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Thoughtfully made clothing for baby + child
An effortless curated collection of pastels & neutrals for your littles


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We had such a good turn out on our IG stories FLASH SALE today. We’re thinking of doing it again soon- stay tuned xo
If you can only feel this soft organic Japanese gauze- it’s just so pretty ✨ Available in the shop this soon in l i m i t e d  quantities // Have a blessed Sunday everyone xo
What do we make out of our scrap fabrics? Why not make them into pretty b o w s ? These babies will be available in clip or headband style, along w a few other goodies will be added to the shop. We hope you all have a great weekend xo
Just popping in to say hello 👋🏼 We’re still on a break, however we promise to reopen soon to add new goodies to the shop//For the mean time,we just had to share 
@txfotgrafer ‘s little beauty wearing our sweater knit slouchy top.
Something to be said about the simple and understated... // We will be adding these babies along with a few others goodies in the shop soon -  S t a y  t u n e d xo
Weekends are for sleeping in 😴. Thank you for sharing your little miss wearing our ruffled romper @erikasjoy. Side note: We will be adding a few of them this coming week. W i s h i n g  y o u  a l l  a  g r e a t  w e e k e n d xo
Weekend vibes from this little beach babe wearing our Comfy Romper. Love this sweet capture of your smiley little lady @namastetiff 💞 Have a great weekend everyone xo
You may have noticed we’ve been quiet around here. I rarely do make a post about my private life as I do like to keep it as that. As a mompreneur and a business owner at times we question what we should and want to put out there... // One month into moving back to CA, I got sick and got a serious infection that spread throughout my body. This landed myself in ICU hooked to a breathing ventilator and unknowingly suffered a stroke a few days later after I was discharged. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and physical trials. Left my husband to fend for himself and my 3 kiddos without their mama. Fast forward to 5 weeks- present day... still recovering, trying to regain strength to the whole left side of my body, finally feeling like myself more and more each day. //
Now in recovery, we got  answers on how this happened. It was all due to a chipped impacted molar that got infected. The infection spread throughout my body thru my bloodstream to the point that my face and my body  has swelled up so bad that I was in unbearable pain. Emergency surgery had to be done to insert a tube for drainage. The ER doctor and surgeon mentioned to my husband prior to surgery that if we have waited a few more hours the infection would have spread to my brain and I would have died. I had to fight for my life because the infection had weakened my immune system so bad. Even till this day, we still couldn’t fathom that a tooth issue can cause someone’s life, just like that. //
With that said, I am beyond grateful to be alive and thankful for this beautiful community who has silently been my cheerleaders and pillar of strength. Patience on my end has been esp hard as I have to be patient with myself as my body continues to heal. Taking it one day at a time. //
I told a very close friend and fellow mama maker that I will perhaps share my story, when and if I’m ready. I also want it as reminder and to share that amidst all of the hustle of working and taking care of our little ones, to be in tuned with our bodies and not neglect the little signs. Trust your instinct and most importantly... Do not forget to t a k e  c a r e  o f  o u r s e l v e s. xo Andie
R e a l  l i f e... Sleep? Thank you coffee to get us thru this Monday grind // p.s. F R E E  S H I P P I N G on all orders TODAY with promo code: HAPPYMONDAY
Think you favorite everyday tee, but for your minis. Our comfy S l o u c h y  T o p s in pretty hues have been added to the shop... Grey Cloud• Blue Placid • Creme • Rose
Comfy Sundays and this adorable little wearing our lavender striped crop top. We may be adding some in the shop today along with a few goodies. Stay tuned! 📸: @brightspotphoto
We are L I V E ✨

Its so good to be back from our hiatus and back to our roots here in SoCal. It's about  C o m f y  V i b e s with our comfy mini basics staple items for that effortless, pulled together look on the go for your littles.  Inspired by our sweater weather beach days, laid back vibe.  Simple and subtle- just the way we like it. //
Although this is not our official AW collection, we sure hope holds you over while we prepare for the launch coming soon. // Please do keep in mind that these items are 
l i m i t e d and will not be restocked.