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Modern handmade booties/newborn bodysuits💛 made in FL ☀ ⓔⓜⓐⓘⓛ Personal:@sara_jahan

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When you’re twinning so hard, you even fall asleep the same way 😎 #thatlegplacement #twins #twinning
Only a few of these babies left! The ‘hello world’ bodysuit, that is, not the adorable human baby 😉 #helloworld
Is there anything more glorious than a sleeping baby?🖤
Cutest leetle pigtail buns I ever did see! #leetlechickenshop
Shoes for days 😳
If only my kids didn’t wake me up at the crack of dawn this morning, I would be doing exactly this 👆🏻right now. 
But all is good because it is officially December 1st! Which means two things:
1. Just 25 days until Christmas! 🎄
2. Leetle Chicken Shop 🐣 is officially open again after being closed for almost three years! 
The website is now live! Happy Dec 1st and happy shopping! ❤️💚
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻My face when I realize it’s Friday AND less than 24 hours until the website is open again for business! Happy weekend y’all ✌🏻
Oh hey, @myohmama, looking gorgeous as always! And sweet little Joao in his chambray booties. I can’t deal with all of the sweetness. Makes me almost miss breastfeeding....almost😜.
P.s. Did I mention, THREE more days until my shop opens again!? 💛
Only FOUR more days until my little business that I love so much will open its (virtual) doors once again! 
Who’s excited?!🙋🏻‍♀️*raises hand by myself at 11:40pm at night while laying in bed next to snoring toddler*
I have been getting lots of messages from people wondering when the heck I am going to open up the shop again! 
First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! We are still eating leftovers in our household. Hopefully that’s safe at this point? 🤔🤷‍♀️ Anyways! I apologize for not opening in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday but I definitely didn’t plan that far ahead. 
I will officially be opening the shop back up on Dec 1st! Woo! After three years, we’re back and in action in exactly 5 days from now 😉. Keep on the lookout for more updates. Also, I love you guys! Thanks for the support throughout the years 😘
THANK YOU all so so much for all of your kind words on my last post. I am SO excited!

I will be posting more details of an opening date soon but in the meantime, here is a photo of my sweet boy when he was just a leetle one 🐥😊 #helloworld
When I started this shop almost five years ago after my daughter was born, I had no idea that it would grow into what it had become. I put my heart and soul into this business and when I had to stop it, I was crushed. I never really explained into detail on here why I kinda went MIA and it’s not a very dramatic story but I wanted to explain it now because I have finally decided that it is time to reopen my Leetle Chicken Shop! More on that in a second…

So three years ago, my husband got a job in the Dominican Republic. While we were planning to move there, I decided that it would be too difficult and costly to ship products from outside of the country. Even though I had customers all over the globe, the majority of my sales were from the US and shipping costs would have gone up by 5 times. We got our apartment, furniture and everything ready in the DR and then right as we were about to move we CANCELLED. Why? Because I found out that I was a few months pregnant with my son and this when the Zika virus was all over the news and was spreading throughout the Caribbean. Obviously the media made it out to be WAY more intense than it actually was, but we didn’t want to take any risks so we stayed living in Miami. I never actually reopened the shop because I had a hard time keeping up with the demand and could not find a sewing company in my area that measured up to the quality that I wanted for my business. So I kind of gave up on my business and actually started getting into interior design on the side. That has become my passion ever since!

So why am I now deciding to open up shop again? I had a friend a few weeks ago who told me that they are the best shoes she ever purchased for her babe because they are soft enough for chunky feet, super easy and quick to put on, but they don’t ever fall off! That was what put the initial thought into my head about starting to make baby shoes again. Then, last week, I was listening to my favorite podcast @whattheeffpodcast and the theme of most of their episodes is basically to decide to push all of the doubts you have in your mind and push yourself to go for your dreams....(story continued in comments...)