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Think of your progress as driving your car down a highway 🛣🚗
Sometimes there’s no traffic and it’s smooth sailing all the way to your destination, with no road blocks or anything slowing you down. Hell, even “We Are The Champions” by Queen comes on the radio and you blast that shit up to 11 - how good is life!!!
And sometimes there’s a fuck-tonne of congestion and you come to a complete standstill for what seems like a lifetime. But when you’re frustrated AF by the situation, swearing at the asshole tapping their breaks in front of you, bashing the steering wheel and almost going bald from ripping your hair out with stress - don’t make the impulse move of swerving into the off-ramp lane and taking the next exit.
My message to you is to STICK WITH IT and stay on the highway!!! Be patient. Keep breathing. Understand that you won’t always be stuck in this moment in time. Believe that you will eventually reach your destination, as long as you remain committed to your journey. Just because you have slowed down and aren’t powering along like you have times before, it doesn’t mean you have to give up, turn around and head back to where you came from. Keep crawling towards your goals, inch by inch. The journey will be worth it!!!
PS currently digesting my own advice after what feels like a very stagnant couple of months - but there’s still some fire in this fat belly!!! I’ve used this week to put some wheels in motion and set some goals that may see me return to the stage in 2019. Keep watching this space!!!
It’s a very common error to fixate on the amount of calories you burn in the gym, rather than pay attention to the calories you’re actually eating. Swap it around, and see better results 💖
30g @whitewolfnutrition Vegan Protein Powder
15g coconut flour
15g almond meal
½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
50g egg whites
Dash almond milk
Dash vanilla essence
10g chocolate chips
10g marshmallows
Dash sprinkles
1️⃣Preheat oven to 180C.
2️⃣In separate bowls, combine the dry and wet ingredients. Then, folds the wet ingredients into the dry and mix well, ensuring the dough is free of clumps.
3️⃣Using the back of a wet spoon (have a small bowl of water nearby), press out the dough into a thin rectangular shape on a sheet of baking paper.
4️⃣Place the chocolate chips into a microwave-safe dish and zap for 30-45 seconds to melt.
5️⃣Using a spatula, spread the melted chocolate over the dough. Then, sprinkle the marshmallows and sprinkles over the dough.
6️⃣This next part gets a little STICKY and mimics how you roll sushi: position the dough lengthways to you, and lift the closest end of the baking paper to you to help “roll” the dough into itself. It MAY stick to the baking paper, so use a wet spoon/spatula to help keep the though in tact. Continue “folding” the baking paper across the dough until a log has formed. Gently pack the log tight so it holds together. With a sharp knife briefly run under hot water, cut the log into quarters.
7️⃣Spray an oven-safe ramekin dish with canola, and pack the log pieces in it (with open-side up).
8️⃣Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until crisped to your liking (under-bake for more gooey dough, over-bake for firmer dough). .
MACROS 17F 34.5P 25C for ALL, or 8.5F 17.2P 12.5C for half
(*note: I’m going to try and modify this recipe to try and bring the fats down - I always forget that almond meal is so fatty!!!)
I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday about “Food Forcers” – people, often close family and friends, who “push” food onto you, insist that you have “just one bite” or make snide remarks about you needing to “live a little” because of your nutritional declinations. Trust me, I’ve experienced my fair share of Eating Enablers - especially having competed in bodybuilding shows over the past 4 years and needing to be very diligent with my food.
I know that there are some people who show their love and affection through food – mothers and grandmothers being particularly notorious!!! So of course, you can expect these people to become insistent, upset or offended when you decline their offering, because to them, it may feel like you a declining their “love”.
As frustrating or awkward as the situation may be, just keep in mind that it’s not at all your fault if people feel rejected as a result of your food choices. They most likely aren’t intentionally trying to maliciously sabotage your diet/lifestyle and merely have good intentions, but subconsciously they may feel inadequate, disconnected or even jealous because of your discipline and adherence.
Whatever way the scenario unfolds, it’s important to not feel guilted into eating something that you don’t want to. Be polite and firm about your declination. You don’t have to give reason or justification, however if the pushing persists, explain why. Hopefully the person can respect your decision enough to leave it at that, but if they become emotionally distressed (because for some reason, what you put into your body is their business), change the subject or walk away. I mean, why should it be your problem that Aunty Karen is hurt by you not eating the dish she made? First and foremost – don’t make it your problem. Aunty Karen will get over it!!!
Don’t expect people to understand your food choices, but also don’t resent them for wanting them to shower you in love in the form of edible eats. Ignore anyone else’s opinions, be confident in your decisions, avoid succumbing to persuasion and honour yourself in a way that you can be proud of!!!
There’s a few things I like about this photo:
1️⃣ I woke up & got an iPhone #AndroidSucks 📱
2️⃣ My ass... I kind-of have one, now 🍑
3️⃣ I also have some pretty sweet cans 🥫🥫
4️⃣ My delt pump is much more impressive than it was 4 years ago! 💪🏼 #FlexFriday
Truth bomb 💣 I get just a little bit frustrated when people tell me that they eat “really healthy” or rattle through the things that they DON’T eat - yet are struggling to lose weight 👎🏼 Long story short, it’s because you’re eating TOO MANY CALORIES 🙈 I’ve worked with “Clean Eaters” who don’t eat rice, pasta, bread or heavily processed/packaged goods, but will happily eat a bag of trail mix, throw in several dates into their smoothies and bake with tablespoons upon tablespoons of rice malt syrup and coconut oil - which is FINE ✌🏼 But you cannot argue the science of energy balance ⚖️
“Tell your daughters how you love your body.
