine as I do during the week - especially when there’s lots of family gatherings and catch-ups with friends 🍔🍧 But with a little forward-planning and willpower, it is most definitely possible to keep on track and still enjoy social occasions without setting yourself back a few steps 👏🏼 I always make sure I have “hand carbs” like fruit, rice cakes and @greenteax50 sweet potato chips packed in my bag for emergencies so that I’m not left completely caught-out and can still track it in my macros. Win-win!!! 🏆 And no - I will NOT share my sweet potato chips with ANYONE 😂 See that crazy look in my eye? 👻
There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life:
1️⃣ Never stop dreaming
2️⃣ Never stop believing
3️⃣ Never give up
4️⃣ Never stop trying, and
5️⃣ Never stop learning
How many will you do, today? 😘
Did you know that Mars Protein Bars are a thing? 😏 Well, let me blow your mind for just a sec 💥 Each bar boosts 19g protein, with only 4.6g fat and 22g carbs, which is HALF the fat and 15g carbs LESS than a regular Mars Bar- PLUS 40 calories lower!!! 🙌🏼 There’s also no funky alcohol sugars or nasty fillers, so what you see is what you get 🍫 What I loved about being behind the @thsnutrition stand at the Sydney FILEX back in April was seeing how people’s faces lit up when they saw the Mars (and Snickers) Protein Bars on the counter - like little kids in a candy store!!! 🌈 EVERYONE who sampled the bars at FILEX said that they couldn’t tell the taste difference between the protein or regular varieties - WINNING!!! 🏆 You should be able to have your treat and eat it, too, as part of a balanced lifestyle ⚖️ But I suppose the most important question to ask here is are you TEAM MARS 🌕 or TEAM SNICKERS 🥜 ??? Comment your team emoji below!!! #THSNutrition
Hold on to your butts 🍑 because my Lean Recipes “PROTEIN BROWNIE” edition is coming soon!!!! 🙌🏼 I’ve been very busy in the kitchen with baking up my delicious protein brownies and tweaking recipes so that you guys can also enjoy the macro-trackable deliciousness as well 😘 You’ll be able to whip up my Oreo Crunch, Cinnamon Biscuit, Mmm Delight and Choc Honeycomb and LOADS MORE within the next TWO WEEKS!!! 👏🏼 Extremely excited to share these amazing little morsels with you, so stay tuned!!! 💚 PS which brownie do you want to try the most >>> comment below!!!
It’s still Hump Day somewhere in the world, right? 🍑 If not, then Happy Throwback Thursday to that time I made my dreams come true 🌈✨ Already leg pressing and hip thrusting more than I ever have before, so I can only imagine what this butt will look like the next time I get back on this stage!!! 🤞🏼 @ifbbproleagueoz #ArnoldOz
When I was training at the gym on the weekend, I saw a girl hop on the scales and I couldn’t help but read the disappointed look on her face afterwards. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation maaaany times before!!! But why is it that we allow our scale weight affect our emotions and self-worth? Why does this tool for measuring progress have so much influence and dictation over our lifestyle and fitness pursuits?
There is undoubtedly a lack of understanding between our “relationship with gravity” versus “true progress”, which is why it’s so important to collect a broader range of data to draw a bigger and more accurate picture.
So before you jump to awful conclusions or make any rash decisions to diet down harder or flog yourself on the elliptical machine, consider using the following measurement tools and ask yourself the following questions
▪️ tape measure
▪️ skinfolds calipers
▪️ DEXA scan
▪️ photos (every few weeks)
▪️ have you consistently weighed/measured yourself at the same time of day?
▪️ are you making strength gains in the gym?
▪️ do your clothes fit more comfortably?
▪️ are you gaining muscle?
▪️ have you recently been to the bathroom?
▪️ are you dehydrated or consuming too much sodium?
▪️ is it “that time of month”?
▪️ are your inputs and outputs measurable? (Eg tracking food and training)
▪️ do you feel stronger/more energetic?
These are just a few factors to remember when weighing yourself. Don’t fall victim to the scales - because you are NOT a number!!! Take this form of measurement with a grain of salt, because even though I currently weigh exactly the same as I did 4 years ago when I first started bodybuilding, my leaner muscle mass is extraordinarily higher, my strength has significantly increased, my skinfolds are much lower, my “pre-bodybuilding” clothes are still loose AF and most importantly, my happiness is in greater abundance!!! Have a wonderful Monday, babes x
When it’s leg day, but your quads and glutes are stilled fucked from training legs 2 days ago. Well, this gon’ be interesting! 😂 #domsarereal
“Lift the things, eat the foods, sleep & repeat!” @sammy_lee_lifts knows that there’s no bullshit magical way to getting results.
