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Focus on the good. Y窶冖now it窶冱 2018 洟
For 5 months, I've got no weekends and holidays. I used to work for 10 hours every day and I usually go home at 12 midnight. 窶

Never in my life did I dream to be in the retail industry. But given a supervisory role even though I'm fresh from college is really an overwhelming opportunity. Oops, I'm not a supervisor (trainee thou) in an instant. I also assume the role of sales consultant for 12 days, cashier for 9 days and 12 days of being a Senior SC. I love how this training pushed me to do the things that I never imagine doing in my entire life! For the first month of this job, I've got to stand for 10 long hours while reminding myself I should give the best and standard customer service. 窶

Honestly, I think of quitting in the middle of the training but I keep on believing that everything will be worth it. At 'yon na nga, it's time to manage the store somehow. Every day, I'm learning something new plus the fact that I'm happy for having the best team to be with during peak season. They respect me as their superior even though I'm the youngest. 窶

Fast forward... Dumating yung araw na halos wala pa kong limang oras sa bahay, kailangan ko na agad pumasok, na 14 hours na yung working hours. Seriously?!! At dumating yung oras na hindi na ko nage-enjoy sa ginagawa ko at pumapasok na lang ako para sa mga kasama ko. 窶

At the end, everything is still worth it. I've got no regrets for declining the regularization. I'm grateful for my entire Marks & Spencer journey. Solid 汳ッ 窶

And now, I'm genuinely happy that I got my weekends and holidays back. Cheers! 衍

PS. Damn first work!! Do what makes you happy. 笘コク就ng haba dapat sa blog ko pinost
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