Tell them how they must love theirs.
Tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves -
from their tiger stripes to the soft flesh of their thighs,
whether there is a little of them or a lot,
whether freckles cover their face or not,
whether their curves are plentiful or slim,
whether their hair is thick, curly, straight, long or short.
Tell them how they inherited
their ancestors, souls in their smiles,
that their eyes carry countries
that breathed life into history,
that the swing of their hips
does not determine their destiny.
Tell them never to listen when bodies are critiqued.
Tell them every woman’s body is beautiful
because every woman’s soul is unique.”
- Nikita Gill
Has your progress come to a standstill? 🚧 There’s no arguing that changes in your body composition are greatly dictated by energy balance ⚖️ however there are other little factors which can impact on your progression 👙
Maybe you’ve been dieting for too long? 🥗 Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep? 🛌 Maybe Keto Karen at the office is giving you shit and it’s stressing you out to the max? 😡
First port of call would be to monitor your actual food intake (weigh it, track it) 🍴 and make relevant adjustments based on your goals, and also make changes to the intensity/frequency of your training 🏋🏼‍♀️ If this isn’t enough to drive through that plateau, then consider other lifestyle factors to facilitate your upward progression ✌🏼
⚪️SALTED CARAMEL PROTEIN BALLS⚪️ Can confirm that these are the most DELICIOUS and macro-friendly protein balls your tastebuds will EVER meet!!! ⬇️RECIPE BELOW⬇️
120g white beans
50g @whitewolfnutrition Whey Vanilla Protein
30g @whitewolfnutrition Vegan Salted Caramel Protein
15g natural peanut butter
10g sweetener
5g honey
5g chia seeds
Dash vanilla essence
10g @whitewolfnutrition Vegan Salted Caramel Protein
5g almond meal
5g sweetener
5g natural peanut butter
5g honey
3g chia seeds
3g desiccated coconut
20g sweetener
10g brown sugar
5g butter
10g @whitewolfnutrition Vegan Salted Caramel Protein
▫️Place all DOUGH ingredients into a food processor and blitz until completely smooth.
▫️Put the dough in the fridge for 30mins to help firm up.
▫️Meanwhile, thoroughly combine all CRUMB ingredients in a bowl. [TIP] Use the back of a spoon to “kneed” the mixture. If it is still too dry and not combining, add a couple of drops of water or almond milk until a very crumbly consistency is achieved (not too wet or sticky!)
▫️Spread the mixture evenly onto a tray lined with baking paper and bake in the oven at 160C for 5-10 minutes (or until lightly browned).
▫️While the crumb is cooling, make the caramel sauce. In a small saucepan over medium heat, stir the sweetener and brown sugar together until it becomes syrupy.
▫️Add the butter, and continue stirring for a further minute or so until the sauce thickens.
▫️Remove the sauce from the heat, and thoroughly mix through the protein powder. [TIP] If the sauce hardens after removing from heat, simply return to a low heat to melt.
▫️Time to bring out the dough! Spoon out between 25-30g of the dough and mould into a ball; roll into the crumb mixture and place on a tray lined with baking paper; repeat with remaining dough.
▫️Once all the balls are rolled, crumbed and lined up on a tray, drizzle with the caramel sauce.
▫️Return to the fridge to firm up further, or eat right away!
☑️Macros per ball☑️
3.5F 11.8P 5.8C
🐺@whitewolfnutrition code LACEYWOLF🐺
You COULD keep flushing your money down the drain on useless shit that DOES NOT WORK 👉🏼 but that’s none of my business 😏 Don’t stop believin’ ✌🏼
“I am Wolf. Quietly I will endure. Silently I will suffer. Patiently I will wait. For I am a Warrior. And I will survive.” 🐺
It’s been a monnnnster week and I know I’m a little behind on the socials ➡️ BUT I’m feeling like an ALPHA in the gym AND in the kitchen thanks to @whitewolfnutrition 🖤
Although I’ve been super busy with wedding planning, coaching clients, Bikini Project prep and organising Season A, I haven’t stopped hustling with my mini-shred goals and whipping up delicious new healthy recipes (with the help of my latest addiction: WW Vegan Himalayan Salted Caramel) 👌🏼 Seriously, the flavour is NEXT LEVEL and I can’t get over how amazing the texture is for a vegan blend 🤭 SO GOOD!!!
Speaking of “next level”, I cannot WAIT for you guys to see the latest project I’ve been working on!!!! All will be revealed in the New Year 👉🏼 but in the meantime, you can become part of this #WolfPack and recreate my protein desserts by adding ⭐️LACEYWOLF⭐️ to your @whitewolfnutrition order 😘
#whitewolfwnutrition #poweredbyww #cookingwithwhitewolf #whitewolfworkouts
If you’re sick of failing in the kitchen with trying to make a healthy alternative to the beloved Chocolate Brownie, then you 👉🏼MUST TRY👈🏼 this ridiculously EASY and FOOLPROOF recipe that I’ve been using for YEARS!!! 💖
Simply blitz all ingredients in a blender, transfer to a microwave-safe dish, zap for 5min and ⭐️BINGO-BANGO JAMES FRANCO⭐️, you’ve just made yourself a low-calorie and DELICIOUS brownie that would make Gordon Ramsay blush 😳
There’s only one rule to this recipe ➡️ you MUST use a vegan-based protein powder, otherwise it’s just not gonna turn out right 🤘🏼
GOT A CHOCOHOLIC MATE??? 🍫 Tag them in this post so they’ve got something they can indulge in without any guilt this weekend 😘