Since January, Sammy has been making epic progress simply from following a structured training program and tracking her food using a flexible nutrition approach. No shitty calorie restrictions. No fancy dieting supplements. And also little to no cardio!!! Even when travelling interstate for work or celebrating special occasions with family and friends, Sammy was equipped with all  the tools (and more importantly, CONFIDENCE) to still go out and enjoy life without heavily compromising her progress.
Sounds pretty awesome, right? Let me show you how it can be done!!! Get in touch with me about your fitness goals and let’s get the ball rolling!!!
“Almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
- Steve Jobs
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
#ThrowBackThursday to one of my proudest accomplishments of my life so far - competing at the @ifbbproleagueoz Arnold Amateurs 2018 and placing 9th in my line-up. What an unforgettable experience!!!
Looking at this photo, I feel that I haven’t yet reached my true potential... but I know that I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose in finding out what that looks like!!! Forever inspired to keep improving my physique and pushing my own limitations to create something that I once never thought was possible. Being a natural athlete, I understand that my progress may be a little slower and requires more patience. Nonetheless, I’m committed to utilising every opportunity I have to take the long way around and prove to myself that I can continue to transform my body and keep bringing those superwoman shapes to the stage. Dreaming of big things for #SeasonA2019, bring it!!!
That amazing feeling when you cradle your (cookie) baby for the first time 🍪 Seriously in LOVE with this stunning Cookie Bouquet from @doughhouse_ 💐 There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly-baked cookies, but if you’ve never tasted the deluxe handcrafted Dough House cookies before... well, you are missing out, my friend! 😘 I highly recommend the Caramel Nut Surprise (the one topped with M&M’s) and the Snicker’d 🍫 Dessert is covered for the next month!!! #flexiblediet #offseason Use code “LEANLACEY” with your next order to get a cheeky discount 💚
Day 2 of Winter... already over it and praying for Summer 😒 But no matter how numb my toes feel, no matter how chaffed my hands get and no matter how warm and cozy my bed may be 👉🏼 I will not make excuses to stop smashing goals!!! 👙
It’s very easy to go into hibernation mode with the chilly weather and longer hours of darkness, but nothing beats a consistent routine for keeping on track 🙌🏼 Having a plan and practicing positive habits daily is crucial for self-accountability, so here are some Winter Survival Tips to help you push through
⏰Set a wake-up alarm, but don’t hit snooze – there’s a reason you set it in the first place!
👑Dress for success – rug up and keep warm, especially if you’re heading outside for your workout
🏋🏼‍♀️Stay committed to your training – lock in those gym dates, attend those classes and keep working as hard as you would in the Summer!
🏃🏼‍♀️Move around as much as possible – take the stairs instead of the escalator, go for long walks on the weekend or do a HIIT session in your free time to keep the calories burning
💦Drink lots of water, as tough as it may be – or keep the kettle boiled to make some delicious tea!
🥘Eat wholesome, nutritious meals that warm the soul – avoid slipping into “comfort eating” and prepare your food in advance with intent and balance
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🍿PROTEIN POPCORN🍿 is officially my new favourite afternoon snack 👉🏼 RECIPE BELOW!!!
You will need:
🌽50g popping corn kernels
✨20g @greenteax50 100% Lean Whey CARAMEL POPCORN flavour
🍯Drizzle of honey
💦1/4 cup boiled water
To make this deliciousness:
🔸Preheat oven to 120°C
🔸Prepare popping corn kernels as per stovetop (or microwave) instructions
🔸Mix protein powder, honey and water together until smooth
🔸Transfer popcorn into a large bowl and drizzle the protein mixture all over, mixing thoroughly to completely coat
🔸Line a baking tray with alfoil and lightly spray with canola
🔸Spread popcorn on tray and bake in oven for 10-15mins, mixing halfway to bake evenly
Seriously, you’ll want to give this a try 👉🏼 easy to make, tasty as heck, full of flavour and guaranteed to give you gainz!!! #greenteax50 @thsnutrition #thsnutrition @musclecoach